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  1. TRANSLATION OF THE YELLOW UNDERLINED PHASE (performed with Google Translator) "Ka-Block!" does not have the privileges necessary to read or transmit content from any web page This extension has never given me any problems
  2. From my personal experience, on MacOS it is sufficient to have Malwarebytes. If you use Safari, you can add Ka-Block! downloadable from the Mac AppStore as an ad-blocker, waiting for the Malwarebytes extension; if you use Chrome or Firefox, the beta of the Malwarebytes extension is already present in the respective stores (they are beta then still in the development phase). If you do that you are perfectly protected, in my opinion.
  3. Check the solutions found here and see if that fixes the problem:
  4. Ok. Thanks for the confirmation. Time 0 and become a hidden purchase for me
  5. It is necessary to re-download from the site version 3.9.27 which solved problems of excessive slowness in the boot (which in any case did not affect all mac / all versions of macOS)
  6. @treed It is also blocked by the Real-Time App-Block Protection of Malwarebytes this Safari Extension. [hxxps://apps[.]apple[.]com/it/app/itl-web-safe/id1462734706?l=en&mt=12] I would like to know if even in this case it is a false positive as it should be a web protection (to be used temporarily, if secure, while waiting for your Web Protection for Safari and macOS in general). Thanks Have a nice day Massimiliano
  7. Malwarebytes also exists for Android available on PlayStore. I use it and find any problem. Here the link to the support page Open this link from your smartphone to download it I hope I was helpful Have a nice day Massimiliano
  8. After testing several intermediate versions I have now installed the latest stable version for two days. Everything is ok. Congratulations to all the staff for the hard work done in finding this difficult bug. Thanks PS: The performance factor can certainly be the cause, at least for me. In fact, I have a MacBook Pro 9.2 (Mid 2012) which, even if it has never had any problems so far, is starting to have its age.
  9. Personally I have never had problems with Malwarebytes newsletters, not even with the latest ones; the last one arrived a couple of days ago worked perfectly and all the links opened correctly. I use Mail, Safari, macOS 10.14.6 with additional update
  10. @AdvancedSetup please move this post in Windows malware forum
  11. From what you write I assume you are using the Windows version (In fact, Rootkit protection concerns the windows version) in which case the post must be moved to the specific forum for that operating system. Can you confirm?
  12. I do not think so because I do not have it and the problems are equally true. I only have Ka-Block! like Extension-App and Malwarebytes and nothing else
  13. It is true, my MacBook Pro (9,2) is not very young as it is a mid 2012 but it is still considered compatible with Catalina; I would expect similar behavior from macs that are no longer compatible even with Mojave not to mention that in post # 16 @treed says he failed to replicate the problem even in the old mac
  14. Hi @adas are there any news about the new version? thanks
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