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  1. Can you please provide ANY evidence that our domain has committed "fraud and spam"? You may send it to me directly at carl@trafficauthority.net If there is any evidence that any of our members has done so, we will cancel them immediately and take action against them per our affiliate agreement. Since we have thousands of affiliates that use this website in their businesses, we take it's reputation very seriously. In addition, the warning I receive from MalwareBytes says "Site Blocked Due To Malware" which IS fraudulent on your part since I am not aware of ANY instance where our website has contained malware. I am requesting that you rectify this incorrect block as soon as possible or provide us with some evidence that we can use to have our attorneys proceed against whomever was using our sales funnel in a fraudulent manner or to spam people. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. One of our web pages is being blocked by Malwarebytes and I would like to know why and what we need to do to get it unblocked. I have attached my log file. Thank you for your help! Carl b2TAsiteblocked.txt
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