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  1. UPDATE: my school administrators have removed adblock pro but adblock plus is still on all the district's chromebooks and uBlock Origin is still blocked. Oh well. This thread can be closed now
  2. Hi everyone! I use a school-issued chromebook for my school work (high school). For some dumb reason, the administrators of my school district placed adblock plus on all chromebooks a couple of days ago (I already had ublock origin). Now, they have added "adblock pro," a knockoff of ublock origin (it literally uses the same filters as ublock origin; from what I've read, adblock pro is basically an older version of ublock origin; I think it is 4.1 or something like that). In other words, what my district administrators have done is take a better ad-blocker and replaced it with one that is not as good (they even blocked all chromebooks from using ublock origin). Why would they do this????!!!! I want ABP and Adblock pro to be thrown out, but unfortunately, there will not be any opposition in my school because not enough people are tech savvy enough to know about this stuff (I am not by any means tech savvy, but I know just enough to know about ad-blockers). How can I educate my friends about this; only those who know a lot about technology used ublock origin prior to it being blocked by the administrators. The most frustrating part is the administrators probably don't even know that ublock origin is better than adblock pro and has a lot more users. I understand most students don't know much about ad-blockers, in which case ABP would be a better option. But to take a knockoff of a really good adblocker, install it and then block the real one, is, in my opinion, outrageous. Lastly, how do I get the administrators to realize that ABP and adblock pro don't even have the same developers? My apologies for lousy grammar. "Ooops. uBlock Origin (extension ID "cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm") is blocked by the administrator." WTH! Regards, MHN39
  3. Yep, that worked well. Everything appears to be back to normal
  4. Hi! Today, I turned on my phone and it repeatedly (2 or 3 times said "unfortunately, malwarebytes anti-malware has stopped). It was in the middle of me playing Madden Mobile. This has never happened to me before. I uninstalled MBAM Mobile, turned my phone off, turned it back on and reinstalled it. Same result, even when I wasn't playing any games. Madden Mobile is the only game on my phone is a Motorola Moto E. I've temporarily switched to ESET until the problem is resolved. I'll update this thread if the problem goes away. Thanks, Michael
  5. Hi JoelS. To add to what GeoNez said, this article from Malwarebytes Labs might answer why the pop-up happened and how to avoid it.
  6. Merry Christmas to You All......

    Joyeux Noël à tout le monde à Malwarebytes! (Merry Christmas to everyone at Malwarebytes!) Hopefully I used the right French words; I used WordReference for help.
  7. Question about CCleaner updates

    Oh OK Thank you @nukecad. I use uBlock Origin as my adblocker, so that advertisement you mentioned was probably blocked, right?
  8. Malwarebytes Wallpapers

    @CliffS, that is one fantastic wallpaper you have there!
  9. Question about CCleaner updates

    When I updated CCleaner earlier, I updated it using . Also, is Filehippo considered a safe website? I don't download software from it, or any other third-party sites, but I just want to make sure that it's safe because it has had mixed reviews from people. One of VirusTotal's scanning engines says "Malware site" but the other 67 say "clean." Is that a false positive on the part of that one scanning engine?
  10. Hi all, I have a question about CCleaner updates. When I went to update CCleaner today, I was on, but when I clicked "download" it took me to instead of About 5 minutes later, I went back to, clicked download again and was taken to the right place, mentioned above. Is there something malicious about the two websites, or is it because I tried to update CCleaner from its interface instead of going directly to and going to the "download" section? When I originally downloaded CCleaner, I downloaded it from . <-- Filehippo <--Piriform Thanks, Michael Happy Holidays, Everyone!
  11. Is this PC more at risk to malware threats if these errors are not fixed, or will it just interfere with the performance of the PC? Other than the on-and-off loud noise from the cooling fan, this PC runs normally. Please let me know if there's anything else that needs to be done after looking at the updated logs. If not, you can close this topic and I'll move on to the General PC help section when I have the chance to do so, as this will be my last post here. I will delete FRST and its logs after posting this. I'll PM you if I have any other questions. Again, thank you for your help @AdvancedSetup Regards, Michael P.S. I apologize for dragging this topic out 5 posts after I said that it would be my last post here
  12. I have re-run FRST and the updated logs are here. This probably won't make much of a difference, though. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. Last question: if these errors go unfixed, will these errors pose a serious threat to the laptop, or will it just interfere with the performance of the laptop? Regards, Michael P.S. I apologize for using 3 separate posts when I could have used just one for the last three posts in this topic. Again, thank you very much for helping me.
  14. You also help in the "General Windows PC Help" section of the forum, right?
  15. OK Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. This topic can be closed now. I'll try to deal with these issues as soon as I am able to do so. Since it is NOT malware that is the cause, I feel a little better now. Regards, Michael