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  1. Bad move. It's basically AntiCompetitionWare and creates an unnecessary burden on your own customers.
  2. The instructions you left in your other post don't work. Repeatedly get "Unable to restore quarantined item..." error messages. (BTW, thanks MODERATOR for shutting down the conversation instead of addressing my concerns - real nice.) If you don't have anything other than anecdotal evidence and you can't prove there is anything wrong with the software, yet you keep telling the public it is dangerous, that's commonly referred to as libel. Just fix it or process my refund.
  3. Whether it's Revengeware or Anticompetionware has the same negative effect on my workflow. I either want it fixed or I want a refund, so again, on this matter, you should let the company speak for itself.
  4. Yes, well maybe you should let the company speak for itself. The article you sent me to was an additional waste of time warning me about potentially an "unscrupulous driver updater program" and suggesting that old drivers aren't that bad. Thanks, but no thanks on that advice. Either say they are doing something underhanded on my computer or leave the application alone. P.S. Don't use phony logic to make a point - it's lame. If the feud over the definitions wasn't an issue because it was seven years ago, then Malwarebytes staff (Root Admin) wouldn't have brought it up TWO HOURS AGO!
  5. Not sure how it manifests itself on others boxes, but on mine, it has a popup for every single file that is in the IObits application. It's totally uncalled for. And no, I don't want to turn off PUP notifications, but I also don't want to be used as some pawn in a vendetta between two companies arguing over something that should have been handled in a more professional manner. If there was an IP violation it should have been pursued through legal channels and not turned into some social media battle and extended in such as way that it interrupts my work and requires me to spend time learning what actions I need to take to counteract Malwarebytes effort to undermine IObits. Either grow up or just give me a refund and I'll find a more professionally managed product.
  6. What "threat" is a registered version of IObits applications? Because you had a beef with them they are now POTENTIALLY unwanted and therefore you need to quarantine them so the buyer - ALSO YOUR CUSTOMER - can't use their software? This is some kind of feud retaliation move you made against that software, as it just started today. Please reverse this and upgrade my software immediately.
  7. Greetings - First time here, so don't want to be too grouchy, but this feud that you all are having with IObit is costing me time, and that's money. To pop up a notice telling me that it is "POTENTIALLY" unwanted software is fine I suppose - although if it shows up as registered, then you should know it is wanted, as I'm not in the habit of paying for things I don't want. But to quarantine the product and pop up dozens of "Non-malware Detected" notices - even after I have REPEATEDLY clicked the button - is unacceptable. Now the program will not start as a .dll file is missing. and other parts of it (like the registered Driver Booster) won't work properly. Indeed, your software has become the malware! Frankly, I don't see why you all didn't just do a license agreement to combine your virus definitions for the benefit of your respective customers - which often are the same people because they buy both programs - not for the different definitions, but for the different feature sets. It's all very unprofessional and amateurish. In any event, I must demand that a proper update to your software be issued immediately. This problem just began, so I know rolling it back should not be that difficult for you. Additionally, I would specific instructions on how to completely restore the functionality of my paid IObit applications. Please make every effort to respond to my demands in the most timely manner possible, as again, this is a complete waste of my time. ASN
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