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  1. I certainly didn't mean agreements between companies. I meant only the combined use. But from the explanation you give me I think is impossible because if a malicious site is blocked by Malwarebytes, if I have not misunderstood it, it is automatically impossible for it to be opened in sandbox.
  2. The Microsoft Windows Defender Application Guard Extension have been released in beta, respectively for Firefox & Chrome. Obviously on Windows, it can be useful and add security to combine these Microsoft extensions with the beta of Malwarebytes Extension? Windows 10 April 2018 Update is required. Here the download links for Firefox & Chrome respectively if you want to do some checks. Thanks to anyone who wants to clarify my ideas. Greetings Maxbar1
  3. OK thanks. Eventually it is better to also insert TextMaker and PlanMaker in the other category.
  4. Question to @treed If I wants to give full access to the disk at Bitdefender Free (from Mac AppStore) to run, rarely, a full system scan, have I some risks of some kind?
  5. I would like to know why the notification emails of this forum, which are sent to me, if displayed on MacOS Mail appear readable; if viewed on iOS Mail they appear as in the screenshot that I am attaching (Obviously I deleted the recipient of the email). Thanks Greetings Maxbar1
  6. I haven't received any news for twelve days yet: can anyone give me clarification about my request? Thank you Greetings
  7. For the use that I have to make very sporadic I choose BitDefender because it is free unlike ClamXAv. Normally in fact I use Malwarebytes Premium but a complete scan every now and then maybe it doesn't (in that case you have to give full access to the disk: is Bitdefender to trust?) Pure curiosity, regarding ONLY the MAC, is Intego legitimate or is it a risk?
  8. Hello @treed Can you tell me if, to scan, rarely, on demand files or disks to share with Windows users, Intego Virus Barrier (from Mac AppStore, without special permissions and without full access to the internal disk) can be fine and is it safe? (Is it possible, eventually, to give him full access to the disc without risk for an occasional scan?) On Virus Total sha-256 f816b1fd93eab5801b931da32d694a5529c7bee5e9ccd237ec0d577dbff06599 https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f816b1fd93eab5801b931da32d694a5529c7bee5e9ccd237ec0d577dbff06599/detection On Mac AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/intego-virusbarrier-scanner/id1200445649?mt=12 or is it better BitDefender (same settings) On Mac AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/bitdefender-virus-scanner/id500154009?mt=12 both are not blocked in any way by Malwarebytes for macOS I could not try BitDefender on VirusTotal because the file is 308 MB and exceeds the maximum upload capacity, Intego Virus Barrier is completely clean instead. Thanks Greetings Massimiliano
  9. In reality it is not completely free and produced by the same developer I had an uninstaller that was deleted from the Mac AppStore and offered me a free license on the other hand outside the Mac AppStore (obviously after the advice of @treed I do not use it anymore) therefore I preferred to opt for another choice. Instead I downloaded from the Apple store Duplicate Files Sweeper by Wise Tech Labs Private Limited which is free and not blocked, for the time being, by Malwarebytes.
  10. Can you recommend to me two apps, obviously safe, with the same duplicate search functions (files & photo), which, like these, can be downloaded for free? Thanks
  11. Have you tried to perform what described in this post?
  12. Link to VirusTotale DUPLICATE FINDER AND REMOVER (downloaded from Mac AppStore) SHA-256 67c4d3064d1557f86503038521e6c8dff723d01eb0b3d92370b870d7d042bea1 Here there is the app Duplicate Finder and Remover.app.zip Link to VirusTotale for DUPLICATE PHOTO FIXER PRO (downloaded from Mac AppStore) SHA-256 bb3a4f1d87b932a9fd4115c1289bff54b07b5a6a0e5b76fc1b3447f15606c567 Here this is the app Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.app.zip Both are considered clean by VirusTotal excluded from AVAST and AVG that consider them MacOS: TuneUpMyMac-T [PUP] but are blocked by the APPBLOCK function of Malwarebytes for macOS 3.7.34. Until version 3.6 they were not even considered and were allowed to run regularly. I would like to know from @treed or from other staff members what this behavior is due to. Thank you Greetings Massimiliano
  13. Received 1.3.1 four days ago
  14. Thanks to all the staff Received this morning the new beta. It works perfectly. The only lack that I had already reported: the possibility of having two different allow lists , one for web protection and one for ad-blocking so that one can, if desired, support a website enabling it to show advertising but preserving the web protection for that site too (a bit like on Malwarebytes for Firefox).
  15. Thanks for the moment while waiting for a response from @Arthi
  16. I attach the required logs mbst-grab-results.zip Thanks Greeting Massimiliano
  17. From the tech support they told me to address the exploit engineers here on the forum about the changes I made to the exploit protection settings. Therefore I attach a screen of the changes made: all custom entries have been set as OTHER, except TextMaker and PlanMaker (which correspond to Word and Excel respectively) Softmaker Office products that have been set as MSOFFICE. As for the advanced exploit settings I checked that there were no changes by clicking on the RESTORE DEFAULT button. Please let me know if the settings are correct or require changes.
  18. If Malwarebytes were present on the Italian AppStore I would buy it immediately. Unfortunately it is not available yet. Will you release a beta version again? Thank you Greetings
  19. I have to report a high battery consumption from Malwarebytes (I already have the version with the new blocks imposed by Google to developers). The phone in question (Huawei P8 Lite 2017) has battery consumption divided to 67% for the Hardware and 33% for the Software (Malwarebytes consumes 10.04% even with the device in stand-by and only the protection in real time is active (it is not scanning). Can something be done? I have set all the energy saving optimizations "automatically managed by the system" Thanks Massimiliano
  20. Personally I use Malwarebytes for macOS, Windows and Android and since I use them I have no problem with my hardware anymore
  21. Thanks @digmorcrusher. I will follow your advice (not that of CCleaner because I have found on the Internet several articles concerning privacy management not really transparent) but to use only the tools integrated into the system (I will keep the portable version of Privazer for rare needs). Thanks again A greeting Massimiliano
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