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  1. I am sorry but stating that 'other apps' (assuming you mean major apps that come with windows, because of course you have not installed own apps because you are not an 'app user') will not run after the anniversary update which is a major mainstream update for every Windows 10 system that was tested thoroughly is just plainly ridiculous. I don't think you are a technically adept person but are pandering to techies by demoting the user experience-oriented and thereby so uncool anniversary update and windows apps usage.
  2. Well uninstalling the photos app then reinstalling it on the PC that had the photos app quarantined by MBARW before did not work before the anniversary update was installed and it did not after. You are trying to blame the anniversary update because you think I was referring to it as something I was not entirely comfortable with because I titled it "Windows 10 Anniversary Update (or whatever that one was called)" earlier. Because of that expression you think I would agree to lay blame here but of course that update is not the problem. You also think that I can not verify what you
  3. I just uninstalled MBARW on another notebook then unistalled the Photos-app on that machine then reinstalled the Photos-app and it works fine. I am pretty shure it will work the same way on any other machine I have but the one that had the app quarantined before by MBARW. Its actually pretty preposterous to assume that there is a general problem with unistalling / reinstalling apps on Windows 10 that would not have been known by now. I must say that you seem to me to be trying to get rid of me by stating you are having the same problem and blaming it on windows. I was getting su
  4. Yes it was quarantined only on one PC. The one with the Photos-app not starting now. So you had 1. the Photos app unistalled or MBARW unistalled? 2. or was the Photos app already not installed and you unistalled MBARW? I dont get any errors so I don't know what errors you are talking about.
  5. Well I do have four PCs here. They all had the same updates in the same sequence, one is even the exact same notebook as the one thats having the Photos app not running. They all run MBARW. They all run the Photos-app. The only difference is that the one that is having the problem was quarantining the Windows.Photos.exe before.
  6. I just did it again as described in the link you provided. It is the exact thing I did before. The app's name is Microsoft.Windows.Photos_16.722.10060.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe Full dump: Name : Microsoft.Windows.Photos Publisher : CN=Microsoft Corporation, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US Architecture : X64 ResourceId : Version : 16.722.10060.0 PackageFullName : Microsoft.Windows.Photos_16.722.10060.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe InstallLocation : C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.
  7. I just now uninstalled MBARW then removed the Photos-App then reinstalled the Photos-App. It does not run. - I am not putting the blame on you at all. I think I have emptied the quarantine while I unseccussfully tried to reinstall the Photos-App at some point. I think I first tried to un-quarantine it with the old version that quarantined it in the first place. That did not work as many people have also experienced. I then waited for an MBARW update to happen so that I may would be able to un-quarantine it later. When there was an update it still did not un-quarantine. I then uni
  8. Its not listed in quarantine anymore. There is nothing in there.
  9. I know it was. But thats not gonna get me my photos app back is it?
  10. As you wish logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MalwarebytesARW.zip
  11. the older 0.9.16 beta removed my windows 10 photos - app. (the exe got quarantined) can anyone please help me to get it back? I already tried unistalling / reinstalling the app via powershell. it is listed as installed in the store but won't run. Thanks
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