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  1. Hello, I have been using MWB and now my trial period has finished, the Defender screen shows that MWB has stopped, so has the red X. I already have Norton (NIS), and it is happy with that, but I would like to "deregister" the MWB with Defender, but it is greyed out. Does anyone have any "workarounds" within MWB to allow me to just de-register it please? I think this is a bit of a subtle catch-22 bug (cannot de-register MWB trial-expired, with defender).
  2. Yes, seems to be the same blocking mechanism. I suspect it is a general thing, for Adobe Protected mode, used in the call from most Outlook versions for the PDF preview. If you follow dcollins advice above, it will remove the blocking temporarily, until it is fixed. Bear in mind this will remove the protection of protected mode, but if you have a good AV suite as well (e.g. Norton Internet Security or equivalent) running alongside, to achieve a layered approach to your AV protection, you should be OK against a malicious PDF. Ensure you have the latest Adobe PDF viewer version installed.
  3. Hello, yes sorry about that. I turned off the Adobe Reader, and now it behaves normally. I restored the Advanced settings back to defaults. Thanks for your help. I assume there will be an update for MB3 for this on the coming weeks?
  4. Thanks for that Porthos, it worked after that. I have added a fresh set of diagnostic logs, below, in case they are needed, for the developers to use. MB-CheckResult.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Hello, I have turned off every tick I can see for PDF,and it still happens. Do you still need the addition.txt from FRST?
  6. Hello, thanks for quick reply. File requested attached (but no addition.txt due to the FRST tool hanging scanning EDGE.) To reproduce, open any email with a PDF attached with Outlook email program, double-click the PDF, see the error box (screenshot attached). FRST.txt MB3_SERVICE_LOGS.zip MB-CheckResult.txt
  7. I have installed the latest MB3, version, with Component Package 1.0.96, with update package version 1.0.1639. It seems to work fine (NO BSOD now!), but I have found that when I open an Outlook 2013 (local client) email that contains a PDF attachment, I get an error window saying that the Protected mode will not work with my current system configuration, if I double-click it to open it inline dynamically. I have to select the "Protected Mode Off" radio button to allow it to open this way. Opening the same item directly from Adobe Reader once detached works fine. Note that if I exit MBAM3, the in-line read of the same PDF works fine, so it is definitely MBAM3 doing this. Please advise.
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