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  1. Unfortunately, I was also in the same situation. You can only delete Malwarebytes and if there is a new beta and you will be included among the testers or it will be published on the AppStore of your country you will be able to have the app otherwise not. At the moment I have solved it using the Safari protection functions and will purchase (at the end of the trial period) 1blocker (excellent ad-blocker, recommended by @treed , and more - available with a single in-app purchase or subscription that can be shared among all Apple devices and even in the family) and for the use I make o
  2. On February 11, 2021, the beta was suspended. Read here
  3. @VirusProblem your thread has already been moved to the correct sub-forum by the administrator Go ahead here
  4. It is a restriction only present on iOS and not on macOS that allows installations even from outside the Mac AppStore
  5. From the screenshot posted it turns out to be Malwarebytes for Windows and here we are on the Malwarebytes for iOS sub-forum.
  6. Find it written at the bottom of this page However, I attach a screenshot
  7. No. About the quick scan you can find the answer here .
  8. Thanks @alvarnell with the command you suggested Apart from the ROOT users, MY PERSONAL USER (which I prefer not to name) and COM.MALWAREBYTES.MBAM.NOBODY, I found the user NOBODY (which I believe corresponds to the guest user ) and the user DAEMON I ask @treed , @alvarnell , is everything normal? Thanks Good Evening (since you are in America, in Italy it is already morning) Massimiliano
  9. Sorry, where do I check this presence? I use the same version of Malwarebytes but I only have my user and guest disabled
  10. My distaste for Java is due to a personal experience. The software that are used with the Public Administration in Italy (the only ones I had to use) to make them cross-platform, are written in Java and normally require obsolete Java versions (even two different ones for software connected to each other in the same year) and different for every year forcing you to keep multiple Java versions installed (obsolete is an understatement) to see data from previous years and in the Windows world I come from (abandoned for 8 years now) having multiple and mostly obsolete Java versions installed has
  11. I would simply define (but it is my personal opinion) software such as those considered in this post Definitely unwanted programs (not only potentially) - mainly for their way of proposing themselves or for aspects that I have read on the internet, from which I will do everything not to be even touched (as I always did with Flash). I also don't like Java applications (I've only used one, for a few years in the past, because it's required, but luckily that's not the case anymore).
  12. Thanks @alvarnell , but I prefer to avoid experiments of this type, to avoid problems with my ISP (normally because the fixed line works they require you not to change the DNS on the router on the Fiber / FWA lines at the router level and to make as few changes as possible and it is It has already been an achievement of the last period to have the modem free (until recently it was mandatory to use a modem provided by the ISP completely blocked or almost on which it was not possible to modify practically anything - this is the beauty of being Italian). I would prefer, as I wrote, a browser
  13. Reductive definition for this software as for others 1blocker, which I am testing, also just prevents these downloads from showing up (from the websites above). It also allows you to block websites, but unfortunately it is a manual thing (personal rules) As I have already written to you once, I am not able to configure it (my experience with configurations such as linux is practically equal to 0) without considering that when a device is not under that network it would not be protected (read iPhone in 4G, for example when you are away from home). I would be fine with an exten
  14. As for the blocking of URLs recognized as dangerous (such as the ones I reported here) - for these, an ad-blocker is enough but this is not always the case - what can be done?
  15. In the meantime, thanks for the quick reply So far I have never caught any malware or fallen into phishing attempts (although they have tried). However, given the increase in cases and the greater skill of hackers in this regard, help never hurts. Spam, on the other hand, for the moment my provider blocks even too much (at least for now), in fact with the anti-spam filter active some emails did not arrive, they were not only addressed in the SPAM box and I had to deactivate the filter and do them resend. That said, I would say additional Malware / Phishing security (I state
  16. As an antimalware, it is well known, I use Malwarebytes Premium for macOS and nothing else. As a web protection, I use the one integrated in Safari (Google Safe Browsing and Prevent Tracking between Websites): I don't know if you can do anything else with Safari (any advice on the matter is welcome) I prefer not to use / install other browsers, except for rare exceptions of use, followed by an immediate removal, as soon as it is no longer needed As an ad-blocker, I have always used ka-block! but I am testing 1blocker (and I'm very satisfied with it so I think I'll make the purch
  17. @M_S Since using Mac my protection has consisted of: AdwareMedic became the first version of Malwarebytes evolved into the current Malwarebytes Premium which added several layers of protection. I am also scrupulous in surfing the internet. For internet browsing I only use Safari and Ka-Block! (Free Ad-Blocker) as the only extension in addition to the safe browsing of Safari and the prevention of website monitoring (always included in Safari) For more blocks you can evaluate 1Blocker (more than excellent but it is paid) No use of Torrent No use
  18. @treed considering the last screenshots, which I posted above (post 1445852) and what you said in the sentence I quoted, can it be considered a false positive anomalous consumption report, in your opinion? Do you recommend that I report to Apple Feedback as a user? (hoping they solve the problem) Thanks Have a good Week-End Massimiliano
  19. No, I haven't tried it yet. I would like more information about what happens for what concerns the protection (not so much the scan that takes me 2/3 seconds) but for the real time one if I put a reduced CPU usage. However, I have now noticed in the Activity Monitor that the high value is in the 12h POWER SUPPLY and not in the ENERGY IMPACT Unfortunately, I don't know much about the subject and I would be interested, if possible, in having an explanation on it or at least a couple of links where I can read up. I attach screenshots of Activity Monitor (energy tab) both total an
  20. @treed The problem of energy consumption continues to exist in a serious way. It is to be understood if the problem is reproduced with BigSur only on the M1 chips or even on the x86 ones, because if the problem is only on the M1 I would like to say, but I am not a developer, that it may be due to the fact that it is run with Rosetta2, otherwise it could be an incompatibility problem with Big Sur (to understand if it must be solved by Apple or your staff) considering that the same version on a MacBook Pro 13 "Mid 2012 Non-Retina blocked on Catalina 10.15.7 seems not present the problem,
  21. @treed Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Attached screenshot
  22. On my MacBook Air M1 (Big Sur 11.2.3) Now I keep an eye on the abnormal consumption for a few days and update you
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