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  1. A website whitelist function would be useful only for the adblocker function without deactivating web protection for these sites. In this way Malwarebytes for iOS could protect from the opening of a site, in case it was compromised, but would allow advertising on this site if it was clean: useful for sites that you want to support anyway remaining in security.
  2. You could try, if it works, with the instructions contained in this post
  3. As for the future extension Malwarebytes for Safari I hope that it will not have such large privileges and that it will not be able to read these sensitive data (credit cards, passwords and general form data)
  4. If at least it doesn't read passwords and credit cards ...
  5. It's the same one I had already found, outside the Mac AppStore. But it seems to me that respect for privacy is another thing See the attached the Safari Extension Panel screenshot (below I have posted the English translation of the part in Italian) This extension will slow down browsing. Permits for "Ghostery": Contents of web pages You can read sensitive information from web pages, including passwords, phone numbers and credit cards on: • all web pages Browsing history Can see when you visit: • all web pages Thanks anyway, but given the conditions I prefer not to use it. If you find something similar but with privileges like those of ka-block! just let me know.
  6. Thanks alvarnell for the valuable advice. Can you provide me the correct link to download the version of Ghostery that you use so that I can try it? I use Mojave. Thank you A greeting
  7. At the moment I use ka-block! with Safari (only browser that I use and that's why I look Malwarebytes for Safari as I found it very valid on Firefox but I prefer Safari as a single browser) which I feel good and has a part of positive reviews and other negative (these mostly because it is not very customizable even though I have found a way to have a kind of whitelist) On the Italian Mac AppStore there is only ghostery lite that has a single review of 17 November last last that says that "Most of the time it does not work".On the official website there is only the version for old versions of Safari. Screenshot of Gosthery lite reviews on Mac AppStore
  8. In reality I have no problem with the CACHE DNS. I had taken this habit, probably wrong, to clean the CACHE after the COOKIES as an anti-tracking measure by websites after visiting sites of the means of payment.
  9. As I said above, once satisfied the curiosity about the reason for canceling the RTProtectionDaemon privacy setting, I have uninstalled the MAINTENANCE application of Titanium Software with the uninstaller integrated into the app, leaving macOS to self-maintenance by running each single plus the FLUSH of the CACHE DNS.
  10. I used it a lot in the past, before receiving advice from you, also because I came from the Windows world where this type of maintenance was necessary not to say fundamental. Now it was a pure curiosity to understand what was due to the disappearance of the above privacy setting. Now I leave the system to keep alone, the only thing that I still use with an app that I created with Automator is cleaning CACHE FLUSH DNS so you do not have to look for the command from the terminal that is more complex to remember than that of MS Windows.
  11. THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED The only option that delete RTProtectionDaemon from Full Disk Access in System Preferences / Security & Privacy is the one currently selected in the attached screenshot (Ricostruzione Database LaunchServices) (in English: Database LaunchServices Reconstruction) If all options are selected except that the setting is not changed.
  12. Update: I sent back the same email to Titanium indicating the possibility of a free trial of Malwarebytes in order to perform the necessary tests to solve the problem I'm waiting for an answer (hoping that the email will not be trashed), but if Thomas Reed could take a look at the problem, maybe he would solve a lot sooner. I hope that sooner or later what is written lead to a resolution of the problem or the possibility of not having to enter /Library/Application Support/Malwarebytes/MBAM/Engine.bundle/Contents/PlugIns/RTProtectionDaemon.app to Full Disk Access in System Preferences / Security & Privacy:
  13. As you can see from the screenshot that I have attached, I'm no longer given, now for a couple of months, the ability to edit my posts, should I notice errors, even when my posts have just been published. Can you solve? Thank you Massimiliano
  14. Unfortunately, Titanium, which I contacted, tried to download Malwarebytes, but was not willing to purchase the Premium version and therefore did not perform any tests. I hope that any contacts between the two software houses can solve the problem.
  15. I had already pointed out that the Titanium Software Maintenance software deletes this Malwarebytes setting (FULL ACCESS TO DISK IN MOJAVE PRIVACY SETTING). I do not know if it is caused by the software in question, Malwarebytes or Apple. If it is possible to carry out a verification I have always found it useful for occasional system maintenance. MAINTENANCE download page BEFORE USE OF MAINTENANCE AFTER USE OF MAINTENANCE SETTING OF MAINTENANCE MAIN SCREEN SETTING OPZIONI SCREEN until now nobody has been able to give me an explanation about it. Thanks to anyone who will explain the reasons (and if there are any options that it is better not to use). Greetings
  16. among the functions I would add one thing: a protection concerning the messages Whatsapp and Telegram, the SMS practically, at least here in Italy, are received by companies and very few others, otherwise they are not used in practice; it would not be bad even a protection for iMessage even if, even those I know who have an iDevice, use the other two chats mentioned above as 90% of smartphones are Android and the biggest mistake that made Apple a dozen 'years ago and no longer recoverable was to not open iMessage to all SOs.
  17. I learned of WindShift malware for macOS of the APT category of which the discovery with security researchers (source from a Italian blog) has not been widely reported. I wanted to know if Malwarebytes for macOS detects it. Thank you
  18. I read the document by Adam Kujawa downloadable from your blog entitled: "Under the Radar - The Future of Undetected Malware " In particular, I focused on the paragraphs "Current Protection That's Lacking" and "Current protection that's effective". I wanted to know about the document and in particular the paragraphs that I have quoted news related to Malwarebytes for Mac giving to acquired what Thomas wrote to me in this post.
  19. I have now received version 3.6.21 of Malwarebytes. I'm happy because it's finally localized in Italian. But there arose a problem in the report board (as you can see in the attached screenshot) due to the translation in Italian. There are no translation errors, but the report resulting from the scan is not completely viewable since the size of the Malwarebytes window can not be changed. As you can see it displays only No minacci ... instead of displaying Nessuna minaccia rilevata.
  20. I cancel the request; I managed by working on the window settings (it's a matter of millimeters) and now I have a complete view of the information. I did not need to do this work with the English version and therefore I did not notice the possibility. Thank you
  21. I wanted to know some information about the product in question: Does Malwarebytes for macOS have detection only for signatures (such as apple xprotect) of known threats or does it use several different methods? It also protects against so-called zero-day threats? Is it sufficient, along with the protections inherent in the operating system, or would it be better to work with other products? I ask these things after deepening the cyber security topic on various articles of your blog. Perhaps in the past I have asked similar questions but the product has evolved over time and I wanted to know more about the current situation. I use macOS 10.14.1 and Malwarebytes Premium 3.5.27 PS: I hope you get a web protection for Safari as soon as possible. Thanks for everything Greetings Massimiliano
  22. Thank you for the clarifications I hope that you will be able to implement further protections. In iOS on the other hand there are both ad-block and web protection so by itself it would not be bad. At the moment I use ka-block! as ad-blocker (on macOS) Please let me know if it is a valid product or if there is something better; for me the important thing is that it does not have privileges to read and transmit contents from web pages (like the one I use now) With this one restriction I am open to any improvement. P.S .: for some time now I have not been able to edit a post from the beginning after the publication: only the choice quote appears to me
  23. I was not talking about the equality of the different products and the implementation of the code of the different products but of the availability of similar functions. Personally on iOS I had no problem. It will be because from iPhone I do not do particular research but I visit sites that I follow with frequency. What I would like to point out is that many times Malwarebytes for Windows has blocked websites, as dangerous, and Google Safe Browsing has not even dreamed of reporting them as such.
  24. In addition to integrated safari protection: I personally use Malwarebytes for iOS which has a web protection and did not give me any problems and always Safari is about. Possibly, I do not know if it's possible, to have a web protection similar to that of Malwarebytes for Windows therefore not with extensions but internally to MBAM
  25. Thank you for the first clarifications; I hope someone else can add further information. I think they added that AI form you mentioned would be optimal. I am looking forward to a web protection at least for Safari, the only browser I use on macOS; I currently block ads with ka-block and I do not visit torrent sites, Softonic and similar sites

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