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  1. No the pop up problem seemed to have vanished. Thank you for your assistance
  2. Here is the fixlog. I also had one more question. My computer seems to not want to sleep anymore. Whenever I hit the sleep button on my keyboard or via start menu, the displays turn off, but my computer's LEDs remain on. When I hit a key to turn the displays back on, it is as if the computer didn't even try to go to sleep. Only place I can make it go to sleep is the login screen. This is a recent problem, it was working fine about a week ago. I built the PC in May of this year. Thank you for your time. Fixlog.txt
  3. Here you go sir, thank you for your reply. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hello, I am having an issue where a registry value was created and causes my PC to open chrome browser (my default) and opens a pop-up called sd-steam that redirects to some Russian pop-up page. This only happens on a fresh boot and only once. I tracked down the registry edit and attempted to delete it, but it seems to be recreating itself after each reboot. I even tried to edit the entry but it just reverts back to the original value. I ran malwarebytes to locate the problem and it found a pup malware. After attempting to have malwarebytes remove the registry edit, my antivirus (Avira) blocks the edit. I tried disabling my antivirus and reattempting to delete the edit, but no success. Any help at all would be gladly appreciated. Thank you all for your time.
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