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  1. Thanks @alvarnell your help is always very appreciated
  2. Would anyone, kindly, tell me if the app (free version) is safe or not to trust, since it installs a VPN profile without being a real VPN? However I would use it in conjunction with Malwarebytes WEB / Adblocker protection (for now in beta because I am in Italy). I thank all those who will help me. Good evening Massimiliano
  3. I only reported it as feedback, as a beta-tester, and being the first time I try to report a number. In fact, the zone prefix is cut, so I don't know if, once released for Italy, the app can correctly block the numbers indicated by the users. It will thus be useless for Italian users because it will not be able to block unwanted numbers; the function will not be usable therefore. If in fact it is registered with a 51 prefix instead of 051 it will not be able to block anything and will make the Call Blocking function (moreover one of the paid ones) completely useless for Italian users. For more information point out that the area codes in Italy are all composed of two, three or four digits with always a 0 as the first digit, and the Mobile prefixes are all three digits and all start with the number 3 whatever the operator In the meantime I also opened, as advised by @alvarnell (thank you), a support ticket.
  4. Please @treed, @AdvancedSetup, no one can answer my question? Thanks Greetings
  5. No activation code, buyed on Malwarebytes website, doesn’t work in iOS due to Apple Restrictions.
  6. Actually, in the last few months he has always updated me correctly. The only thing I find uncomfortable is the fact that it does it automatically only in Wi-Fi and not in 4G.
  7. Ok for running MWB in background but the Setting->General->Update App in Background how should it to be set? Apple Technical Support suggested me to turn it off completely for all apps as it is not at all useful and only consumes energy unnecessarily. This would preserve battery life and lengthen the time before it is replaced by this technician.
  8. Thanks for the moment. I’m waiting for the staff for further information. However, I have the REFRESH APP IN BACKGROUND function completely deactivated
  9. I use the Beta 1.4.2 I ask: on iOS, should Malwarebytes always be active? Does it need the background update of the app active to take effect? Does it need only one of the two (if so which one?) or it doesn’t need any of it because it works? Apple Support told me a few months ago to completely deactivated the background update in iOS because it was basically not very useful and only energivorous Thanks to everyone A greeting Massimiliano
  10. It should arrive to you with the confirmation email of the order once the payment has been received (With credit card / Paypal it is practically immediate). Also check the SPAM box for any eventuality
  11. @treed I wanted to ask if if the problem presented above was normal or if there are still problems with Italian numbers?
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