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  1. it was fine for me too at first after a successful reinstallation. However MBAE failed to start again when I rebooted the computer .
  2. Is it safe to post the Scanned information as attachments ? Anything I need to blackout prior to attachment? Tks
  3. I rechecked Update history and there were no updates prior to rebooting.
  4. I am not sure whether the computer did or did not do a windows update prior to rebooting. Most probably it did not. Is there a simple way to check ?
  5. Hi Rsullinger, I had windows 10 anniversary edition , then the problem started. I then did a clean removal of MBAE and reinstalled latest version. That worked well for a few days until I rebooted the computer . After a reboot the problem came back again. My wife's computer behaved the same way . Confused what to do next.
  6. Bad News. The Program will not start after a reboot. I get that error that program will be terminated.It behaves just like my first post above. I am attaching the logs created with 7zip. Please advise what to do next. Tks Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.7z
  7. I just reinstalled MBAE using the link you provided and it is now working. MAAE is running and the icon appeared . It looks like cleaning up all remaining files and deleting the original installation folder containing mbae64.sys before reinstallation did the trick. Hopefully it will auto start after a reboot. Tks
  8. MBAE immediately stopped working after I upgraded to Win 10 Anniversary version yesterday. I can't seem to remove the remaining Folder containing the file mbae64.sys for a clean uninstall so I reinstalled the program in the existing folder. I still will not start . I uninstalled again and this time I used your left over file/folder removal tool to remove all traces of MBAE. Please advise which version of MBAE should I use to try again . Do I need to install the s/w in a particular way to get it to work? Thanks
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