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  1. Yea i undestand that, thanks for the responses, ibelive with me moving out of my old roomates it would be hard job for them to gain accesses, unsles they are really good hackers Thanks thats enough for this thread If somethings comes i will open another thread. Bye for now
  2. Thank you very much for the response :), yet i aleady took mesures to secure no futher entry, if you are able to tell if any accesses were presented time ago- like more than 2-3 months in the past, i will gladly let you scan before i do the reinstall. I never had any issuses/signs that can make me suspect something really, except for distrust i have for the people i lived with, i just suddenly started to panic now months later. Can they remotely boot sleeping/hybernating laptop anytime they want to, or they would need to set it up to boot in certain time?
  3. I also just want to state that, i know what to do from now on, i just ask if such long term spying and especially remote accessing from hybernating/sleeping state would be possible from long distance, from people that are good with this kinda things but not any specialists. I mostly fear if they had accessed certain sites, using my accounts and my ip, and again not just once or twice but for long times, to make look like it was me?
  4. Friends, i have reason to belive people i shared a room with in the past (i moved out more than half year ago), could have been spying on me for all that time. Here are my questions 1. My laptop (Dell Inspiron) was always protected with password, but could they have insterted tiny usb flash, any reading card or even disk whitough me noticing in the hurry? If they have and i unlock the laptop with the thing plugged in, will any notification show me that something is being installed/ any pop up or it could silently isntall keyloger for example, so they could intersept my windows password for the future? 2. If they had intersepted the password and gained access to the machine while i was gone, can they have installed some remote control program to spy me in the futrue. I mostly fear if they could awake my laptop from distance and start working on it like while i am away. Could they have done that even after i moved miles away- and again i am not fearing they may have taken remote control once or twice, i ask if they can have done that for many sessions, like waking up my laptop (from sleeping on hybernating state) every night whitout me ever notice anything, or such long turn operation is impossible whitout physical access? I hope you got my point Thank you for your time
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