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  1. I sent a PM with all the collected data to one of the Gurus at Windows 7 forum who told me it is not MB3 that is hogging my memory. Simple answer: look elsewhere. You said that it was pretty normal, he agreed with you. I can stop worrying about MB3 as it appears to be functioning as it should be. Wanted you to know.
  2. You used the term "infections" which is vague and could refer to a virus, a PUP et al; hence my erroneous conclusion. It is not "pretty normal" for your program. In the instance displayed above, it was a significant proportion of my total memory usage; in other instances it has been far, far higher: 84%, as I informed you in my initial missive. And this, while it was not actually doing anything - as was indicated by being shut down without change. 'Pretty Normal', while inactive, my system uses around 22% total memory. I do not want a 3rd party program grabbing big chunks of memory unnecessarily, then refusing to let them go without doing a re-start; it is not only unacceptable, it is decidedly suspicious. I will repeat my question from the previous email: what have you actually done to resolve my problem and warrant your response: "How is your computer running now?" ? MB3 makes some very alluring claims - in particular, regarding recent global attacks - and, as a consequence, I have been prepared to expend time, and pay attention to its proper functioning within my system; but I have to tell you: I am rapidly running out of patience. You have a reputation for troublesome products - and this is not a beta freebie: I paid for it and I expect it to behave appropriately; I should not have to tell you that. My subscription renewal is due very soon; I expect your product to be functioning satisfactorily before I consider buying another year's license. That is not unreasonable, is it?
  3. Just booted up and here we are again: see attached screenshots. MB3 has a big chunk of my memory yet is not actually doing anything. Turning MB3 off does not release the memory; I have to do a restart to achieve that. After yesterday's exercises in adware and virus removal you asked: "How is the computer running now?" What did you actually do to potentially effect a cure?
  4. I will need to observe activity for 48hrs at least as the problem was (as I first indicated) intermittent. I followed your instructions because I had to assume MB would not create problems while busy repairing them; however, the removal of my instant restore point script by Sophos was not appreciated. Fortunately, I have it stored and am able to re-install it: but I have to tell you, I am not inclined to allow clean-up programs free access to my system. You suggested I was harbouring viruses et al, would you please indicate where they appear in the logs I sent you, assuming some were found.
  5. Att. Ron. I've now got this window appearing and boot-up: see attached. I click OK and a restore point is created but it should happen automatically. It appears Sophos removed it.
  6. PS. I use Realnetworks to download online videos. I do not like it very much but I am not aware of an alternative.
  7. Hello Ron. As far as I can remember this file: C:\Program Files\Instant_Restore_Point.vbs is something written for me to automatically create a restore point on boot-up which is what happens. Every now and again I empty the old points to save space. I've done everything you suggested and attached all the relevant log files. I had run the FRST earlier this evening but this is the latest log generated as is the Addition log. JRT.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt SophosVirusRemovalTool.log FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. See attached mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. MB3 is grabbing huge portions of my memory. My standby percentage is around 22 - 27%; I just saw 84% with the difference used by MB3. This is occurring more and more often. What is wrong?
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