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  1. Beta 1.4.4 (1.8) update receveid. Thanks I tried to report three typical Italian numbers, obviously invented, two landline phone numbers and one mobile number and the report worked correctly (at least for Italy). Thanks to @treed , @adas and to all developers. Now I hope it will be released as soon as possible in Italy, perhaps with the calls function still in beta, so that more and more users can contribute to populating the database of Italian telephone numbers. Thanks again Good day Massimiliano
  2. @treed, @alvarnell Can you give me, pending a web protection by Malwarebytes for Safari - or better yet a web protection for macOS (like in MS Windows, so not just an extension) -, an opinion about the Norton Safe Web app downloadable from the Mac AppStore? Link to "Norton Safe Web from Mac AppStore". In your opinion, can it have access to sensitive data such as credit cards, passwords, bank and social security data? Thank you Good weekend Massimiliano
  3. I think it may also apply to you what written by @treed in the post above yours
  4. If I try to delete the extension it says that I don't have the permissions to act on the folder and in fact only the system has the permissions. I would prefer to be able to remove everything also because I have never managed a firewall and therefore I don't know where to start; I downloaded it just out of curiosity without considering any complications.
  5. It has been published on the Mac AppStore Paragon Firewall - Network Monitor Being a free download I made the purchase, because recommended by an Italian blog that talks about Apple, but I stopped the installation before authorizing the system extension in privacy panel and I had uninstall the App in order to get more information about it. Despite this in the folder /Library/SystemExtensions there is a sub-folder, called 70A4731C-2F4C-4B82-9857-DB4F3372F736 with inside the app has left its extension called com.paragon-software.FirewallApp.NetworkFilterExtension.systemextension, and a file called db.plist I wanted to know what you thought of the software and if it is risky to leave this extension in the system which however is not removable. Thanks to everyone who will help me and Merry Christmas to all the staff and forum users. Massimiliano
  6. what you say, in my opinion, is more a problem of the Windows world. Obviously the argument is valid if you have the SSD and not the HDD Obviously it is always essential to make a backup before each update so as to be able to restore the previous situation in case of problems; it is also always possible to make a clean installation; this year the system is only 64 bit so any app can take advantage of all available memory.
  7. You cannot download Malwarebytes version 4.x because it has the minimum requirement macOS 10.11 El Capitan Your 3.x version will always work If I'm not too indiscreet, can I ask you which MacBook Pro you have? I ask this because with a MacBook Pro 13 "Mid 2012 (in which I installed the SSD and 10 Gb RAM) I quietly use macOS 10.15.2 Catalina I hope I was helpful Good day Massimiliano
  8. Thanks for all the clarifications. I meant the scan frequency and now I will set it once a day. Obviously I will leave the updating frequency of the definitions every hour. The duration of the scan, in my case never exceeds 20/25 seconds, often lasts less than 10 seconds
  9. Greetings I use Malwarebytes 4.x and as Browser only Safari (so without Malwarebytes extension, at least for the moment). My system is Catalina 10.15.2 and Safari is Version 13.0.4 (15608.; I use Ka-Block! as ad-blocker. With these assumptions, is it possible to know how many hours it takes to set the programmed scan? Currently (reminiscent of Malwarebytes 3.x) I set it every hour with the updating of the definitions every hour. Thanks to all Good evening (at least in Italy) Massimiliano
  10. Thanks @alvarnell your help is always very appreciated
  11. Would anyone, kindly, tell me if the app (free version) is safe or not to trust, since it installs a VPN profile without being a real VPN? However I would use it in conjunction with Malwarebytes WEB / Adblocker protection (for now in beta because I am in Italy). I thank all those who will help me. Good evening Massimiliano
  12. I only reported it as feedback, as a beta-tester, and being the first time I try to report a number. In fact, the zone prefix is cut, so I don't know if, once released for Italy, the app can correctly block the numbers indicated by the users. It will thus be useless for Italian users because it will not be able to block unwanted numbers; the function will not be usable therefore. If in fact it is registered with a 51 prefix instead of 051 it will not be able to block anything and will make the Call Blocking function (moreover one of the paid ones) completely useless for Italian users. For more information point out that the area codes in Italy are all composed of two, three or four digits with always a 0 as the first digit, and the Mobile prefixes are all three digits and all start with the number 3 whatever the operator In the meantime I also opened, as advised by @alvarnell (thank you), a support ticket.
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