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  1. Hi, I am facing this same issue and I have resorted to just turning off Ransomware protection. I first discovered the slowdown when using an portable application called Autoruns from Microsoft. If Ransomware protection is on, the Autoruns populates very slowly. Turn it off and everything returns to normal. Other issues occurred as well with Explorer which have stopped when Ransomware protection is turned off.
  2. I have had no issues with Malwarebytes until this latest build of Windows 10 Insider 18323. I find that the issue with the latest build is really no "real problem" since I expect issues with insider builds that are effectively betas. In my opinion, Malwarebytes has done a great job in keeping up with what is the ever changing thing call Windows 10. I don't really expect for Malwarebytes to respond to every build until the version is closer to release but they usually do anyway. Great job and thanks!
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