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  1. Also to add, I get a popup from Malewerebytes Anti-Malware from time to time when I have chrome open telling me it's blocking some site. But it doesn't give me any real information about it. Usually starts when I open chrome. And the warning is pointing to chrome.exe.
  2. You might be right, my system doesn't look very infected. I did have some obvious maleware before this problem started that installed programs and whatnot on my computer. I did my best to remove it and thought that maybe it was still lurking in my system killing things off. According to the logs at least not a lot of threats were found. But, you tell me - you're the expert! .. Thanks for the help! There were 4 files under file system that doesn't show up in this log. Because I was a bit quick and ran JRT before restart first. Then restarted and ran it again. So the log was overwrit
  3. I have no idea why, but it seems like my windows 10 keeps crashing over and over. Sometimes I can for example play a game in fullscreen and the game will continue to work but windows crashes in the background. So when I close the game all I can do is move my mouse around and get "click animations" on some buttons. But nothing else. Nothing happens. I tried to remove the maleware with malewerebytes but nothing is helping this it seems. The same thing can happen when browsing the internet, streaming videos or whatever. In chrome it looks like I dropped my internet connection (like the sites are
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