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  1. I have these two programs and bitdefender and superantispyware all paid,am i then more secure from getting my laptop encrypted
  2. hello from zealand denmark,this is my first post,i am very pleased to be a part of this forum. I was wondering:you see so many anti malware programs out there(emisoft,Zenama just to mention a few)is malwarebytes still the best.
  3. i have malwarebytes on my tablet as well,but i also have dr web security space(built in firewall/vpn).
  4. Hello I am VERY sorry I do not have any problem,not anymore,i have gotten some private help,i am very sorry if i have offended you. Kind Regards Carsten Ibsen.
  5. hey advancedsetup a thousand thanks for your attention but the problem is no way to be found,everything is working. I have another question,i hear that hitman pro alert should be more effective than Malwarebytes Anti Exploit,i would not hope so,because i have the premium version installed. please help. kind regards
  6. i have the same problem cant update,very happy to be a part of this forum. kind regards
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