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  1. MAXBAR1

    Can't Scan

    The scheduled scan remains set by default every hour. The only thing you can do is change the time and leave the default setting. So I never had problems. If you do not have a premium or trial license (it’s valid for 30 day) you do not have real time protection and the scheduled scan is monthly and that's why it tells you not fully protected.
  2. MAXBAR1

    Can't Scan

    I do not know how much you can serve but you could try this. Turn off the premium license. Remove Malwarebytes with the in-app uninstaller. Restart the Mac. Reinstall Malwarebytes. Activate the Premium license. So you should solve.
  3. As the title I wanted to ask if there is still a VPN function in Malwarebytes for iOS 1.1.1 (2.8) beta version because for some time there is nothing more about it in the settings of my iPhone SE with iOS 12.01.
  4. MAXBAR1

    Missing automatic update in LTE network

    I upgraded to version 1.1.1 (2.8) beta immediately after release on TestFlight. I wanted a clarification. Now I know that a connection to Wi-Fi is necessary, at least every day. The problem is not for me that I have a Wi-Fi network, but at least in Italy many have exclusively the smartphone and do not have a fixed line either at home or at work if it is small businesses or retail stores. The update in LTE would therefore be desirable. Let me know what you decide on. A greeting
  5. MAXBAR1

    Missing automatic update in LTE network

    Nobody can tell me if it's normal or if it's a bug
  6. There is a problem with updating the definitions on Malwarebytes for iOS. Although both Malwarebytes and TestFlight have enabled the LTE data connection in the iOS settings, unfortunately the definitions are updated only manually in LTE; therefore, remember to open the app and click on the update function. Automatic update works correctly only if you enable WI-FI. I do not know if it is possible to solve this problem, which in the absence of a home internet network, causes a protection that is not always updated. Thanks and regard Massimiliano
  7. MAXBAR1

    Mbam for iOS when in italy?

    You can read my answer to your private message. Regard Massimiliano
  8. I have received the beta 1.1.1 right now. Thanks. Thank you very much for your always useful support on both iOS and MacOS. A greeting. Massimiliano
  9. Ok! Then I keep the features active and if I had to receive scam / phishing calls / sms I will report them on the Malwarebytes iOS forum. At the moment I'm receiving emails like this. It would not hurt a filter for emails.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong: at the moment in Italy just keep active web protection and adblocker, right? Can Call Protection and SMS Protection be deactivated in my country? Thank you A greeting Massimiliano
  11. Malwarebytes for iOS beta 1.1.0 (5.8) ends in a month. Since it is not yet present in Italy on the AppStore for the reasons already mentioned in other posts, how should we behave with regard to starting from 25 October 2018? Is there a release in Italy or will a new beta come out giving a further 90 days trial? Thank you
  12. Containers and caches must be eliminated (office at least has these components, I do not know if the other apps have them)? If so, in which folders are they located?
  13. It would not be bad if the procedure that you described to me, making it as complete as possible, would bring it back to an your article on the Malwarebytes blog. Thanks again Regard Massimiliano
  14. Thanks so much. I will proceed in this way from now on. If there is still something you can add it is always welcome. I add: is there a correct procedure to uninstall Ms Office 2016 (only if there is something more than what you have already written). Thank you again.
  15. My monitor is set to 1366x768. However, the previous installer displayed the window correctly.Another mistake, you can see it in the next image, is in translation.In fact it should display "scansione completata" (corrected in italian) and not "Scansione completate" (not corrected in italian). I had already reported it here

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