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  1. Malwarebytes flags this extremely useful software as dangerous: https://github.com/tobya/DocTo 31 out of 72 tests at VirusTotal.com call it dangerous, but I really doubt it is.
  2. Malwarebytes Anti-Bytes has just started blocking outgoing smtp.gmail.com through these IP addresses: These do seem to be Gmail addresses. Do they now count as Malicious Websites? Really????
  3. Well, this is a serious disappointment. I think bundled installers are bad things. I don't like it when the Java updater keeps urging me to install this or that on Windows, and I don't like it anywhere else. I'm a reasonably alert user, but I support many users who aren't and am constantly clearing up things that they never intended to install. I've relied on Macupdate.com for years and years, and wasn't aware (though I should have been) that I was uploading items to a site that distributes bundled installers. I very much hope you're reconsider the policy of using such things, and instead
  4. Why not block specific pages rather than the entire site? I can't speak to current accuracy of your November 2015 blog post except to say that I've never experienced that behavior, and I sometimes download software from the site without bothering to sign in. For those of us who distribute software there, a whole-site block is basically telling the world that we're complicit in malware distribution. But we aren't. Our downloads are exactly the open-source downloads that we created. Edward Mendelson Contributing Editor PCMag.com/PC Magazine
  5. Thank you. It's been consistently annoying not to be able to access the site I use for distributing my own open-source software because Malwarebytes thinks the site is distributing malware.
  6. Actually, that guess is absolutely not correct at all. I know all about those shady sites that use bundled installers that drop malware. MacUpdate.com isn't one of them. It's a central location for finding commercial and other free software. I use it to distribute some open-source Mac applications that I've written myself, so I know exactly how it works and have been relying on it for years. Edward Mendelson Contributing Editor PCMag.com/PC Magazine
  7. Hi Aura, Here's a typical popup that I get when I visit or the site, or even when I view an e-mail notification that I get from Macupdate.com. It's a major annoyance, as Macupdate.com is the only site that you ever block on my system - and you always block it!
  8. Can someone explain why Malwarebytes keeps blocking Macupdate.com? It seems to be a completely innocent site, widely known, widely used, not blocked by anything else. It's very annoying to have all its pages blocked - and so thoroughly blocked that even a web-address exception doesn't seem to allow it. This seems to be a mistake. Is there any reason to believe it isn't? Exactly what is Macupdate.com supposed to be doing that makes Malwarebytes block it? Edward Mendelson Contributing Editor PC Magazine/PCMag.com
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