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  1. That is unfortunate; hopefully we can find a fix for it or the Developers will be able to correct the issue assuming it is a bug. In the meantime it may prove helpful if you would provide some additional data. If you're up for it, please open Malwarebytes and navigate to the settings page and under the General tab enable the option under Event log data then reboot your system and replicate the issue and once that is done, please do the following: Run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Once that is done go ahead and disable the Event log data option in Malwarebytes again (otherwise the logs will likely grow to enormous size over time as it creates a LOT of entries as it is quite verbose for the sake of troubleshooting/diagnostics). Thanks
  2. Excellent, that explains it then It must be that Belarc is relying on individual file version information or some other info for some reason then and they will likely revise their database once the final build of Malwarebytes v4 has been released and the dust has settled.
  3. Greetings, If it is the same TotalAV referred to here then the issue is due to Malwarebytes classifying it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). If you wish to continue to use the two of them together you will need to configure a few things. First, either change how PUPs are handled system-wide in Malwarebytes via the drop-down menu under Settings>Protection for Potentially Unwanted Programs, or temporarily disable the Malware Protection component in Malwarebytes which is accessible either from the right-click context menu in the Malwarebytes tray icon or from the switch on the Dashboard tab, then install TotalAV (assuming it will install with Malwarebytes present on the system), then once that is completed, open Malwarebytes and click the Scan Now button on the Dashboard tab and allow the scan to complete. Once it finishes, verify that all of the detected entries are related to TotalAV then click the checkbox at the top of the results list to clear/uncheck all detected items and click Next and when prompted on what to do with the remaining items, select the option to always ignore them and they will be added to your Exclusions list in Malwarebytes which will prevent those items from being detected in future scans and by Malware Protection (though any time you need to install a new version of TotalAV through an installer you will need to either exclude that installer first, or once again temporarily change PUP settings or temporarily disable Malware Protection so that it does not get detected and quarantined by Malwarebytes). I assume there should be a similar exclusion mechanism in TotalAV, but if not then you probably will not be able to run the two of them together. I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  4. One could make the argument that he has 'situational awareness' with regards to the relevant threats within his environment, including the potential for the 'insider threat', but of course now we're just arguing semantics . Sorry, couldn't help myself; please feel free to disregard my silliness.
  5. It does the same on Windows; I suspect it doesn't detect when Malwarebytes Premium is already installed (and likely can't since it is confined to the browser which basically renders it blind to the entire system outside the browser, basically keeping it within a sandbox). That said, I will provide this feedback to the Product team and hopefully they can work out a resolution for it.
  6. It may be using the site's redirect behavior to heuristically/behaviorally detect the test site since it behaves like (and quite frankly kinda looks like, at least in my opinion) a potential tech support scam site or similar (big red page following a redirect displaying a security shield icon and containing the words 'Microsoft', 'Windows Defender' and talks about being infected by viruses etc.). Of course it's also possible that they simply added the site to the block database just to use it as a test page for their own extension as well (though that's less likely I think).
  7. I'd go with Porthos' suggestion above, and if that doesn't correct the issue, do a normal uninstall (assuming the uninstaller is still present), reboot, then do the following and I can guide you an deleting any major remnants, including any active components and their associated loading points: Create an Autoruns Log: Please download Sysinternals Autoruns from here and save it to your desktop. Note: If using Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 then you also need to do the following: Right-click on Autoruns.exe and select Properties Click on the Compatibility tab Under Privilege Level check the box next to Run this program as an administrator Click on Apply then click OK Double-click Autoruns.exe to run it. Once it starts, please press the Esc key on your keyboard. Now that scanning is stopped, click on the Options button at the top of the program and verify that the following are checked, if they are unchecked, check them: Hide empty locations Hide Windows entries Click on the Options button at the top of the program and select Scan Options... then in the Autoruns Scan Options dialog enable/check the following two options: Verify code signatures Check VirusTotal.com Once that's done click the Rescan button at the bottom of the Autoruns Scan Options dialog and this will start the scan again, this time let it finish. When it's finished and says Ready. on the lower left of the program window, please click on the File button at the top of the program and select Save and save the file to your desktop and close Autoruns. Right click on the file on your desktop that you just saved and hover your mouse over Send To and select Compressed (zipped) Folder Attach the ZIP folder you just created to your next reply
  8. It may be advisable to first remove the existing beta, then install the latest beta fresh just to make certain all files are replaced as they should be (I recall there being reported issues when upgrading to the latest beta from the previous one as well as issues upgrading from the latest RTM version to the first beta, though upgrading from the latest RTM version to the most current beta should be fine).
  9. Greetings, This is quite normal since individual file versions are worked on and iterated separately from the main product/installation package itself (this is also how component updates work, which patch only individual files/components of the product). I expect we'll see several file version changes throughout the beta cycle leading up to the final release depending on which components of the product are being worked on. edit: It also depends greatly on where tools like Belarc read the product version information from; the main product version is always available in the 'About' tab along with details about the component and database versions, and the main product version should also be listed in Programs and Features if that column is active/enabled.
  10. Yikes, total tech support scam. I didn't actually visit the site since I wasn't sure what it was. Thanks for checking Ron. If the site has been hijacked, I hope it gets cleared up quickly.
  11. Understood, thank @AdvancedSetup could you take a look at the referenced post/attachment please? Thanks
  12. You're welcome Yes, I'm not sure why they do that, except it could be that (I think at least) Windows sets the language locally for each user profile, and since Malwarebytes installs in admin mode for/across all accounts and runs with (I believe) a single instance of the service/UI across all accounts, they are probably playing it safe and going with the system default rather than the current user's setting; either that, or they are simply defaulting it to English assuming that anyone who wants a different language may simply select it during or after installation; plus of course Windows is available in some languages that Malwarebytes has not yet been translated into I'm sure, and Malwarebytes may support some languages not available for Windows so that's another potential reason (I haven't verified it, I just know it is possible since Malwarebytes is hand translated by volunteers, at least last I checked).
  13. They haven't provided a whole lot of details, but I got the distinct impression that the real purpose was more of a trial run than anything in order to determine what kind of response they would get (likely either to decide whether or not to roll out a similar feature in the future in a different/upcoming product, or perhaps potentially in all products; the new version 4 of Malwarebytes Premium/Free is currently in beta so it's possible that this is the real product they're considering rolling it out with depending on the results, but that's just my personal hypothesis and I have no official word stating anything about that). Knowing Malwarebytes and their history, they are very unlikely to bombard users who volunteer their email addresses with tons of advertisements and the like and it would be far more likely for them to simply provide the occasional (like probably much less than even once per month, like a rare special occasion kind of thing) promotion/discount code or coupon etc. when one of their main products (probably Malwarebytes Premium, since that's their flagship product) is on sale/available for a lower price, but again, that's just my extrapolation based on what I know of them and their past activities (I'm also a former employee who worked in various positions in the company, including pretty high up just under the Executive team for several years, though they were much smaller then). You can find comments from a member of the staff about it in this post as well as the FAQ I linked to above. It really seems like the email thing is just a pilot with this much less widely known Malwarebytes tool. I suspect that if they don't get a lot of responses or tons of 'fake' ones or lots of negative feedback/concerns about it, that they'll pull the feature going forward, but again, that's just my hypothesis based on what I've learned so far.
  14. Greetings, I am sorry that you're experiencing issues with the Anti-Malware agent/component; someone from the staff should be along soon to assist you, but in the meantime I will make a note of this and will be sure to report it to the Product team in case there is a bug present causing this issue. Additionally, if you have not done so already, it may expedite things to create a support ticket with Malwarebytes Business Support by filling out the form on the bottom of this page. Thanks
  15. Yes, it doesn't show up every time; I believe it is random and isn't supposed to show up if you go to install the extension a second time on the same system. Of course if it does come up and you wish to proceed with the installation and activation of the extension without providing your email address you can always just enter a fake email address to proceed since it does not require you to validate the address that you enter. Also, even for those who do enter their actual email addresses, I believe that it is only for the notifications and promotions etc. mentioned in the FAQ and should not be tracked or tied with any activity performed in your browser while the browser extension is active/installed so it isn't any sort of additional tracking or anything like that; it's simply an effort on the part of Malwarebytes' Product team to connect with more of Malwarebytes' users/customers to keep them better informed and offer them promotional opportunities and the like. Anyway, if anyone from the staff wishes to jump in with further details then I defer to their first-hand knowledge as I'm simply providing the details that I can recall being discussed here and posted in the pinned topic I linked. I hope this helps to address your concerns.
  16. Greetings, If you haven't done so already, please try booting into Safe Mode and performing a scan there to see if it is successful in removing the folders or not. You'll find instructions on how to boot into Safe Mode here. If it still fails, please restart your system and allow it to start normally then proceed to Programs and Features and try uninstalling the Dell update program from there and hopefully that will remove the items. Please let us know how it goes and if the issue still persists. Thanks
  17. Greetings, I just tested and I was able to download the attachment. What are you seeing when you attempt to download it? Is it not showing up as an attachment or are you receiving an error from the forums or your browser or is it something else? Also, you might try a different browser just to verify that it's not an issue with the forums not working correctly with your browser. In the meantime, I will report the issue to the team that handles the forums, however any additional details you can provide based on my questions above along with any further details you think might help for troubleshooting the issue could be useful. Thanks
  18. Greetings, Entering your email is completely optional. You may refer to the FAQ posted here for more information. Regarding not being able to edit posts, this is an anti-spam/security measure implemented on the forums which prevents all regular members from being able to edit their posts due to a high frequency of spam/bot accounts which would create seemingly normal posts then return later to edit them to embed links to spam and other malicious/unwanted content in order to attempt to escape detection by forum moderators and administrators in order to increase clicks and SEO to whatever site(s) they might be promoting. This policy, while perhaps a bit drastic, was one of several that were implemented some time ago which have collectively decimated the volume of spam received on the forums, cutting down from literally tens and even hundreds of spam posts per day to nearly 0 (on very rare occasions a single spammer/bot might get through and create a single post, but most days now pass with no such incidents whereas it used to be a constant/daily issue with floods of posts and new spam/bot accounts showing up and posting around the clock). I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  19. Greetings, I don't know why the site is being categorized as malicious so a member of the Research team will have to address that, however the number for each items under the statistics just represents the number of items of each type that have been blocked in the last 30 days, meaning any connection attempts to any advertisement would each be counted as 1, and any attempts to visit any site categorized as malware would be counted as 1 for that category. For example, here is what mine shows currently: As you can see, mine has blocked mostly ads and trackers which is pretty typical given how common those things are, both usually being present multiple times on most websites these days.
  20. Yes, you can use a debit card and if it expires/funds are not available then you will be notified, and yes you will receive a notification email when it is close to renewal and you will also see notifications in the product itself from the tray and in the main UI. If you do not provide an adequate payment method in time for your renewal then the subscription will be treated as a cancellation and the product's paid features will cease to function. Yes, you will be able to use your 3 licenses on any 3 compatible devices (including any running Android); I'm not sure why it specifically says 'for PC', but it is definitely not just for PC as there are versions of the product available for all of those devices/operating systems and purchased licenses can be used on any of those types of devices/any combination of those types of devices as long as the total number of devices it is activated on with your license does not exceed the amount that you purchase (i.e. 3 if you intend to protect 2 Windows systems and one Android device); the only exception of course is that any iOS devices must have their licenses purchased separately on the Apple App Store.
  21. It sounds like it is an issue that the developers of Firefox will have to address unfortunately, however I'm no developer so I can't say for certain one way or the other, but hopefully Malwarebytes' Developers will be able to do something to correct the issue in the browser extension.
  22. Greetings, I'm not sure if I can answer all of your questions, but I'll do my best. Each subscription is good for one device, so if you wish to protect a Windows PC and an Android device you'll need to select 2 devices for your purchase, adding 1 additional license/device for each additional device that you wish to protect regardless of the OS (though if you wish to protect any iOS devices you'll need to purchase those licenses directly from the Apple store as with all software for that OS). If you are in a business environment you may use the home version of Malwarebytes for up to 10 devices, however if you wish to protect more than that then you should purchase one of the business products. If you wish to move a license from one device to another it is very easy. You just deactivate the software on the current device (there is an option in the UI to do so) then install and activate the product on your new device. You can also register for an account at My.Malwarebytes.com to manage your licenses/devices where you'll be able to deactivate individual devices as well as see where each is activated, and you can also deactivate all devices there if you ever needed to (like if you're replacing all of them at once; very useful if you are managing and upgrading multiple devices simultaneously in a business or home environment). Malwarebytes Endpoint Security adds the ability to manage devices remotely via the Malwarebytes Management Console which you may install on a server on your local network which provides live reporting, policy control for protection, exclusions, scheduled scanning and control over many other features and functions for the software installed on the managed devices while Malwarebytes Premium does not. Malwarebytes Premium has all of the protection components integrated into a single application while Malwarebytes Endpoint Security has them separated into the Anti-Malware application which includes Malware Protection and Web Protection (for blocking malicious websites/servers), the standalone Anti-Exploit application, and the standalone Anti-Ransomware application. While they provide essentially the same combined protection as the home Premium product, they use separate applications/agents in the Endpoint Security product and the version of Anti-Malware shipped with Endpoint Security uses the older Malwarebytes 1.x style user interface. All subscriptions are configured to renew automatically by default, however you may change this at any time after purchase by contacting the e-commerce vendor that handles your purchase or by contacting Malwarebytes Support. 2Checkout, one of the two possible e-commerce partners, also has their system integrated with the My Account feature at My.Malwarebytes.com so that you can cancel auto-renewal through the My.Malwarebytes.com site if you create an account there. Regardless of which e-commerce partner handles your purchase, you can still cancel at any time if you choose; it's just a bit more convenient with 2Checkout if your purchase went through them and you create an account at My.Malwarebytes.com after purchasing. I do not know what the difference is between the two sites, however I tried going to both, and entering estore.malwarebytes.com results in my browser being redirected to the Malwarebytes homepage so I'm not sure what that address is used for if anything. You can find further details about Malwarebytes Endpoint Security on this page and you may also consult the help knowledgebase at support.malwarebytes.com which includes how-to guides, product feature details as well as detailed documentation, including downloadable PDF guides, how-to videos, walkthroughs and more. I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  23. If you change the language to English (U.K.) under settings it changes the date format the same as in v3, at least for the History/logs list (I just confirmed it on my own system). I assume it will behave the same in the final release and in other areas of the UI.
  24. Greetings, Thank you for documenting this issue. I will inform the Product team of the issue. Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or issues. Thanks
  25. I didn't realize it was a full scan that you were trying to do. That actually explains a lot. Are you able to complete just a normal Threat scan, and if so, how long does it take to complete? To test, you can leave Avast enabled and open Malwarebytes and click the Scan Now button found on the Dashboard. Please let us know how it goes and how long it takes to finish, assuming it is able to. Thanks
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