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  1. I purchased Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on October 3rd, and was issued a unique Key & ID. When I first installed it, it worked perfectly, auto-starting as I expected it to the next morning. I shut down my PC at night to prevent malware virus "snoopers" from putting their PuP viruses on my PC. Soon after installing my newly registered version of Anti-Exploit, Microsoft pushed thru updates, which caused my Anti-Exploit app to disappear. After finally getting a work-around from Malwarebytes ( a couple days later) to restart the application, several things occurred. 1. The application now
  2. I am having precisely this same problem. My registered Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is NO longer working. I just get the same message described here by several others..... "Malwarebytes Anti-exploit Protextion is not started. The Anti-exploit Process will be terminated". End of message, end of Malwarebytes Anti-exploit. This occurred immediately after Microsoft pushed through a HUGH update to Windows 10 (which, incidentally, was geared to increase the invasive capabilities of their dreadful "Cortana" bot assistant. (I'd say she's doing a bang up job of interferring with everything
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