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  1. In the meantime, thanks for the quick reply So far I have never caught any malware or fallen into phishing attempts (although they have tried). However, given the increase in cases and the greater skill of hackers in this regard, help never hurts. Spam, on the other hand, for the moment my provider blocks even too much (at least for now), in fact with the anti-spam filter active some emails did not arrive, they were not only addressed in the SPAM box and I had to deactivate the filter and do them resend. That said, I would say additional Malware / Phishing security (I state
  2. As an antimalware, it is well known, I use Malwarebytes Premium for macOS and nothing else. As a web protection, I use the one integrated in Safari (Google Safe Browsing and Prevent Tracking between Websites): I don't know if you can do anything else with Safari (any advice on the matter is welcome) I prefer not to use / install other browsers, except for rare exceptions of use, followed by an immediate removal, as soon as it is no longer needed As an ad-blocker, I have always used ka-block! but I am testing 1blocker (and I'm very satisfied with it so I think I'll make the purch
  3. @M_S Since using Mac my protection has consisted of: AdwareMedic became the first version of Malwarebytes evolved into the current Malwarebytes Premium which added several layers of protection. I am also scrupulous in surfing the internet. For internet browsing I only use Safari and Ka-Block! (Free Ad-Blocker) as the only extension in addition to the safe browsing of Safari and the prevention of website monitoring (always included in Safari) For more blocks you can evaluate 1Blocker (more than excellent but it is paid) No use of Torrent No use
  4. @treed considering the last screenshots, which I posted above (post 1445852) and what you said in the sentence I quoted, can it be considered a false positive anomalous consumption report, in your opinion? Do you recommend that I report to Apple Feedback as a user? (hoping they solve the problem) Thanks Have a good Week-End Massimiliano
  5. No, I haven't tried it yet. I would like more information about what happens for what concerns the protection (not so much the scan that takes me 2/3 seconds) but for the real time one if I put a reduced CPU usage. However, I have now noticed in the Activity Monitor that the high value is in the 12h POWER SUPPLY and not in the ENERGY IMPACT Unfortunately, I don't know much about the subject and I would be interested, if possible, in having an explanation on it or at least a couple of links where I can read up. I attach screenshots of Activity Monitor (energy tab) both total an
  6. @treed The problem of energy consumption continues to exist in a serious way. It is to be understood if the problem is reproduced with BigSur only on the M1 chips or even on the x86 ones, because if the problem is only on the M1 I would like to say, but I am not a developer, that it may be due to the fact that it is run with Rosetta2, otherwise it could be an incompatibility problem with Big Sur (to understand if it must be solved by Apple or your staff) considering that the same version on a MacBook Pro 13 "Mid 2012 Non-Retina blocked on Catalina 10.15.7 seems not present the problem,
  7. @treed Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Attached screenshot
  8. On my MacBook Air M1 (Big Sur 11.2.3) Now I keep an eye on the abnormal consumption for a few days and update you
  9. @treed The problem of the high energy consumption reported still remains I attach new screenshots which always show a high consumption by Malwarebytes (Big Sur with M1 chip) As you can see, the consumption of Malwarebytes Protection continues to be lower only than Safari (Safari, however, has been showing it for at least 7 years and that is since I have a Mac, Malwarebytes hasn't). On my father's Mac (x86) with Catalina the problem does not occur Thanks for your attention on this issue
  10. @AdvancedSetup please move the discussion to the android forum
  11. BlueStacks is not a gaming app but an Android emulator for Windows and / or macOS Being an emulator it is normal for it to slow down the machine. Malwarebytes once considered it dangerous; then at some point no more; I don't know what the situation is now. I know for sure (because I had to put it to my ten year old nephew) that on the same PC (I'm talking about the Windows version) there are big performance problems if both BlueStacks and Malwarebytes are installed and unfortunately in this case I had to sacrifice Malwarebytes. Furthermore, BlueStacks has several problems i
  12. Issues with external displays and Big Sur are reported here on the Apple Support Forum https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252174979?page=19 I don't know if it will help you to take a look at it
  13. Nothing personal but I prefer an answer on this from @treed or a staff member as otherwise my premium license becomes completely useless for who knows how long if Apple removes Rosetta2 in Italy
  14. Because Treed can tell me more about the M1 version of Malwarebytes, which in my case is the only App that needs Rosetta2. Any other App, with this problem, that I have on my Mac I can do without them immediately
  15. Rosetta May Be Removed From M1 Macs in Some Regions on macOS 11.3 (MacRumors.com) @treed For Malwarebytes, how will those who have a Mac with an M1 chip after the release of macOS 11.3 do? Thanks
  16. @treed if it helps, I am attaching screenshots of Activity Monitor from my MacBook Air M1. Only Safari consumes more (the excessive consumption of Safari, however, I have seen it since the days of Mac OSX 10.9, for Malwarebytes instead it is a novelty) I also attach a detail of the battery icon.
  17. I can only give you my personal experience. I have owned a MacBook Air M1 for about a month and have no problems with Malwarebytes. Only thing, the Malwarebytes protection is among those that, quite frequently, are considered to be energy-intensive (together with MWB only Safari). @treed A comment on this? Is it normal?
  18. @aCeeLeo The best MKV to MP4 converter is definitely handbrake https://handbrake.fr It's Free and Open Source
  19. It seems that Patrick Wardle discovered the existence of GoSearch22.app, a native M1 version of the Pirrit virus. Is it detected by Malwarebytes? Apple should have revoked the developer certificate anyway. Any information on this is welcome. Thank you all
  20. I ask for an acquaintance. I haven't seen the smartphone directly yet but it seems to be infected with the ZAHKIT.PRO malware. Does anyone know him, as neither here on the forum nor on the blog when searching for posts are found? It claims that several ad pop-ups are displayed with redirects to a site whose address contains 126WS.ZAHKIT.PRO and this malware is widely talked about on the web. Thank you
  21. I have been using Malwarebytes on the MacBook Air M1 since yesterday. Personally I can say that it works very well even if still in x86 version: there was no slowdown of the machine. The only thing to report, as can be seen from the attached screenshot, is the reported high power consumption (This was not the case with the MacBook Pro Mid 2012; Safari was already in the high-power apps). It happens sporadically, but more frequently than it first seemed Has anyone else noticed this shift in power consumption by Malwarebytes? Let me know if you need anything else to le
  22. FEEDBACK Installation took place automatically. No problem, even after a Mac restart. The number of scanned items has increased, compared to the average, of about 20%. Scan times are about the same as before. I've never had any particular CPU usage issues. There are always some usage peaks, but they decrease within a few moments of viewing within the Activity Monitor but I think it's normal that there are. However, I have never encountered particular problems with slowing down the machine or starting the fans: it could also be because I mostly use th
  23. Could have any chance shorten Malwarebytes with MWB in addition to leaving the icon? Could it be a good one?
  24. For the attention of @treed and the developers As you can see from the attached screenshot, in the Safari settings for iOS, the Web Protection and Ad-Blocker writings are cut due to lack of space. I would like to ask, if it is possible, with the next beta, which should arrive on TestFlight within 28 days, to display only the Malwarebytes icon and its content blocker, eliminating the Malwarebytes text, so that the writing is fully visible. In my humble opinion it would be much better done. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day
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