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  1. I have tried all the steps on disabling root scan. I uninstalled malwarebytes premuim last month and for the first time in 7 months I no longer have BSOD issues at all. Not even once since uninstalling the service. They said malwarebytes works with Mcafee total protection but it doesnt. They want to troubleshoot with me and reinstall it but I can't blue screen anymore. I don't know what else to do. How do we get refunds? Thank you Scott Tomlinson
  2. I have lost everything this time. I have BSOD non stop since march. I can not take this anymore. I have already sent the computer back to HP and they sent it back and put a new Ethernet and network card in it. Now this computer that's new since March and has done it since I bought it, now my Dell that Iv had since 2013 is doing it. They all have one thing in common and the logs now show me that Its your protection that has been making me going in circles crying I have lost all my memories and documents now. PLEASE lets work on this right now and lets fix this. Then when I'm done with this were
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