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  1. If Malwarebytes were present on the Italian AppStore I would buy it immediately. Unfortunately it is not available yet. Will you release a beta version again? Thank you Greetings
  2. MAXBAR1

    Battery consumption.

    I have to report a high battery consumption from Malwarebytes (I already have the version with the new blocks imposed by Google to developers). The phone in question (Huawei P8 Lite 2017) has battery consumption divided to 67% for the Hardware and 33% for the Software (Malwarebytes consumes 10.04% even with the device in stand-by and only the protection in real time is active (it is not scanning). Can something be done? I have set all the energy saving optimizations "automatically managed by the system" Thanks Massimiliano
  3. Update ok last night. Thank you
  4. MAXBAR1

    TotalAV registered as PUP

    It has already been said: read here
  5. MAXBAR1

    TotalAV registered as PUP

    Personally I use Malwarebytes for macOS, Windows and Android and since I use them I have no problem with my hardware anymore
  6. MAXBAR1

    Privazer, damages the system?

    Thanks @digmorcrusher. I will follow your advice (not that of CCleaner because I have found on the Internet several articles concerning privacy management not really transparent) but to use only the tools integrated into the system (I will keep the portable version of Privazer for rare needs). Thanks again A greeting Massimiliano
  7. MAXBAR1

    Privazer, damages the system?

    The reason why I used Privazer was mostly for privacy. Indeed - Removes cookies for privacy, but keeping the useful ones - Remove invalid links from the Start menu. - Delete history of recent and temporary files in Office programs. - Delete history of recent, temporary and useless files of programs installed on your PC. - Cleans the image thumbnail cache - Clear auto-complete history on web browsers. - Remove site thumbnails - Delete the Microsoft Games from the history - Delete file of the previous Windows installation - Recover space from Windows Update - Clean up Windows Prefetch (only unnecessary items) - Disable hibernation to gain disk space In light of all that exposed what do you think?
  8. MAXBAR1

    Privazer, damages the system?

    I can even delete it if it is useless. Surely I will not use CCleaner because it gives me even less confidence: I prefer to use only the Windows tools in that case.
  9. MAXBAR1

    Privazer, damages the system?

    So what should I do with the Privazer program?
  10. MAXBAR1

    Exploit Protection Setting

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will add Softmaker Office applications like MS OFFICE, Rufus and StartisBack as OTHER. I look for advice, from the forum that you have recommended, for Privazer that I will eventually insert as OTHER. I do not touch anything in the Anti-Exploit Setting; I think that this should be correct: if not, please let me know thank you Greeting Massimiliano
  11. I had asked in this post but I was advised to address my request here. I use Privazer software (donor version which has some extra features) to do maintenance on my Windows 10 1809 system. I wanted to ask if you think the above application can damage my system, in which case I will remove it immediately. I attach the Malwarebytes support tool log, performed after global update and complete scan with Malwarebytes, if needed. Thanks to those who want to help me Greetings Massimiliano mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. I made this request to the technical support on 07 February 2019 and solicited on 11 February 2019 but in both cases I received no reply. (Ticket 2532920 and Ticket 2535271). Now I pose my problem and update with further requests I use · Softmaker Office Professional 2018(in particular I installed the components TextMaker (equivalent to MS Word) and PlanMaker (equivalent to MS Excel)) https://www.softmaker.com/it/ · Adobe Acrobat Reader · Firefox (with only Malwarebytes Extension) · Malwarebytes Premium · Canon PIXMA Mx925 Driver & Application (both Canon and provided by Microsoft) · Hp LaserJet P2055d Printer Driver (those included in the system) · Privazer, Donors Version (for maintenance of Windows https://privazer.com/it/download-donors.php#.XGQVFy2h2CQ) · Rufus(to create the pendrive from ISO ) · StartisBack (to have the windows 7 menu definitely more functional https://startisback.com) Occasionally other software (for example NCH Express Burn, Minitool Partition Wizard, etc.) that I install if I have to use them. I would like to know how to modify the settings of the Exploit protection for the applications that are always on my pc. Added Request Also I ask: use Privazer for cleaning can damage the system? I can also uninstall it immediately in the case. My system is Dell-Vostro 3558 with Windows 10 1809, Malwarebytes 3.7.1, Defender Disabled. Attach Malwarebytes Support Tool Logs created a few minutes ago after having completely updated the system and performed a complete scan with Malwarebytes if they can be useful Thanks to those who want to help me Greetings Massimiliano mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. being your phone an Android you can buy the license for two devices directly bundled by Malwarebytes, with a fairly important discount for the second device, and insert the product key also on Android which you could not do if you had an iphone as the purchase would only be possible from the AppStore. (this restriction the playstore does not have it). Ask for technical support but for me, 1 year ago it worked.
  14. MAXBAR1

    MarkAny contentsafer

    I cancel the request because I decided to format the PC
  15. Real time and scheduled scan are two different functions. Personally in my house we have Malwarebytes Premium on Windows, MacOS and Android and I am a beta testers and future premium version just available in Italy on iOS.

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