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  1. I guess more what I was referring to was public beta testing, hosted here on the forums where users such as myself and others who support the software and frequently do beta testing of software could try it out before it gets pushed out to everyone who uses the software. I know staying current is very important, but I think public beta testing where users with varying systems and OS environments could try it out and provide feedback on issues discovered (if any). Don't get me wrong here, I'm big on security and staying current, I update my drivers monthly and always do my MS updates on patch
  2. You could simply do some beta testing with users here on the forum when significant technology changes are made to help ensure such problems which required the rapid deployment of 1.30 in the first place. That's how MBAM started, a long trial of beta testing, but now there don't seem to be any betas, just new release versions, and if it breaks, then a new version must be pushed out.
  3. Oops, sorry about that, I saw the part about the files properties but missed where you mentioned file location. Oh well, at least it's gone now, or so it seems. Hopefully it was just some weird fluke and you won't have the issue anymore.
  4. Dude, you should see Transformers in HD on it, incredible! I have the HDDVD drive for the XBOX 360 (but don't own a 360). I got it because it's usb and about the cheapest HDDVD drive for the PC. MS provided the drivers via Windows Update (very cool). I had to buy PowerCinema Ultra, but found a nice sale on it at CompUSA (which is where I bought my monitor as well). I just got the Sapphire HD4870 1Gb from Newegg about a month ago and it's just awesome.
  5. To be honest, I use AnyDVD to bypass the protection on HDDVD's because I have an HD drive and movies that I've purchased, none that I've pirated (who would want to download 25+ gigs?), and PowerDVD 7 which refuses to play them normally without AnyDVD running in the background on my 23" Apple Cinema 1900x1200 monitor because it is not HDCP compliant (although it did set me back about $1000), because although I had originally purchased Gateway's 24" monitor which was HDCP compliant, I was sorely disappointed in the picture quality and so I purchased the Apple (which still looks amazing to this d
  6. You should at least enable the Windows firewall (if not Norton's) because a software firewall is good to have. If you want a free and easy alternative you can use Vista Firewall Control by Sphinx Software. As far as other softwares, you definately should have an antivirus running in realtime along with your other softwares, so either enable Norton, or remove it completely using Symnrt.exe from Norton's website and install an alternate anivirus. Avira is a good free choice and Kaspersky and NOD32 are excellent if your willing to pay for them. As far as running MBAM and Windows Defender toge
  7. If you use the windows sidebar it could be related to one of it's gadgets. I also noticed that it doesn't show the description of the process as being internet explorer, I also run Vista and mine says Internet Explorer in the description field. What comes up when you right click on it in Task Manager and click "open file location?"
  8. Yup, that's how they're able to detect and remove the latest and nastiest threats on the net while most other security vendors are months behind. "Got malware that MBAM won't remove? Let me see it!" OOh, guess what update your defs, it removes it now. One more for the good guys, and back to the drawing board for the makers of malicious software.
  9. Regarding that error message, immediately after installation of version 1.29, it adds a Runonce entry in the registry for "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe" /install /silent, but when you removed MBAM 1.29 before rebooting, and then rebooted, the program was no longer in the folder but the reg key remained. As far as the built in updater goes, I fully agree, it should at least simply download it for you to a location like your desktop and not auto-install, at least in this instance, so there are no issues with the update.
  10. To GT500: Yeah, sorry about the runon post. As far as all the other comments go, I'm not trying to fuel a fire and was just making posts I thought/hoped would be helpful.
  11. I can say I've been on both sides of the coin myself. I'm very good at removing malware and dealing with issues, but there are certainly many things that I don't know and when I need help I ask. There have been times that the assistance I received was excellent and the individuals I dealt with were incredibly patient. There have also been times that the individuals who replied to "help" me were not patient and didn't seem to listen to the actual info/question that I had written. Sometimes people get tired of being nice and just want to get to the heart of the matter so they go through the
  12. One could simply update MBAM on a computer that has access then navigate to %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and grab the rules.ref file and copy it to a flash drive then navigate to the same folder on the PC to be cleaned and copy it there (without MBAM running of course) then open MBAM it will use the new database. Heck, you could even create a batch file that installs MBAM and then copies over the database file and then opens mbam and has it run a quick scan for you using the command line reference in the help file. By the way, +1 for having a too
  13. The hits you get from Norton are nothing more than cookies downloaded to your browser cache every time you visit Yahoo. It's true you can block them with a hosts file, but they are harmless. If you don't want to see all those ad's embedded in the web page at yahoo.com you can also add this to your hosts file: ad.doubleclick.net. The fact that they're only cookies is the reason MBAM doesn't detect them. You can also just delete them with a good temp file cleaner like ccleaner.
  14. You could also try http://superantispyware.com/downloadfile.h...ANTISPYWAREFREE if you haven't already, kind of like MBAM, the guys behind SAS try to stay on top of the current rogue software situation.
  15. Pretty sure he mentioned he used the TRIAL of Kaspersky, which is the full product with a license that's only good for like 30 days. That being said, I do recommend the layered approach (using a good anti-virus along with a good anti-spyware program, both with realtime protection). Kaspersky has an excellent detection rate of viruses and other malware (I use it myself), but MBAM is great in it's own right, as it finds certain threats and new variants of known threats that all anti-virus softwares often miss, that being said, MBAM does not detect everything. It is designed to target certain
  16. It may be because of the way mbam uses it's definitions to detect threats (ie based on location of the file or placement in regestry etc.) and maybe when you do a right click scan it disregards the files location and just scans the file itself for malicious content, which would be good for packed malware not currently installed on the machine, but not so good for a fp file created by the user which actually contains no malicious content. This would be done so that quick scans were much faster than normal AS products that do a more thorough check of the files based on more than just location w
  17. I heard some freaky stuff about rootkits that could infect the bios of your motherboard a while back as well as others that could infect the bios of your video card. Detecting those types must be near impossible, much less removing them, at least without flashing it to overwrite the rootkit. Of course, those types would be very specific to the actual board you're using so infection would be unlikely, unless there were some kind of generic version that could infect any board using an award bios or something similar.
  18. Avira makes an iso you can use offline http://dl.antivir.de/down/vdf/rescuecd/rescuecd.iso Safer networking (the guys behind spybot search&destroy) have also made one, but it's more of a beta and difficult to update as it uses the ms wim image format. UBCD is an excellent option (uses bart's pe) and allows you to run spybot, asquared, ad-aware and countless others from the disk. MS D.A.R.T 6.0 (new version of ERD commander) also has a full offline scanner, but it's a bit harder to get your hands on (requires volume licensing membership).
  19. OOH!! Thanks A LOT for the info, I kept wondering if Finally Fast was rogue, i deeply suspected as much (I remember when eacceleration/stopsign advertised their crapware on tv).
  20. MBAM probably didn't get it because they were older rogues (just a guess) which I seem to remember reading that the older ones detected by RR would not be added to MBAM's defs.
  21. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot for the info and keep fighting the good fight.
  22. Is RR still in development at all? I've noticed it hasn't been updated (program or database) in a very long time and when you released the new version of MBAM with the updated zlib.dll, which RR also uses, it got no update. I was just wondering if it's only use now would be for the immunization/removal of older rogue programs, or if it will be updated to detect newer threats in the future.
  23. A good and free AV would be Avira in my opinion, it has good detection rates and is easy on system resources. Comodo Boclean is another good freebie anti-malware/anti-trojan app that is light and works with just about every other security software on the market. If you're running Vista and not XP, I highly recommend Vista Firewall Control by Sphinx Software, it is extremely light on resources and enables outbound traffic monitoring. As far as everything else is concerned, I fully agree with Jean's endorsements, they are all great apps and I use many/most of them myself. Good luck and safe
  24. MBAM isn't portable (yet?). It probably will be once it gets further along in development and is re-coded in C, but until then, it will not run the way you want, you just have to install it. There is a custom made portable version out there that someone made, but you can't update it because if you do, it just tries to install the new version from the web normally. The other issue (for me at least) is the fact that even the portable version starts a service in the background (I'm guessing because it's based on the pro version and not the free one) and the only way to remove the portable one
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