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  1. Yes the fix worked. Thank you very much. I also want to thank everyone else who tried to help me get this problem resolved.
  2. nothing worked. I did notice if I exit malwarebytes and restart it it says I'm up to date. But as soon as I check for updates then it says I'm not current on updates
  3. Here are the files mb-check-results.zip Addition_28-11-2017 09.25.38.txt FRST_28-11-2017 09.25.38.txt
  4. I to am having the same problem with updates. Dashboard says updates not current. mb-clean-results.txt
  5. How do you uninstall Startup Lite.
  6. With due respect I'm going to leave this subject alone for now. Thank You
  7. I'm not a programmer so I can't tell you what was all involved. I'm not here to argue with anybody. I agree Malwarebytes is a great product. It was just my opinion.
  8. I read the change log. Perhaps in the upcoming versions maybe more of our suggestions will be implemented.
  9. Only one principle change? Or is there something else I missed?
  10. What's new in this version? Seems our comments and suggestions fell on deaf ears.
  11. It's been about 2 weeks now. Any new info you could share with us about new release?
  12. Did a clean install and hope that fixes any issues I'm having. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  13. I have the paid version. But so far today no crashes.
  14. I guess I should have been more specific .I wanted to suggest and easier way of getting to malwarebytes web site by adding something on the taskbar icon. Right now you have to click on start scanner then about, then malwarebytes.org. sorry for the confusion.
  15. Yesterday while in malwarebytes I clicked on about and then malwarebytes.org and my opera crashed. this happened twice yesterday
  16. Is anyone having any conflicts running admuncher, online armor premium and opera along with malwarebytes?
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