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  1. my mistake, meant to go to the bitdefender site
  2. Warning, the following link is an "adult" website. All malware has been removed and should be removed from the malwarebytes blacklist and be categorized as pornography. http://realxvideo.com Thank you
  3. All malware removed from http://csemobility.co Please remove from blacklist Thank you
  4. All malware removed from Luke-Woods.com and site has been secured Please re-scan & remove from blacklist Thank you
  5. basketballninja.com blacklist removal request All malware has been removed from the site and a firewall has been installed. Please re-scan to remove from blacklisting. Thank you.
  6. Their website is https://simple-help.com Their service requires a dedicated server to setup. The only files that need to be whitelisted are above. I can send you a private message with a quick way to test if you like.
  7. SimpleHelp from https://Simple-Help.com The makers of ADWcleaner were nice enough to whitelist the files below and was hoping JRT/MWB could do the same please. The ADW forum thread can be found here https://toolslib.net/forum/viewthread/8223-adwcleaner-whitelist-request-remote-access-tool-called/ The whitelisted files are: SimpleService.exe / RemoteAccess.exe http://i.imgur.com/8tEclHG.png SessionUI.exe http://i.imgur.com/5PiCM0H.png SimpleHelp Technician.exe <<<< Notice the space between SimpleHelp and Technician.exe http://i.imgur.com/j1HXxNg.png
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