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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply. Yeah, I was suspicious. I've used support tickets in the few other times, I've need some MBAM support. This knucklehead said that he was with the Malwarebytes support staff. Also, the phone number I noted in the initial message, responds with an innocuous answering machine message. Using reverse lookup programs, the number is registered in Pine Grove, CA to an individual. I've left a message on the answering machine to return my call. This is important. He used Ninite to download a new version of MBAM. I asked him WHY he didn't go to the Malwa
  2. Today, I noted that my MBAM Premium was not running, and that it was not installed. It apparently had been uninstalled inadvertently by me or by another program (perhaps a virus or malware). I went to the Malwarebytes homepage and searched around a bit to see how to reinstall my MBAM Premium. I have a Lifetime version and I kept my product key and ID. Not sure which version to download and install, I went to the Internet and found a website that offered Malwarebytes tech support. It appeared to be legit, but I was (and still am) not sure. After providing my email address, I
  3. I have not had ANY problems with this issue since I posted the following in April: I don't want to take the chance of messing something up. I'm confident that if this happens again, I will be able to reboot and solve the issue. I do think it was some sort of transitory anomaly that may never happen again. To my knowledge it's only happened once. All of my AV and AM programs seem to play well together and nothing has penetrated my sanctum sanctorum -- other than a few unwanted cookies, which are easily identified and removed. Louis
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