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  1. Hello there. Honestly, I just reinstalled Win 10. I didnt have the nerve and time to spend on fighting this thing, when all else failed i just eradicated everything. Thanks for the tips tho , if such a thing happends again I will be sure to follow up on those and try to fight it to a victorious end !
  2. Hello there ! After visiting a few suspicious sites, while being on the hunt for a Sony Ericsson firmware file I ended up getting a nasty surprise. First thing is that when I search for something in google, i sometimes (can't get the logic of when it actually happens) get a secondary search bar above the google one which is used as default, even if i try to type in the original google bar i get redirected to the secondary one. Even if I decide to use that one it redirects me to a yahoo search. I can get rid of it (temporary) by hitting the X button. But it comes back soon afte
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