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  1. Installed now

    Performed some tests (Manual Scan, Mac Reboot and Manual Scan again) and for the moment no problem (except the usual High Energy Consumption of MALWAREBYTES PROTECTION in the battery icon menu, it does not seem too low even in activity monitoring being in second place after Safari, it didn't happen on Catalina)

    We will see in the next few days, in case I will update the post.

  2. I misunderstood.

    I thought you meant there was no specific reference but only an indication of 30 days.

    In my case, as I wrote, some apps even get only 1 biennial update.
    And that was why I didn't understand these frequent checks (even 15/20 times a month) as long as those icon bounces refer to these checks that didn't happen until I had Catalina on the old Mac and I found myself with Big Sur on M1 (having read about another user, here on the forum, that he had solved by deactivating the Malwatebytes RTP, an action that I categorically exclude)

  3. On 5/8/2021 at 11:48 AM, alvarnell said:

    Yes they do, but with automatic updates they will move from Updates to Updated Recently for thirty days, so you may not notice them before they have installed. 

    At least in my case, it indicates exactly the days since installation (see screenshot) and not just within the last 30 days


  4. In reality, they are rarely done automatically before I find them with update button and do it manually. As I've already written, the same goes for non-Mac AppStore apps.

    The problem of the dancing icon (not two / three times but even twenty) also happens 20 times / month / app (especially if little used)

    In reality, having only, in addition to the 9 mentioned above, 13 applications excluding the system ones, I do it quite quickly and in addition I check all the updates in the worst case every two days (both on the store and on the developer sites). Some apps have been in need of updating for years (except lately they have released the M1 version)

    I'm used to keeping only the apps I use installed and I try to use as little as possible 

    Consider that between System, App and Personal Files on my Mac are occupied less than 39 GB

  5. 2 minutes ago, alvarnell said:

    So you can't be certain that the App wasn't updated before you launch it, which should explain why some are faster than others. What I have observed is that most launches just bounce a few times and then appear. With more complex apps, like those from Microsoft that have been updated, in addition to the bounces, I get a "verification" dialog with a progress bar.

    The apps of the Mac AppStore, when they update are seen in the Updates tab.
    As for the other apps (which however are very few on my Mac) they are apps that receive very few updates (in some cases less than one a year). I am sure of it because, despite having automatic updates, often, even before these occur at the launch of the app, I have already found them on the site before they are proposed to me

    In the end there are 9 in all including Malwarebytes (not Mac AppStore and not supplied as standard with macOS)

  6. 37 minutes ago, alvarnell said:

    I never mentioned 365 and completely understood that they were from the MAS. My comments apply equally to all versions of Microsoft Office in Big Sur.

    I reiterated the origin of Office because I thought that the Mac AppStore apps were only verified at the beginning (being provided by Apple even if as a reseller and not a developer) and then only after an update

    37 minutes ago, alvarnell said:

    Do you have Automatic Updates from the App Store enabled, or do you do them manually?

    Yes, I have the automatic updates on Mac AppStore setting (as well as on the system setting and all the other app setting) and, at least as regards office, the update normally takes place once a month with Patch Tuesday (or in the days immediately following)

  7. Thanks @alvarnell  for the reply.
    But, as I wrote, Word and Excel are the 365 version of the Mac AppStore and not downloaded from the Microsoft site.
    I don't have any Adobe or other heavy software in general
    This happens with almost all apps (not always but often enough especially if I don't open the apps for one / two days) whether they are taken from sites or from the Mac AppStore (even the iOS ones that can be used on Mac M1) excluding only ( if not very rarely) those of the system (e.g. Mail, Messages)
    As I wrote it does not happen only when the apps are updated (and I would understand it) and as regards changes made by Malware, since I have a Mac, Malwarebytes has never reported anything to me (it has only once blocked two Mac AppStore apps with advent of the App block function that were from SysTweak)

  8. Happy Saturday to @treed and all the staff

    I wanted to ask for information about a situation that has occurred since I have the MAC M1 and BigSur (always the latest version) and Malwarebytes (always updated, I always try the betas too)

    The various apps that I have installed on the Mac (including MS Word & MS Excel - both downloaded from the Mac AppStore) every now and then, especially when they haven't been opened for some time (not necessarily a long time interval) become extremely slow on opening (with the icon bouncing for several seconds) as if they were scanned before use (it does not happen only after an update) and above all it practically never happens (if not very rarely) with system apps (for example Mail , Messages).

    I read, some time ago here on the forum, about someone with a similar problem, even if it seems to be constant, which they solved by disabling the real-time protection of Malwarebytes (which I don't want to do).

    My equipment is a MacBook Air M1 (with 16 GB of unified memory), BigSur (last version) and Malwarebytes (set to High as CPU usage - in case it scans the apps frequently, even those that have been present for a long time, I believe that lowering the CPU setting could make things worse, at least in my case)

    If I need to collect logs, don't hesitate to ask me

    Waiting for your clarifications on this matter, I wish everyone a Happy Weekend


  9. I would like to report to @treed and all the staff

    After the last two macOS updates (11.3 and 11.3.1) Malwarebytes it has, as it were, deactivated.

    The first time (macOS 11.3) I reinstalled Malwarebytes (I had read it was necessary) and it fixed
    Reading a comment from @treed (last time) with macOS 11.3.1 it was enough to follow the advice to restart the Mac.


    Malwarebytes menu (completely disabled excluding the Open Malwarebytes item) with prohibition sign on M
    By clicking on open Malwarebytes, the attached screen appears


    This has never happened with the macOS BigSur versions I had from purchase (mid-February 2021) up to version 11.3

    It all happens with

    MacBook Air M1 (7 core GPU), 16GB unified memory, 256 SSD

    I await news about it



  10. On 4/21/2021 at 7:50 PM, wizdomonwheels said:

    The latest 11.3 betas (and potentially final release) breaks a component in the MalwareBytes software on the M1 chips, so a reinstall is necessary upon each update.

    MacOS 11.3 installed now (final version released today)

    Malwarebytes no longer functional. The following screen appeared (it had already happened a few times but it was enough to close and reopen the app) with a prohibition signal on the M of the menu bar

    to fix it was necessary to reinstall the Malwarebytes app on itself.



  11. 15 minutes ago, DB1077 said:

    When I run it on my 2015 Macbook Pro it is able to get through as if I have zero protection.

    Unlike the Windows version, the macOS version does not yet have web protection (it seems to be planned for the future but it is not known when)


    6 minutes ago, fs5qc said:

    I was beta that shears feedback I know some just want the beta to get the app for free 

    Unfortunately, I was also in the same situation.

    You can only delete Malwarebytes and if there is a new beta and you will be included among the testers or it will be published on the AppStore of your country you will be able to have the app otherwise not.

    At the moment I have solved it using the Safari protection functions and will purchase (at the end of the trial period) 1blocker (excellent ad-blocker, recommended by @treed , and more - available with a single in-app purchase or subscription that can be shared among all Apple devices and even in the family) and for the use I make of the internet with iOS it's okay (Malwarebytes beta has never blocked me, in three years, a website)


  13. Thanks @alvarnell with the command you suggested

    Apart from the ROOT users, MY PERSONAL USER (which I prefer not to name) and COM.MALWAREBYTES.MBAM.NOBODY,

    • I found the user NOBODY (which I believe corresponds to the guest user ) and the user DAEMON

    I ask @treed , @alvarnell , is everything normal?


    Good Evening (since you are in America, in Italy it is already morning)


  14. 13 minutes ago, alvarnell said:

    Not sure what your aversion to Java is.

    My distaste for Java is due to a personal experience.
    The software that are used with the Public Administration in Italy (the only ones I had to use) to make them cross-platform, are written in Java and normally require obsolete Java versions (even two different ones for software connected to each other in the same year) and different for every year forcing you to keep multiple Java versions installed (obsolete is an understatement) to see data from previous years and in the Windows world I come from (abandoned for 8 years now) having multiple and mostly obsolete Java versions installed has always been a real jattura.

  15. 25 minutes ago, alvarnell said:

    Not sure what you meant by this (or what you wrote before editing) but I was referring to this.

    I would simply define (but it is my personal opinion) software such as those considered in this post Definitely unwanted programs (not only potentially) - mainly for their way of proposing themselves or for aspects that I have read on the internet, from which I will do everything not to be even touched (as I always did with Flash). I also don't like Java applications (I've only used one, for a few years in the past, because it's required, but luckily that's not the case anymore).

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