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  1. I would like to report to @treed and all the staff After the last two macOS updates (11.3 and 11.3.1) Malwarebytes it has, as it were, deactivated. The first time (macOS 11.3) I reinstalled Malwarebytes (I had read it was necessary) and it fixed Reading a comment from @treed (last time) with macOS 11.3.1 it was enough to follow the advice to restart the Mac. Symptoms: Malwarebytes menu (completely disabled excluding the Open Malwarebytes item) with prohibition sign on M By clicking on open Malwarebytes, the attached screen appears This has never happened with
  2. Download and install Malwarebytes for Mac Inside this article there is the link for the version compatible with macOS 10.11.x
  3. MacOS 11.3 installed now (final version released today) Malwarebytes no longer functional. The following screen appeared (it had already happened a few times but it was enough to close and reopen the app) with a prohibition signal on the M of the menu bar to fix it was necessary to reinstall the Malwarebytes app on itself.
  4. Unlike the Windows version, the macOS version does not yet have web protection (it seems to be planned for the future but it is not known when)
  5. Unfortunately, I was also in the same situation. You can only delete Malwarebytes and if there is a new beta and you will be included among the testers or it will be published on the AppStore of your country you will be able to have the app otherwise not. At the moment I have solved it using the Safari protection functions and will purchase (at the end of the trial period) 1blocker (excellent ad-blocker, recommended by @treed , and more - available with a single in-app purchase or subscription that can be shared among all Apple devices and even in the family) and for the use I make o
  6. On February 11, 2021, the beta was suspended. Read here
  7. @VirusProblem your thread has already been moved to the correct sub-forum by the administrator Go ahead here
  8. It is a restriction only present on iOS and not on macOS that allows installations even from outside the Mac AppStore
  9. From the screenshot posted it turns out to be Malwarebytes for Windows and here we are on the Malwarebytes for iOS sub-forum.
  10. Find it written at the bottom of this page However, I attach a screenshot
  11. No. About the quick scan you can find the answer here .
  12. Thanks @alvarnell with the command you suggested Apart from the ROOT users, MY PERSONAL USER (which I prefer not to name) and COM.MALWAREBYTES.MBAM.NOBODY, I found the user NOBODY (which I believe corresponds to the guest user ) and the user DAEMON I ask @treed , @alvarnell , is everything normal? Thanks Good Evening (since you are in America, in Italy it is already morning) Massimiliano
  13. Sorry, where do I check this presence? I use the same version of Malwarebytes but I only have my user and guest disabled
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