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  1. That post is 2 years old, and no longer relevant. As was documented at that time, MacUpdate was testing out different app installation processes for a short amount of time for a small subset of all users. Those tests completed 2 years ago.
  2. please remove the false positive for www.macupdate.com several IP addresses are used
  3. Edward - in the last 10 years there have been 2 or 3 cases where we have posted downloads that contain malicious code, because the virus scanners had not been updated at the time we check the download and posted the link. In all such cases, we removed the link or page from the site as soon as the malicious code was reported to us. The site does use an installer for some downloads which we use to a) make it easier for novice Mac users to install apps and b) generate additional offers that users can opt in to install. We do not allow for installers that install adware or malware. We have discussed this issue with Thomas here at Malwarebytes, and it is a shame that they continue to treat MacUpdate.com with continued skepticism and dissension. We urge anyone that discovers suspicious looking downloads to report them to our support staff so that we can investigate and remedy any issues.
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