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  1. I am thankful for all the men and women in uniform who put their own lives in danger every day so that we can live in a country where freedom rings! God bless each of them and America!
  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have taken the liberty to quote your post in paraphrase on the topic in question. It is my sincere hopes this will clarify the issue for many users who are confused and mislead about the functions of anti-virus and malware scanners. It is apparent that such misconceptions ultimately decrease the sales of MBAM Pro. I wish there were some way for me to change the topic label for this post so that a simple Google search would lead others here for clarification. I believe the appropriate topic would be "Can I have anti-virus and a malware scanner at the same
  3. Would anyone from the MBAM staff like to add to this discussion? http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums...61-f4bdd5cd5643
  4. Here is the developer log file. I tried to attach it to my original post after the fact but, did not locate the option to edit. Thanks again. MBAM_Developer_log_file__zipped__Folder.zip
  5. Greetings all; I realize the potential dangers of using Keygens. However, how does one know whether the detection is actual or a false positive? D:\corel dvd moviefactory 7\Keygen\CR-ULEAD.exe (Trojan.Dropper.PGen) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. Thanks.
  6. I am well aware of the cookie scenario and MBAM's decision not to detect such. I post the entire log file however without any edits. It is the accumulation of all missed threats. Nevertheless, I will not report further logs. You may close this topic for me. Thanks and happy surfing!!
  7. Here's another one missed by MBAM. This makes what? 3? Log files are not opinions. They are facts. Instead of being so defensive of MBAM, as well as verbally aggressive, look at the logs and ask yourself why MBAM has gone from the best to the second and possibly third best.
  8. I am aware of MBAM does not detect adware cookies and was not referring to such. As I stated in my post, the logs were only an example of missed items. You must take consideration the computers in question do not belong to me and therefore I do not have access to all the log files which were created when I cleaned them. I do not save log files to my computer which were generated by the scanning of a computer I simply cleaned for someone. It seems that some of those who replied were offended. My goal is not to criticize MBAM but, rather bring to attention the scanner has fallen off tremendously
  9. Apparently editing of post isn't an option but, I wanted to add the example above is only one of many of late. It does not represent the worse case of missed threats by MBAM. Only the most convenient for me to locate. This has been a reoccurring thing for the past several months. No one has been a bigger proponent of MBAM over the past two years than I. I have recommended it literally thousands of times. I will continue to use it in my instructions for malware removal. However, it is now run after SAS and even Hitman Pro 3.5 sometimes. I can also tell you I am not, by any means, the only user
  10. I too can see all 8 post. Should be 9 however. Log files attached. MBAM_SAS_comparisson.txt
  11. hahahaha.. I posted yesterday asking what the deal is with MBAM of late. I attached log file from SAS and MBAM showing the number of malware missed by MBAM that was detected by SAS which was run after MBAM... Where is the post now? It's gone... strange!!
  12. Everyone has their preferences true enough. But, there is a difference between stating a preference as opposed to stating untrue facts. MSE provides nowhere near the protection that Avast does. Don't read the av comparatives.. Read user reviews from actual users.
  13. Step 4: Please, download exehelper from here save it to your desktop. 1. Run exehelper. 2. Press any key to close a black window which should pop-up. 3. A log named exehelperlog.txt should open. 4. Post the contents of exehelperlog.txt in your next reply. In your next reply, please include these log(s) in this sequence: JavaRa log exeHelper log Greetings; I often search through Malware removal forums such as this one to locate and review tools used in the malware removal process. In looking at the the task performed by "exehelper" on the OP's computer I was impressed. I then attempted to do
  14. using the first code in your reply I received a message that it succeeded. I then right clicked to see if the mbam scan option was there but nothing. I then tried the second code in your reply and it said it failed.
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