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  1. My computer is doing fine; no problems to report Thanks for your time
  2. Yesterday, MBAM's exploit protection blocked what appeared to be an exploit from the command prompt. I know this is no longer a threat to my computer, but I was wondering what could've caused this to occur. There do not appear to be any other problems, but I just want to make sure of that. I have the exploit report, as well as the other necessary files produced via the advanced tab of Malwarebytes Support tool because I've used the tool previously. I did not use clean repair. To the person who helps, thank you for your time. mbst-grab-results.zip Exploit report.txt
  3. I have the attached fixlog below. There doesn't appear to be anymore problems regarding the browser. Fixlog.txt
  4. Quick note: I just realized that I apparently forgot to enter in the one remaining license key I had from my Malwarebytes premium license. It is activated now.
  5. I was on www.slickdeals.net and my browser was redirected to what appeared to be a "congratulations, you've won" type scam. The Malwarebytes scan didn't find anything, but I want to check to see if there may be malware lurking on my computer. I have the MBAM scan, FRST, and Addition logs below. MBAM scan.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. I added Malwarebytes Browser Guard to Firefox
  7. Quick question about Malwarebytes Browser Guard: I already have uBlock Origin on Firefox. Can I have both uBlock Origin and MBG on Firefox without conflicts between the two extensions? Malwarebytes Report 10-7.txt
  8. A website I visited (www.juventus.com) triggered a blocked outbound trojan warning, and I just realized that a couple weeks ago, Malwarebytes blocked a firefox exploit. I tried to download FRST but Windows Defender is claiming that the file contains a trojan itself. I just want to check to make sure that my PC is not infected, and if it is, to quickly resolve it. Exploit Report.txt Website blocked.txt
  9. Ok, I will do that. Thank you for the help, Maurice Have a great day!
  10. No, the computer with the dead motherboard won't turn on at all.
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