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  1. Additional logs that may help. LITMUS_NAS_SMinfo_20170130_195847.txt LITMUS_NASinfo_20170130_200014.txt 0_dumpacore_3rd_com.android.contacts.txt PreloadInstaller.txt provisioned.txt settingsprovider.txt SM-S320VL_OBD_20170130_195847.txt
  2. I've been trying to disinfect/secure devices since 8/16. I've had them professionally "cleaned", wiped twice changed ISP, changed carriers, replaced router, finally disconnected home internet, and replaced devices. Yet, I am still infected. Oh, add to that ID theft, mail theft, bank fraud, credit card fraud... yep the whole shabang. Ive tried every reputable AV/AW/Security software I can find, including Malwarebytes Premium Home Edition, and Malwarebytes Antiexploit. As with every other AV/AW, it was disabled/altered so it became useless. Yesterday I discovered I have a RAT
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