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  1. @LiquidTension You've posted here as recently as 10 minutes ago. Can you please take 1 minute and let me know if there is any activity on this issue? Tell me you are either done investigating or it is being looked into. Letting a customer just hang is not good business I'm sure you would agree. Thank you. Can a mod poke him again?
  2. Update: I shut down my PC at 4:09 PM EST 8/28/19. Booted it up an hour later and this was in the EV. The Malwarebytes Service service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control. I've cold booted or restarted 6 times since installing the Beta and this is the first time I've seen it. I will PM you the mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Followed your instruction. Uninstalled MB from Control Panel> Programs and features. Rebooted. Installed beta 4. Enabled Event logging. Rebooted and there was NO log in event viewer like before. I shut down my PC. Did a cold boot and there was NO log in event viewer like before. Where do we go from here? Should I keep Beta 4 and Activate it? Thanks a lot !
  4. By the way, I am trying to run MB beta 4 as admin....refuses to start. Going back to 383 so I have protection.
  5. Installed Beta over top version 3.8.3. The beta opened after install. Enable Enhanced Event Log Data and rebooted. Following error appeared after reboot. Event viewer shows 2 errors relating to MB. The beta 4 refuses to launch showing error "Unable to connect to service". I will PM you the mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. @LiquidTension Or anybody....info furnished but no feedback. If you're still investigating please let me know. There is another guy here who provided info and is waiting too. Can a mod here poke around please? Thanks
  7. Yes. No I use a bat file from time to time to clear all events. That's why you only see 4 errors regarding MB service not shutting down in the enclosed Adminstrative.txt. EventLogs.7z attached. Thanks for your time. EventLogs.7z
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