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  1. @GuruGuy On my Mac, the definition update, set every hour, happens almost every hour (rarely skips one) and in any case it happens every time the scheduled / manual scan is performed. Scanning occurs regularly; if the Mac is off or asleep at the set time, it always retrieves it. The last problems I reported about waking up the Mac seem to have disappeared a couple of days after resetting PRAM and SMC and starting the Mac in Safe Mode. The Real-Time protections are both active. (Both Malware Protection and App Block) Perhaps, at this point, the problem lies with yo
  2. I have both active RTP protections. No problem. It successfully run the lost scan whenever it is needed The definition update indication is updated at every time change (I checked just now). The problems ended with uninstalling / reinstalling Malwarebytes. Only problem left macOS gives some problems in case of awakening from stand-by (rarely). Ask @treed, @alvarnell, or anyone else using macOS if it happens to them too (problem never occurred before in macOS 10.15.6 and the installation of the beta of MWB 4.5.14) My System is MacBook Pro Mid 2012 13" Non-Retina Di
  3. Malwarebytes for Android is only distributed via the PlayStore as far as I know
  4. It is indicated incorrectly on the site. Not being compatible with your phone, the PlayStore probably won't display it.
  5. @AdvancedSetup I ask you to verify because the system requirements on the PlayStore do not correspond to those indicated in your website https://it.malwarebytes.com/android/. Here it is in fact indicated 4.4+ I have now seen that the problem is on the Italian section of the site
  6. However Malwarebytes for Android requires version 4.4 or higher
  7. As I wrote above in post # 8 my sister who has a MacBook Air 2020 and macOS 10.15.6 has all three voices for MWB 4.5.14. The situation happened right away, without any interaction on my part, that I installed Malwarebytes, since macOS 10.15.5 and MWB 4.4.x when he bought his Mac in June 2020. I attach screenshots of my sister's situation Everything was added automatically. I didn't have to change anything
  8. Since I reinstalled, nothing has happened so far.
  9. I too am on macOS 10.15.6 and MWB 4.5.14 (clean installation of MWB) and I only have Malwarebytes Protection (also indicated in Italian). I think it depends more on the Mac than on the version of macOS (in fact mine is from 2012). In fact, my sister who has a MacBook Air 2020 and macOS 10.15.6 has all three voices for MWB 4.5.14
  10. UPDATE: Fixed all problems by uninstalling Malwarebytes and reinstalling stable version 4.5
  11. Can you attach screenshots with the correct settings for this cleaning? So far I have always run FRST only to upload any Logs that may be required here on the forum or in technical support tickets. Thank you
  12. @treed The problems of the other day never came back. But it is two or three times that when I wake up the Mac from stand-by it creates problems for me (it gets stuck and I have to force the restart or effort in the login operation). However, it happens sporadically. It had never happened before; it could be macOS 10.15.6 (are you aware of something? I haven't read anything on internet) or the new version of Malwarebytes (it's the only thing that has changed since the upgrade to 10.15.6 on July 15 - no problem, however, between 15 July and the release of the new beta). @treed If
  13. Surely I can try but it happened twice in 4 days and with two different apps. I can say, if I remember correctly, that both times I was downloading a youtube video content to be able to watch it offline Update: I tried to replicate the above conditions but there was no problem with both the apps that had given me the problem and app block set to active. I think it's a sporadic thing.
  14. Since I installed the beta, just made available, a strange fact has happened twice, I don't know if it is linked to the new version, but it has never happened before in seven years of Mac. Once the messages app did not open leaving the icon on the bouncing dock (this the day after installation) A little while ago the same behavior with the Mac AppStore app. Only solution to force restart the Mac by holding down the power button after several moments. MacBook Pro 9.2 (A1278), 10GB Ram SSD Kingston macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Stable Release Malwarebytes 4.5.14 beta Can
  15. Installed. All solved for the double extension problem, of which I wrote here, even if with difficulty. But what is the changelog?
  16. I received the first Malwarebytes Privacy update though: a new system extension has been inserted: how can I remove the old one? once the beta period has ended, if I don't intend to keep the software, how can I completely uninstall it, including system extensions (in fact, there isn't uninstall procedure)? Thank you
  17. TEST OF MALWAREBYTES for macOS 4.5 Beta Installed without problems It works properly both after a Reboot and after a Shutdown and Start of the Mac I have tried all EICAR files that are correctly detected by real-time protection. Manual and scheduled scan work correctly and detect both EICAR files. (To do the test I had to disable temporarily the RTP) Quarantine work correctly The only drawback could be that with five EICAR files it signals me 6 items scanned and 5 threats detected and corrected; I assume, correct me if I'm wrong, that the 6th item is t
  18. I currently use a wireless connection with my provider's proprietary technology that has a maximum speed of 30/3 Mb/s ((if you want to find out about the technology used - unfortunately it is in Italian) I am attaching some screenshots of the Ookla speedtests (not made via the internet but with the app downloaded from the Mac AppStore): NO VPN (The NO VPN place is quite isolated in the mountains) Milan Luxembourg Sydney Los Angeles I hope they can be useful for an evaluation
  19. No because I allowed it immediately. In fact, the app works perfectly except having to activate the switch manually when restarting the Mac
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