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  1. It's now 2017, and I just happened to notice a whole pile of "web-exclusion" ip-addresses in the web-exclusion list. I have cleared them, but where did they come from? I would have copy/pasted them into a reverse-DNS IP lookup, but MB will not let me select the data. I typed one in MANUALLY, and it purported to be from some Ukranian site- Why? Reverse lookup: .triolan.net Any idea of why I had 10-15 ip addresses in this list?
  2. OK. My bad! I DLed the a second time and it installed OK! But I'm still wondering what happened to the remainder of my MB2 license. An act of God?
  3. I just went to run my MB2 -I had it deactivated as I'm using Win-10 Insider Previews - but I noticed it has disappeared completely from my PC! So I went to the Malwarebytes website and discovered a new version- MB3, which I DLed. - Consurmer- - 52,930 KB Unfortunately, this will not install, and worse it hangs my File-explorer. The only way is to re-boot the system, unless I take a chance and start to kill various tasks through the task manager. I paid for MB2 up until April, 2017. So what's the status of my license now?
  4. Yeah, Malwarebytes works fine on Build 14959, even if it is invoked at startup, PROVIDED! - Provided you do not have the ROOTKIT button checked! . If Rootkit is checked on, Windows will crash as soon as MBAM tries to scan rootkits. The error, as I recall, is a fault in MBAM-swissarmyknife.sys? (The BSOD doesn't last long enough for me to write it down) I trust this has been fixed in build 14965. which I am now DLing...
  5. Well, after upgrading my Windows Insider Preview to the latest build 14959, I took a chance and fired up Malwarebytes, which had been crashing the previous three Insider Preview builds. It invoked successfully and immediately detected that Malwarebytes database was (obviously) out-of-date and DLed the latest database. It then did a quick scan and terminated normally to sit in the taskbar. So I guess Microsoft has finally the problem with AVs - At least with Malwarebytes. Not sure about Kaspersky or Norton though. Besides my MS Win-Defender, I just run Malwarebytes.
  6. Thought I'd already posted the following here, but I guess I only posted it in "answers.microsoft.com" or perhaps Microsoft technet- In Windows, go to Computer management / Services and applications / Services - and scroll down to MBAMScheduler and MBAMServices Right click on them and choose properties. Change both these services to "MANUAL" The system will then no longer periodically crash, and you can also install the next Insider build. I did this on Build 14951, and have since upgraded to 14955 without problems. I eagerly await the next Malwarebytes version. ;-)
  7. AHA! In task list details, I just noticed that I have an mbamscheduler.exe running! mbamservice is also there, but it is stopped. Could these crashed be due to the scheduler waking up periodically?
  8. Yup. That's me. And my system still crashes every few hours with a "driver IRQL not less than or equal" message, and file "mwac.sys" Malwarebytes IS installed, but it is not running. If I activate it, i will get the above BSOD.
  9. To INSIDER BUILD FAST RING folks: Just an idea- instead of closing down yr PC at night, why not fire up Malwarebytes to "close" the PC? After everything else has been closed or quiesced, of course. From the BSOD page, I'm assuming a dump is subsequently sent to MS. If enough of us do this (daily? hourly?) perhaps Dona Sarkar and her Insider MS gang may eventually get the message... ;-) That's it. I'm going to bed now. Time to shut down this PC. Lessee... all pages closed? Yup. Let's start Malwarebytesnow! Nite, all! ;-)
  10. Oct 21, 2016 : Confirmed- Insider Build 14951 (installed here 2016-10-21) crashes when I start Malwarebytes Using an AMD Phenom-X2 560 with 8 GB on an old Gigabytes mboard.
  11. It's interesting the you have fixed this problem on the Malwarebytes side. But what about those other guys listed below? Is everyone expected to fix their software? Shouldn't this be Microsoft's job? Or is truly (as I half-jokingly said earlier) a new Windows feature; not a bug? Anyhow, I NEVER uninstalled my Malwarebytes- I simply unclicked the "load at startup button", and both 14942 and 14946 installed faultlessly. Build 14946 Known issues for PC If you have 3rd party antivirus products such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky Antivirus, F-Secure Antivirus and Malwarebytes installed on your PC – your PC might not be able to complete the update to this build and roll-back to the previous build. Read more at https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/10/13/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-14946-for-pc-and-mobile/#FqDgTIjvebz5hPyC.99
  12. Well, soon after installing Build 14946, I fired up Malwarebytes and after a few seconds I got a controlled BSOD. Presumably MS got the dump. But do they care? Perhaps they no longer consider this a bug, it is a "feature". MS will give orders: "From now on you will only run WinDefender! It's all you ever need!" I can provide a zipped minidump if anyone is still interested.
  13. A concerned Insider Preview public eagerly awaits the next great Build to replace the disastrous 14942 ! Further details: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_install/installing-windows-10-build-14942-gets-stuck-at-81/feba9197-577d-45fb-9b63-140cecf3d883?page=2&tm=1476126801002#LastReply Basically- I turned off Malwarebytes "open when windows starts" I exited / closed Malwarebytes. I re-booted.
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