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  1. Hi Kindleshot, This topic is over a year old. Is there a specific reason you would like to reach me outside of the forum?
  2. Hi everyone, I finally received a reply from Malwarebytes regarding the SMSThief detection in the Alcatel Smart Suite app. It appears the detection is a false positive, and the app has been whitelisted for the moment. However, they are reinvestigating the app due to the AVG detection, and it could very quickly find it's way back on to the blacklist if they find it exhibiting any malicious behavior. I have been in IT for sometime, and it is very common for software developers to "borrow" a useful behavior from malware, and code it into a legitimate application. My educated guess is; t
  3. There are a few root utilities out there that will do it, but if your phone is new like mine is, it will void the warranty.
  4. Below is my email to Alcatel Support: Hello Carolina, Thank you for speaking with me this morning, and agreeing to follow-up with your engineering and development teams regarding the malware detection on my Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. Per instruction of the first representative I spoke with this morning, I have deleted the application’s data, disabled the application and rebooted the phone, which is an acceptable workaround for the moment. However, I will not uninstall my anti-malware software (MalwareBytes) per her recommendation, and simply ignore detection of this potential ma
  5. From similar posts regarding Malwarebytes detection of Android/Trojan.Spy.SmsThief.fp and Android/Trojan.Spy.SmsThief.ay, this may be a false positive. However, I just spoke with Alcatel Support, and what I gathered from them is it appears they have been are aware of the existence of this Trojan in their SmartSuite.apk file for sometime, as their recommended solution was to uninstall Malwarebytes so it would not be detected. Absolutely ridiculous! I have forwarded information about the detection to Alcatel Support and a manager assured me that she will follow up with their engineering and deve
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