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  1. Feedback Instead of the number of items, could be displayed the percentage of completion so that when the scan was complete it would always be equal to 100% and would not generate questions for any user
  2. I don't think so, but if you're worried, you can open a ticket (Submit a request), and have the technical support staff evaluate if there are problems on your Mac. However I think it depends a lot on what happens to the files contained in the target areas because of the way you have to use the Mac. It may take a few days for the reply Maybe in the meantime some of the staff could answer you here on the forum. @adas can you take a look?
  3. I also only use Safari; I use the Firefox extension on Windows; Chrome also no thanks. I hope the Safari extension will come sooner or later but I know there are problems with its development.
  4. If you want to try the Malwarebytes extensions (for Firefox and Chromium-Based) they can be downloaded free of charge from the Mozilla and Google stores)
  5. It also happens to me on the same day that multiple scans even after hours have the same number of elements. It really depends on how many files there are in the target areas (as Alvarnell said in the post above) and it is not said that this number will always change. I also had also four scans in a row, one hour apart, with the same number of elements.
  6. For a clarification you can look at the answer of @alvarnell in this post
  7. As far as I know, ADWCleaner cleans ad-aware infections on a PC-Windows; it is not an ad-blocker like ADGuard On Mac you can use Malwarebytes Browser Guard on Firefox and Chromium-based Browser; unfortunately it doesn't exist yet for Safari: we hope to arrive soon. As an ad-blocker (free on Mac AppStore) for Safari you can use Ka-Block !; it works pretty well, I've been using it for a couple of years
  8. Remedies: a scan with malwarebytes and then follow this post How to remove the after-effects of adware
  9. Only Safari with only Ka-Block !: scan time 3 seconds with Firefox (without extensions): scan time 3 seconds with Firefox (+ malwarebytes extension: only that): scan time 20 seconds
  10. Read here How to remove the after-effects of adware In this post @treed wrote So you should solve it. Otherwise wait for a more precise advice. I hope I was helpful Good day Massimiliano
  11. It happened to me too long ago (Not the wrong dates but the lack of scheduled scans) I wrote about it in this post I just reinserted the scheduled scan on the current installation of Malwarebytes and since then everything is ok. I would say it is nothing to worry about Read here: Schedule a scan in Malwarebytes for Mac v4 I hope I was helpful Good evening Massimiliano
  12. Ok! Thanks! Now I will proceed in the shortest time possible to configure the other two PCs in the same way. One of the two, not mine, unfortunately without Malwarebytes and only Defender
  13. All done. I am attaching the logs. Please take a look I chose to Disable Remote Desktop and Delete XPS Printer malwarebytes.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt Here is also the Updated Preset. This time it should be fine. If you can, take a look also here. Default.txt Thanks for everything Good day Massimiliano
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