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  1. On Safari, third-party cookies cannot be disabled or enabled: they are rejected by the system by default and ITP is Apple's proprietary system that uses AI to block cross-site tracking
  2. Yes, you can install Malwarebytes Browser Guard on both Firefox and Chromium Based browsers on macOS. However, I prefer Safari as, being supplied with the system, it is much better in my opinion. I use Firefox on Windows. To Chrome and the like, being Google, I'm a bit allergic due to the standard total tracking. I think Safari is much better in terms of privacy. For example, there is no possibility of third-party cookies and uses the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (if you want to read up on this, click here)
  3. @exile360 I'm sorry but I didn't make myself clear. I have to connect from two different networks but both of my own (in two different places) and never from public networks. So I need ad blocker that works independently of the single Lan And that's why Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Safari (web protection, ad-blocker, etc.) would be useful.
  4. Using a MacBook I need an ad-blocker not on the local network but that travels with my Mac (I hope Ka-Block! continues to work being still available with Safari 14 on the Mac AppStore)
  5. And what do you use as an ad blocker (possibly free)? (I use KA-Block! - do you say it will still work?)
  6. Yet on the Mac AppStore there have been Norton SafeWeb and Norton Safe Web Plus for some time (which you advised against me, advice I followed given your experience on Mac) and several Ad-Blocks so I don't understand why Malwarebytes' one cannot exist.
  7. Safari 14 released now for Catalina (with compatibility with new extensions). We await comment from @treed
  8. After scanning with Malwarebytes and removing everything, restart your Mac and then try following How to remove the after-effects of adware. If you then have problems with the internet follow Internet connection lost after malware removal
  9. a difference of 30/40 seconds (in most cases) compared to before. Seldom more. I started noticing this recently. Earlier I thought the Mac was stuck and I forced restart by holding down the power key. In the early days, as I wrote, after waking up, for some apps (not always the same - it happened to me with Safari, Messages for example) some times the icon re-bounced (sometimes with a beach ball) when I launched them and there too I forced the restart (probably if I had waited longer it would have unlocked but the app appeared not responding) even if sometimes I was able to force the ap
  10. Read here. Why Malwarebytes scans so fast on Mac devices PS: my Mac also takes about 3 seconds. My Windows (however little used) with the threat scan takes just over a minute. The long scan on Windows is done with the custom scan which is not recommended if not rarely: on Windows just run the threat scan once a day.
  11. I also tried it on Catalina 10.15.6 (with Supplementary Update installed) and everything works fine. Unfortunately I am one of the excluded from Big Sur. The only remaining problem (despite a reinstallation of macOS from Recovery and a clean installation of macOS) is a slowdown in waking up from stand-by (once the password is entered it takes much longer to appear on the desktop). Considering that the problem (along with the others later solved) arose after installing the first version that used Apple's new System Extensions, @treed I would like to ask you: it could be due to h
  12. Only flaw. He created two identical posts for me (except for a mistake in the title) and it is no longer possible to edit the posts). Why? Update. I found the editing function
  13. New version of the forum! Fantastic and excellent readability
  14. Thank you all for the clarification on the matter
  15. For the moment thanks @alvarnell All that remains is to wait for an opinion from a staff member
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