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  1. Thank you. I don't want to disable SIP so if it is not harmful for me can stay there forever
  2. Good morning to all macOS experts (@treed , @alvarnell) I had installed the DuckDuckGo Safari extension. Now that I removed it completely it left this residual file found with the Finder search WBSDuckDuckGoTDS.json which is located in the following folder /Library/Apple/System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/SafariShared.framework/Versions/A/Resources Does this file, which cannot be deleted, involve any risk? Thanks Greetings Massimiliano
  3. I hope, as soon as possible, in a M1 Compatible version because running an anti-malware with an emulator (however good) I don't think it's the best
  4. I would be interested to know if the current version (4.6.11) is already compatible not only with Big Sur, but also with Apple M1 or if a new version will be released (first obviously in beta). Before any future purchase, I would like to be sure that Malwarebytes can protect me. Thanks Have a good day Massimiliano
  5. Thanks for all the advice. Thanks for the advice. PS: @treed will a new invitation arrive or will the old one be reworked? Thanks to all
  6. Can you tell me then why apps like Messages, Mail, Whatsapp even completely closed and without enabling background updates always receive messages anyway?
  7. Do not worry. Attendo to the new invitation on TestFlight. Inquiries about it: In the meantime I ask you, considering that I have a bad habit of closing Apps, is it possible to make Malwarebytes work (protection and definitions update) even if it is not open in the background? In addition, if the difficulty for new markets is call protection, in my case for example (I'm in Italy) I use only web protection and adblocker. In fact, due to the apple limitations you mentioned in a previous post, the fraudulent call notification is not so evident and SMS are practically extinct.
  8. Actually of Malwarebytes for iOS I was using only Ad-Blocker (which I replaced with Ka-Block!) and Web Protection (which I don't know what to replace it with) even if in three years I was blocked on only one website whose link was included in an SMS from my old phone company about the residual credit check - the only time I clicked on a link (this maybe because I browse almost always on the same sites I know - rarely in fact even Safari's Google protection blocked me something). Call Protection (due to Apple's restrictions) doesn't show a very visible warning and the only time it reported so
  9. Refer to my discussion where @alvarnell says the test should have been stopped. I am also waiting for answers from @treed about a possible advice on what to use for markets where it is not present.
  10. So, since you're certainly more experienced than I am in all things Apple, while waiting for @treed to say his, I'll ask you again: what do you propose to replace it on iOS until Malwarebytes is released on the AppStore where it is not present? And if the test is reopened, will those that were present be automatically inserted? Thank you for your answer
  11. But I am beta-tester since the beginning (about 3 years now), I don't have to be added now
  12. @treed , a question At 22 hours from the end of the current beta I have not yet received notification/email of the renewal and TestFlight does not propose it. Therefore I ask: is the Beta-Testing of the iOS MWB App definitely finished? If yes, is the release on the Italian Appstore planned? If not, what do you propose to replace it on iOS until its release? Thanks
  13. I wanted to ask if, almost a year after the release of the first version of Malwarebytes 4.x, a greater uniformity of the UI is expected in a future release? (I am talking for example about settings, reports, etc.). In Windows all have the same style while on macOS the Home Screen is definitely beautiful and modern while the other windows seem more legacy. Congratulations anyway because the app works great Thanks Translated from Italian with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  14. As far as I know, when starting in safe mode, only the essential components are loaded on macOS, so any conflicts should be excluded. From the symptoms a damaged disk is very likely because it seems to be unable to load correctly. It is better to wait for a comment from o @treed, a member of the Mac staff or @alvarnell
  15. I don't know if the answer was for me, but I knew it. Anyway thanks. Firefox is my default browser since many years ago I decided to stop using and disable Internet Explorer. Edge, Chrome or others: never used on Windows on macOS only Safari, very rarely Firefox
  16. It actually lies in the start menu unused like the old Edge Apart from the fact that, at least in my case, Windows is used when I just can't do without it, that is practically never except when updates come out to install them
  17. Currently with Catalina 10.15.7 I use Safari 14 and at the moment nothing has changed compared to Safari 13 regarding search engines
  18. @exile360 thanks for the reply. It's not that I don't like DuckDuckGo; indeed I had tried it precisely for the privacy. Unfortunately, I often had to go back to Google because the results were not always complete in the same way and in the end I went back to Google so as not to have to switch from one engine to another. And this is due to the fact that Google is at least in practice a monopoly. Unfortunately, Startpage cannot be set as a default engine on Safari but only as a Homepage (therefore it does not work for searches in the URL bar). I'm definitely going to give it a chance a
  19. I would like to ask a question regarding the Windows 10 - October 2020 Update (20H2) and Malwarebytes browser guard? My dad had Firefox with the Malwarebytes extension installed on his PC. With the update Edge was replaced with Edge by Chromium and MWBG was installed on Edge automatically. Excluding the fact that, in the family, we don't want to use Chrome and its derivatives - therefore not even the new Edge - (we use the Google engine as it is, unfortunately, the only truly complete one; we tried DuckDuckGo but we were not 100% satisfied) the fact can only please me as it is the on
  20. Personally following this thread I have tried to open almost all the software I have on my Mac and to follow I have kept an eye on Activity Monitor. RTProtectionDaemon had a couple of spikes at around 50% of a few seconds and mostly was around 10% and sometimes even under 2/3%. I tested for a few minutes what for me is an anomalous situation because I normally keep open only the software in use at a given moment. Mine is a 13” MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (non Retina Display) with 10 GB RAM, i5 2.5 Ghz. Obviously my test isn't particularly useful as the software was all open but no
  21. Updated last night, as soon as I saw the announcement of @Maurice Naggar , as usual just released, on two PCs. So far everything OK. I must say, however, that in recent years I have never had any problems; it is also true that I don't use Windows PCs much and in any case it is only consumer use.
  22. https://www.pasty.info VIRUSTOTAL CHECK https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7154d025ffb2e6fd48fb669313dea6884991b8648b6c05470b5ef500bda7d7c7/detection https://www.pasty.link VIRUSTOTAL CHECK https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/8cdf6ba1f3062573ffa5798179cd2215992b39c7fb51fca556aa16407b351683/detection
  23. @AdvancedSetup please move the discussion to the correct section
  24. Given that Malwarebytes for macOS doesn't have web protection, which version of the product are you talking about?
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