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  1. This is more for data that our teams can use to try and replicate in house so we can understand what's going on. If removing Avast solves the issue, then we have a better idea that it is for sure something in Avast causing the issue and it lets our internal teams focus their testing on Avast
  2. Make sure you're downloading the proper installer for Windows XP, which can be found here: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_legacy
  3. Can you get a procmon boot log of your login? The steps for this are below: Enable Ransomware Protection Download and launch Procmon Accept the EULA Click Options -> Enable Boot Logging -> Ok Restart the computer and then login (it should be slow still) Once the login is complete, open Procmon again and it should ask to save the boot log Save the log somewhere you can find it Find the log, right click it and choose Send to -> Compressed (Zipped) folder Upload the zip file in your response. If the zip file is too large, upload it to wetransfer.com and generate a download link, then share the download link here Thanks in advance
  4. We released a new update last week, can you please go to Settings -> Application and click Install Application Updates to get the latest version and see if that improves your performance at ll. If not, please provide the logs request above
  5. If possible, would you be willing to remove Avast temporarily to see if that removes the deadlock issue? We've been unable to replicate so far, just want to rule out what we can.
  6. Thanks for the logs. I see you have Avast on here. Is there any chance you can try removing Avast temporarily to see if the dead lock issue goes away?
  7. We didn't release any patches yet for the issue, so if it's not a fluke, it should happen again. If it does, definitely let us know and we'll resume from there. Hopefully it was a fluke and you'll be good from here on out though!
  8. Your underlying issue looks to be a system resource error according to the Windows errors below. If you remove Bitdefender, does the issue go away by chance? Description: The MBAMProtection service failed to start due to the following error: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
  9. Strange, can you try this please: Download and extract the attached CrashDumps.zip Double click on CrashDumps.reg and choose Yes to import it Reboot the computer Then repeat the steps as before starting at step 6 CrashDumps.zip
  10. If you are not @AnotherConcernedCitizen and you're experiencing this issue, please make a new thread with logs instead of replying in here. It helps to keep track of how many users are experiencing issues and be able to track similarities and differences between machines
  11. Thanks, can you please provide the logs mentioned here:
  12. It depends on when the license was purchased. Your best bet is to contact our support teams at https://support.malwarebytes.com and they can see what type of licenses you have
  13. Just spoke with our product teams and it looks like we did temporarily disable the 1.0.508 update. You can still download it from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 though
  14. Nope, the update has not been pulled. So far, we've only had three reports of this issue, which is why it's very strange. Note that if you downloaded the latest installer from the website, it already has this latest update bundled inside of it, so that could be why it's not finding anything. You can check your version under Settings -> About
  15. Here are the instructions from Microsoft on resetting that file: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/972034/how-to-reset-the-hosts-file-back-to-the-default
  16. You have our servers blocked in your hosts file. Please remove the following two entries from your hosts file and then try to activate again Host data: serius.mwbsys.com Host data: keystone.mwbsys.com
  17. Avast and AVG do have a lot in common. We are still working through both of your cases, and trying to see what we can reproduce. Out of curiosity, when the system hard locks, can you clarify a few things please: Does the mouse freeze as well? Does the screen turn black? If you let the system sit for awhile, does it unfreeze?
  18. Ok, this means something is blocking access to keystone.mwbsys.com. Can you provide the logs mentioned below, which will give us some information about why it may be blocked? Download and launch the Malwarebytes Support Tool Do not click Repair Click Advanced Click Gather Logs Upload the mbst-grab-results.zip file from your desktop to your reply
  19. Can you provide the logs mentioned by the bot in the first reply? This will give us some more data about the exact error you're seeing
  20. Thanks for confirming what's going on. We will still need a bit more information if you don't mind though. Can you please perform the following steps so we can try to get some more information about what's going on: Download and extract CrashDumps.zip Right click on CrashDumps.bat and choose Run as Administrator Choose option 1 and press Enter. This will enable Complete memory dumps, which contains more information than a normal memory dump It will also enable the ability to force a system crash, which we will need to do since the system is on the shutdown screen Once the process completes, reboot the computer (you can leave Ransomware Protection disabled as you need to reboot properly first) After rebooting, enable Ransomware Protection and reproduce the issue of hanging during shutdown Once the system is hanging during shutdown, hold the Ctrl key and press the Scroll Lock button twice. This should force a system crash. This should create a memory dump, and reboot your machine. Once the machine reboots, find the file C:\Windows\memory.dmp and move it to your desktop. Right click the memory.dmp file on your desktop and choose Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder This should create a zip file on your desktop Upload the file to wetransfer.com Near the bottom of the page, click on the three dots and change the Send as option to link. Paste the link here so we can look at the memory dump and see what's getting stuck during shutdown I realize this is a lot to do, but without this information it'll be difficult to understand exactly what's going on with your machine. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  21. Can you please try booting into Safe Mode and seeing if you can open Malwarebytes again. If you can, go to Settings -> Protection and disable Self-Protection. Then reboot back to normal mode and try to open Malwarebytes again.
  22. This sounds like you're in free mode, which means there's no need to add exclusions of those types because we don't interact with those types of programs. The only thing that free mode does is scans, which is why you can exclude files/folders.
  23. Can you please disable the Ransomware Protection service under Settings -> Protection and see if this issue goes away?
  24. Thanks for the information you've provided. We've been unable to replicate this issue so far, but we're still trying. The logs you've provided so far will help us in narrowing this down. For now, you should be able to disable just Web Protection inside of Malwarebytes rather than all of Malwarebytes so you can keep benefiting from the other levels of protection.
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