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  1. It is located on that screen but in the general tab In Catalina it is necessary to provide full access to the disk and the Malwarebytes Protection app (also called RTProtectionDaemon) available here (/ Library / Application support / Malwarebytes / MBAM / Engine.bundle / Contents / PlugIns / RTProtectionDaemon.app). Go to Finder -> Go Menu -> Go to the folder and paste the path, then drag the app into the full disk access settings after unlocking the padlock on the bottom left I hope I was helpful Good evening Massimiliano
  2. Malwarebytes for iOS don’t detect it
  3. I asked this question and was answered here (post # 9)
  4. Right click on ENGINE.BUNDLE -> show package contents -> Contents -> PlugIns In there you will find the file but if you paste the complete path that I have indicated it will take you directly to the file concerned (RTProtectionDaemon or Malwarebytes Protection if you prefer)
  5. Finder -> go to folder /Library/Application Support/Malwarebytes/MBAM/Engine.bundle/Contents/PlugIns/RTProtectionDaemon.app Important: it is displayed as Malwarebytes Protection in that folder Malwarebytes Protection (which corresponds to RTProtectionDaemon.app) is the app to give full access to the disk. Installed version 3.9.32 downloadable from the official site (not beta version): it works correctly with macOS Version 10.15 (Build 19A583)
  6. If you downloaded it from https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac-download/ it is the correct version, go quiet; I downloaded it now too.
  7. @treed I report the problem again. If I delete the cookies and the browser cache (Safari) I am obliged to disable the MWB ad blocker, reload the site and this point I can reactivate the MWB ad blocker and it does not give me any more problems until I clean up the data of Safari. With ka-block! on macOS and on iOS the only thing I have to do is reload the site when I delete the Safari data but I never have to disable the ad-blocker. I only use the other three MWB protections. It happens only with the website Spider-Mac which from today has only advertising of the Apple circuit. Despite this the problem remains. With any other site and any ad-blocks I use, nothing wrong happens. This site must be reloaded after each cleaning but with MWB ad-block the process is more cumbersome. It also happens with your extensions on other browsers. I can't understand why. Surely the site in question has some problems but despite the elimination of almost all the advertisements and the change of servers nothing has been solved. The problem always turns out to be, in the cases in which it occurs, the failure to load the last articles and the wrong date on the articles displayed. It doesn't just happen to me or at least I wasn't the only one that happened. I don't know what the situation of others is now. Thanks for the attention Have a good day Massimiliano
  8. Installed now macOS Catalina Beta (Build 19A582a). Malwarebytes all OK. It works perfectly Just a note: I don't know if it's normal, but for a few days every time I boot, Malwarebytes opens, thus forcing me to close the app every time. I state that Malwarebytes only has full access to the disk but it is not part of the login elements
  9. Returning to the initial topic of the discussion Installed now macOS Catalina Beta (Build 19A578c). Malwarebytes all OK. It works perfectly
  10. That M logo you are talking about appears if you use Malwarebytes Browser Guard on Firefox & Chrome and not on Safari or at least not yet.
  11. Well, even CCleaner, in my opinion you better not use it because it is not absolutely necessary. If, very rarely, because the Mac does not need it, if and only if you know what you are doing, you want to do a maintenance I recommend the excellent Free App Maintenance of Titanium Software. Know that there is a specific version for each major MacOS version. Advice on this can give you more @treed the manager of Malwarebytes for Mac.
  12. By chance, do you use Cleanmymac? I ask you because an acquaintance of mine eliminating it has reduced the Malwarebytes scan from 36 hours to 7/8 minutes for the same system
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