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  1. read the post just above yours
  2. You have provided a few details to help you An example, already mentioned other times on the forum, could be, if the problem concerns Chrome, a synchronization of the same with your other devices. Maybe it would be useful to post a screenshot of the threats found by Malwarebytes
  3. Then consider that the version for iOS, although available, can be purchased in the premium version only with in-app purchases on the iOS AppStore
  4. Since the end of August (new major version of the forum) that gives me this problem at login (only if I use the boomark, the password stored on the iCloud keychain) and only on the iPhone. Nothing has changed neither in the transition from iOS 13.x to iOS 14.x nor in physically changing iPhone (as the old iPhone started smoking). If I login on iOS the only way to use the forum is to touch the Malwarebytes logo on the error screen and everything is fine (login done). The same error does not occur on the Mac (always safari, always using the bookmark, always password on iCloud).
  5. I had asked @AdvancedSetup to move it via PM but he hasn't seen my message yet. Thanks for moving it
  6. a question about install to @treed or @adas Change something to install Malwarebytes (x86) on a Mac M1 or just run the installer with Rosetta2 and then everything goes as usual including approval of the System Extension? I currently use 4.6.12 on Intel Macs but in the near future I will have to do the platform change (probably before an M1 version of Malwarebytes comes out) Thanks
  7. Thanks, @alvarnell Leave it disabled, not for sure. Indeed, except for the horrendous eventuality mentioned in the article, I would not disable it. As a Firewall I only have that of macOS, that of my Router (provided by the operator) we drop a pitiful veil. Obviously I have never installed the aforementioned software, I have very little software outside the Mac AppStore (Handbrake, VLC, Titanium-Software, 4kdownload.com, Firefox, Paintbrush - only because I know nothing else of similar - and obviously Malwarebytes - the only security software )
  8. @treed this your article great as always But I would like to clarify: when disabling SIP is it better to disable WiFi / disconnect Ethernet cable for greater security? Thanks
  9. It is similar on the Windows version. From what I know you need the premium version to enable the feature
  10. I think it would be helpful to support if you indicate Mac model, macOS version, Malwarebytes version
  11. If, and only if, you have the Premium version, you must enable the checkbox indicated in the attached screen and search for updates However, there is currently no beta running
  12. 29th November 2020 @treed Update (after several months) DEFINITELY SOLVED THE PROBLEM. Thanks to the Apple support that advised me (I've never needed it before in 7 years of macOS) to remove the checkboxes STOP RIGID DISCS WHEN POSSIBLE (anyway my Mac is equipped with SSD) in Settings - > Power saving both for power supply and battery Thanks again Good Sunday Massimiliano
  13. I assume that @personx's problem is not due to the open interface but to the fact that the application is active. Probably apart from uninstalling it, the only way is to temporarily deactivate the protections in real time (as @exile360 said above). The fact remains that an app that doesn't accept that antimalware works, if it is legitimate, is not normal in my opinion and some concern should at least arouse it Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  14. You mentioned Windows Defender. I assume therefore that you are not a macOS user so this is not the correct forum. However, piracy remains wrong as @alvarnell said
  15. Given MacKeeper's history, let's say that trust is also below zero that any proprietary uninstall procedures will clean the Mac properly. However I was referring to all PUPs of this type with particular reference to MacKeeper but not only
  16. @treed I read your last article Apple security hampers detection of unwanted programs Exhaustive and clear as usual Obviously we all understood what is the PUP software that uses the new framework ENDPOINT SECURITY Sites that even mention it are on my exclusion list What I would ask, if you could, is to explain in a pinned post at the top of this forum or with a second episode of the above mentioned article what could be the remedy for a user struggling with one of this software installed (this is not my case, at least currently or that I know of - surely there is
  17. For the moment that's fine! Is there any news about the availability on the Italian AppStore?
  18. Received notification a couple of hours ago. Downloaded correctly. At the moment no problem as the software has not changed as per the release notes. Thanks
  19. Thank you very much @treed Exhaustive and clear as always
  20. Thank you for your answer. Could you please provide me the link, which you read, in which this feature of Rosetta 2 is explained. I would like to understand more about it (especially about software that works at low level as I think - maybe I'm wrong - an anti-malware or similar)
  21. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understood correctly: Would you say that Malwarebytes is able to protect the Mac even if run emulated with Rosetta2? I think a confirmation is important (preferably with a pinned post at the top of the forum with a more detailed explanation) I ask because I was convinced that an anti-malware needed to access operating system resources only by having native code for the CPU than any other application (e.g. Office, Photo, Mail). Thanks
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