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  1. I'm also a real Malwarebytes fan, but what they do with Endpoint Protection is really not good. There are too many errors and problems, so we have switched to another product. I really hope that they will improve this, as it seems like a beta program, which costs a lot of money to customers.
  2. Hi, It seems that the anti ransomware in EP does not work well. I tested a powerhell ransomware sample on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise. The PC was fully operational with EP, all modules were included in the policy. However, the files are encrypted. The strange thing is that Malwarebytes 3 (home) and the Anti Ransomware 0.9 module in Entpoint Security, block the script, with these products, the files were not encrypted ?? Please find attached the prinscreens, the file(pw=infected) and the policy settings. https://virustotal.com/en/file/7a6d5ae7d7bc2849ea40907912a27e8aa6c83fafd9
  3. Hi, It would be very nice to inform users themselves when they open malicious files. Now only the admins are informed, the user doesn't see anything when opening malware or visiting malicious website. Can a popup screen for end users be developed? thank you in advance..
  4. Is there a release date of the new on-premise version? My Endpoint security licenses are running short-term, of course, I prefer the new Endpoint Protection version, but on-premise. Thanks
  5. With Endpoint Security you cannot central manage, deploy and report everything regarding to the Anti-Ransomware module. So basically not an option for large organizations. In addition, the anti-ransomware module within Endpoint Security is still the 0.9 version. Also, Endpoint Security does not have an Anomaly Detection Engine, (if I have to believe the information and communication on the website).
  6. Hi, It would be great to follow the general security best practices and provide the login of cloud.malwarebytes.com with two factor authentication. Is this already on the roadmap? Thanks
  7. https://www.alienvault.com/documentation/usm-anywhere/deployment-guide/plugin-management/supported-plugins/configuring-malwarebytes-endpoint-sec.htm
  8. Any update on this? I have the same issue but cannot find the "Allow insecure java Operation on internal pages" setting. I'm using Anti Exploit for Business with Management console.
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