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  1. Have anyone faced such issue wherein mbam has blocked outside access completely. We have been using mbam for business for about 20 days and all of sudden one day we were unable to access server through rdp along with no access to websites / mails and we found that mbam was blocking all traffic. Thanks
  2. Hi Celee, I have just received response once on 11th Oct'16 and post my repy there is no further response, kindly check and let me know, if there is no resolution then i would like to proceed with refund and cancellation. Thank You Hemen Shah
  3. Hi, Am new to MBAM for business and have been using since a month on my server with Win2008 R2 today had strange issue wherein it was blocking all the traffic from outside data centre due to which all services went down and was not able to do rdp, only option was to disable the same and gain the access, checked the logs but didnt find any specific IP which was of network, tried again restarting the server and again same thing all services went down and had to sent request to dc team to take physical access and disable or uninstall mbam. anyone has faced such issue or advise what could have caused such behaviour. Thanks
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