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  1. UPDATE: It would appear, four days after the last update, that the problems are solved. I reserve the right to report any reappearance. Thank you
  2. From what I've seen on the internet it would seem useful what this post says
  3. Thank you! I perfectly understood your point of view and your explanation clarified my ideas on the subject and allowed me to analyze more correctly the situation that led me to express the request.
  4. I have a suggestion regarding the scan screen. I attach the screenshot of that appears if I have deleted the scan history. which obviously differs from the end of scan screen that says "NO MALWARE FOUND". It would be nice if even in that case there appeared a writing like: "THE SYSTEM IS CLEAN" or other similar ones with more or less the same meaning such as appears on the widget. Thanks Greetings Massimiliano
  5. Thanks for the directions. It was a curiosity about the past. Now to uninstall use the advice he had given me @treed
  6. To complete the discussion, this is screenshot of an email, similar to the previous one but not the same one, always notification from your forum, always displayed on iOS Mail, once it is moved to the trash with iPhone. In Mail for macOS, besides, as I said above, to be viewable, nothing changes if I move it to the trash.
  7. The Uninstaller was called APP CLEANER & UNINSTALLER by NEKTONY; once was present on the Mac AppStore but several months ago was removed from Apple and for that they had offered to me an external license. It erased components from the above folder for any type of app, whether it was downloaded from the Store or external (for example Ms Office, Adobe Reader; but the list I think could contain any App that in my short history Mac I installed). About it was deleting were names composed of a readable part and a part of random characters, sometimes I think they were subfolders.
  8. @treed With regard to cleaners and uninstallers, in the past, before knowing from you, that it was better not to use them, I used a uninstaller that when he deleted an app also erased something from the folder VAR. Now I don't use it for a long time but I'd like to understand what apps stored in that folder. Thanks
  9. Normally on Malwarebytes 3 I limit the access to the settings but the thing creates a problem in my opinion: in this way also the information panel, which would mainly serve to see the versions of the software, is password protected. Wouldn't it be possible to make it independent of user limitation? Thanks
  10. Please @Vabadus, can you help me? excuse me for error due to the spelling checker
  11. This Morning (02 April 2019) All the problems have been reintroduced, the worst of which is the Safe Browsing disabled. Please @Vabadus, con you gelo me?
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