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  1. A member of the staff should respond to this thread to notify you once the issue has been resolved, however I'd recommend keeping an eye on the forums for news about any releases as well and check the release notes which should indicate that the issue has been fixed. Release notes for releases are published in one of the pinned topics in this area of the forums.
  2. There is a known GUI bug where the visible state of the switch doesn't change, but if you close and reopen the UI, it should now be enabled. The following thread documents the issue:
  3. Hey guys, I just heard back with confirmation that they hope to have the fix for this issue in one of the upcoming releases, though they didn't have an exact ETA. Please monitor this thread for a response from a staff member once this issue has been resolved. Thank you for your continued patience while this issue is being worked on.
  4. It's used for cleaning up PUPs and malware; you can learn more about it as well as how to use it from this Lifewire article.
  5. Hey guys, I just asked a member of the Product team for a status update on this issue. I'll post back if I hear any news unless a member of the staff posts here ahead of me. Thank you for sharing your experience, sysopa; while this is confirmed to be an issue with Malwarebytes according to the staff member above, it is definitely true that an issue can have more than one possible cause and I've chased down many bugs that seemed to have a known/common cause, yet actually fixing the issue ended up requiring something completely different, unrelated to the cause(s)/fixe(s) reported by others around the net.
  6. Yes, you'll need to use a version compatible with XP; it sounds like the version you downloaded was an x64 build for 64-bit operating systems.
  7. Greetings, Please try the offline installer located here to see if that works. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  8. By the way, if you use G-Sync, that too might be the issue if the older build of Chrome isn't compatible with it or if the version of the driver available for XP causes the issue. I suspect disabling hardware acceleration will eliminate it though, as that tends to fix these types of issues where an app uses hardware acceleration for rendering (I've seen rendering issues with browsers, email clients and other applications occasionally in the past and that setting was often the cause, though not always).
  9. You can run DDU; it will remove all remnants of your NVIDIA drivers; just be sure to run it from Safe Mode, then reboot and reinstall the latest driver package. I doubt your bookmarks have anything to do with it, however since I'm also not a Chromium developer I really cannot say for certain either way. It just doesn't seem to me that it would be related.
  10. Greetings, I'm sorry that you are impacted by this issue. That said, you should be able to disable just the Ransomware Protection component to restore normal performance and keep it disabled until the issue has been resolved. Your other option is to revert to an earlier build of Malwarebytes which is unaffected by the issue. In the meantime, if you would like to aid Malwarebytes in attempting to determine the cause and find a solution for this issue, please do the following to provide diagnostic information and logs: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support ToolAccept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Once the issue is fixed a member of the Malwarebytes staff or one of the forum volunteers will respond to this topic to inform you that the problem is fixed, most likely with a link to the latest version and/or instructions on updating to the latest build manually.
  11. It sounds like it might be an issue with the system's USB drivers. I would suggest checking your system and/or motherboard manufacturer's website to see if there are any newer USB drivers available for your system/hardware. You could also try removing the Razer software/drivers, rebooting and reinstalling them. If none of that works it could be an issue with the hardware itself, such as failing ports or some kind of short causing issues with connecting to and detecting the mice properly. Also make sure the ports and connections are clean, of course. If you have some canned air you could give them a blast with that and it should help clear any dust/debrise out of them to see if that helps. If none of that works, a repair installation of Windows would likely work, however you would probably have to reinstall at least some of your programs for them to work properly afterwards. You might want to hold off on trying that until you've heard from anyone else who might have other options for you to try though.
  12. You could try updating your graphics drivers, and if there is a setting for hardware acceleration in Chrome, try changing the option and restarting Chrome to see if that fixes it. Other than that I'm not sure, and since it's XP it might just be an old bug with no fix, at least if it only applies to older operating systems/older Chrome versions.
  13. Greetings, It is likely either the notification component of the tray, or it might be something that the tray does as a frequent function such as updating the protection status and program version. I would suggest checking the reports and history in Malwarebytes to see if something was going on during those time periods such as blocked websites as the notifications displayed take focus so that they may be seen by the user even if using a full screen browser or other application.
  14. I would also mention that going online with a server OS might actually be less safe than a standard desktop or mobile OS due to the fact that targeting a server is more likely to net profitable data. Basically it might make your system a more attractive target for attacks and some exploits. Of course if you need the capabilities of a server OS then it's a moot point because you should use the most appropriate tool for the job, I'm just thinking it might not be the best solution if it's just being used as a standard endpoint/desktop.
  15. No, not that I am aware of. It sounds like there might be a problem with the installation, such as a corrupt file or something that is causing it to fail to load properly, and if this is the case, the repair process using the Support Tool should fix it.
  16. Greetings, Please do the following and let us know if it corrects the issue or not: Run the Malwarebytes Support ToolAccept the EULA and click Start RepairPlease be patient while the tool runs, it can sometimes take several minutes to completeFollow the onscreen instructions and restart your system if prompted to do so to complete the repair process Thanks
  17. Sadly there are plenty of bogus/malicious extensions/add-ons for Firefox as well, though I don't know if it's on the same scale as this Chrome discovery. Users must be cautious when determining what to install on their systems, regardless of what browser/security software they might be using.
  18. Great, thanks gonzo, and good morning to you too
  19. Yes, one must be very careful when selecting browser add-ons. There are a lot of malicious ones out there which appear to provide valuable functionality but have built in tracking and/or adware as well, so a user may in fact end up compromising their security and privacy when they seek to safeguard it using such an extension. There are a lot of 'fake' add-ons as well which imitate other more popular and reputable extensions.
  20. Greetings, Unfortunately it is not currently possible to block custom sites using any of Malwarebytes products, however there are tools built into Windows itself which may help in the meantime, including the built in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security or through the Windows HOSTS file. There are also some third party firewalls and filtering solutions which allow adding custom sites to be blocked and in the meantime I will inform the Product team of your request for their consideration for future releases. If there is anything else we might help with please let us know. Thanks
  21. Greetings, I'm not a fan of being tracked online by any companies or anyone else as I value my privacy and you'll find that most of us around here feel the same way. In fact, if you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend Malwarebytes Browser Guard which is available for Chromium based browsers (including the new MS Edge Chromium browser) as well as Mozilla Firefox. It blocks malicious sites, many ads, trackers and other unwanted and potentially harmful online content. It also works well alongside the Web Protection in Malwarebytes Premium and the two complement each other well. I hope this helps and if there is anything else we might help with please let us know. Thanks
  22. Greetings, While Malwarebytes Browser Guard does block many ads and trackers along with the malicious content that it blocks, it's not really a comprehensive ad blocker so I would definitely recommend using an additional extension such as uBlock Origin or as you mentioned, Adblock Plus. While there is no doubt some overlap occasionally in what your extensions may block, it's still a good idea to use a layered approach to security. This is also why we recommend adding Malwarebytes Browser Guard for users of Malwarebytes Premium since MBG adds further blocking in addition to the Web Protection provided by Malwarebytes Premium. I hope that helps to clarify things a bit. If there is anything else we might help with please let us know. Thanks
  23. You can use the built in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to block IP addresses if you wish; you can even create a batch file or script to add IPs to be blocked. I will however pass your request on to the Product team for consideration. Thanks
  24. Thank you for the additional information, it is appreciated.
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