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  1. Windows 10 I used to be able to scan "on the fly" with the Brother scanner printer MFC-J98DW. I could go through several scans standing at the printer without having to interact with the PC. Now, I can only manually scan from the printer "renegotiating" with the software after every scan. When I try scanning to file from printer, I'm now informed that my firewall may be blocking access. Again, I can put a document on the scanner, walk back to the desktop, fore up the utility and complete the scan. PC will send instructions to printer and I can save to file but I cannot conduct the operation when initiated by the printer. A pain! Can someone help with possible settings I may try? Thanks
  2. Thanks but my question is more basic (and perhaps illustrates my lack of tech knowledge), if I am on a VPN and my searches/web activity are coming from a random IP address not linked to me, am I not protected from these privacy concerns? It's not my IP address? It's not "me" - right?
  3. Read with interest the privacy issues discussed in latest MB Newsletter regarding Google's FLoC initiative. Are those privacy issues and similar concerns related to "typical old school" cookies still a problem when using a VPN like MB Privacy? Thanks
  4. Anyone know if Malwarebytes Mobile for Android will find the new malware described in this PC Mag article from a few days ago? https://www.pcmag.com/news/new-android-malware-poses-as-security-update-to-take-control-of-devices Thanks!
  5. Could not ask in the Privacy for Android topic as it does not exist. Sorry. Hope the Windows crowd can help. I am in the middle of a trial for MB Privacy. I currently use Kaspersky VPN and it is coming up for renewal. Considering MB Privacy but it does not cover my Android phone (Kaspersky covers our PCs and an iPhone and an Android phone for $28). When will Android and iPhone be available (when is coming soon)? And will it be an additional charge to the already high $59 demanded even from long-standing Premium users?
  6. Windows 10 64 bit system I have MS Office 365 (standard). PowerPoint 2016 stopped loading about 1 week ago. Went through the Office repair protocol. Still would not load. Temporarily stopped MWB Anti Exploit. PowerPoint started without issue. Closed PowerPoint. Set Anti-Exploit to run again. Tried opening Power Point - would not load. Excel and Word still load. I have done this 3 times with no variation in results. Why are Anti Exploit and PowerPoint no longer getting along? Thanks.
  7. Thanks! This solved the problem. I still do not know why that box checked on the desktop created no issues yet having that box checked on the laptop did but... problem solved - that is the main thing. Thanks Porthos!!
  8. Porthos, thanks for your help. In this situation I am fortunate to have 2 machines running the same apps (as far as I can validate so far) and as such, an opportunity to isolate the problem. Both machines have the same setting you illustrated - both have that box checked. Still, the laptop has the problem and the desktop does not. I am transferring my logic from my manufacturing backround to a software issue so I'm probably off-base but I'd like to investigate further anyway. Thanks again!
  9. Yikes! See screenshot of Task Manager after closing Chrome on laptop. As I said, the trouble is with the laptop. The desktop AntiExploit behaves. The desktop has none of the Chrome entries I see in Task Manager on the laptop. What next? Delete? How did they get there and how to prevent recurrence? Thanks!
  10. Rsullinger, Thanks much for helping. I think I have the same plug-ins on both machines bit need to check. They are shown in the screenshot attached. I am not sure how to know if they stay open after Google is closed. How do I check that? Thanks again!
  11. I am running Windows 10 on two 64 bit machines. AntiExploit is running on both. On the desktop, whenever I open most apps a banner slides in stating that that app is protected... including Chrome. On the laptop I get the same EXCEPT for Chrome - no notification on the laptop. Chrome does not show up in the log either (it does on the desktop for any and all occurrences of opening Chrome). On the laptop and desktop Chrome is listed in the shield list. Both machines are running the same version of Chrome (both updated 3 days ago). To clarify, AntiExploit notifies me on opening many apps on both machines. On the laptop only, no notification and no logged event for Chrome. THX.
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