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  1. There is another topic for this issue, where more people wrote that have the same problem, including me and some my friends, that all have Alcatel devices, MalwareBytes detects Trojan SMS thief SmartSuite, but only MB sees it, no other antivirus app detects this malware.
  2. to be on a "safe" side i rooted my device and uninstalled the app smartsuite so now malwarebytes doesnt find any trojans or that app. it looks as the only 'solution' for now.
  3. I have the same problem since today morning and also my girlfriends phone, we both have Alcatel Onetouch idol 3 and just Malwarebytes detected this trojan, no other anivirus could, they doenst see it at all, i tried all antiviruses there are. Please help how to remove this trojan. and it cant be uninstalled. i tried formating my phone with factory reset, but it didnt help!!! after installing malwarebytes it detected it again.
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