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  1. Could you please provide a screenshot of the advertisement?  I want it so that I may report it to the Product team so that they may address the issue because this is definitely a bug/unintended behavior and they will want to get it fixed.  If you would provide that along with the logs requested it would aid them greatly in doing so.

    Once you have those, assuming you were willing to provide them, the following should fix the issue so that you no longer see the advertisements as my suspicion is that there is some issue with the configuration files in your Malwarebytes installation, likely occurring during a software update that didn't go as expected while Malwarebytes was updating its databases and/or while installing an application update/new program version and performing a repair should fix it:

    1. Run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
    2. Accept the EULA and click Start Repair
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions and reboot your system if prompted to do so to complete the process

    Once that is done, verify that the pop-ups are no longer being displayed.

    Please let us know how it goes.


  2. It's getting to the point where the biggest films almost universally have as much digital content (or more) as they have 'real' content with so much being rendered on computers now.  It's funny, we play our 3D video games where we are trying to get as close to reality/the look of a high budget film on one side with stories woven into them spanning hours in gameplay time and cinematic cutscenes with sprawling plots that could give 3 season shows on Netflix or Amazon a run for their money with regards to scope, scale, drama, acting (both in the form of voice acting and all the motion capture they now do for big budget games; the same tech used in movies like Lord of the Rings where Andy Serkis played Gollum via mo-cap gear and digital facial capture technology) and then we go to the movies to watch mostly digitally rendered effects/content (and often entire characters or even the entire film in the case of movies like The Lego Movie, Pixar films and most modern Disney animated outings and superhero films like the Marvel and DC Universe films) where they are trying to make digital effects, characters and animation look just as 'real' so in the end we'll likely have AIs playing the role of 'actors', innovating their own scripts as they go, digitally rendering the entire film, directing, producing, and starring and the very same systems will be used for making the video games that we play and TV shows we watch :P.

    Seriously though, it is kind of insane what they can do on television now with the technology they have.  Shows like the one above, Black Mirror on Netflix and countless others are showing that smaller productions don't necessarily have to have small scale effects and it is quite impressive what they are now able to do thanks to digital technology.  The days of low budget B-movies like the content formerly found on the Sci-Fi Channel (Sharknado anyone :P) are pretty much over and our expectations are quite high, even for our television series where special effects are concerned.  The sky's the limit now with regards to what they can put onscreen, especially within big budget big screen blockbusters.  If you go back and look at the first Ironman film from all the way back in 2008 (wow, I'm old :(), or even back to 2007 the year before when the first Transformers film debuted, everyone thought that was the be-all end-all of digital special effects, but if you compare them to current films they look like fake, silly children's cartoons or ancient video games and they don't hold up nearly as well.  Heck, go all the way back to films like Jurassic Park and Independence Day when Silicon Graphics was everything and the world hadn't even seen what HD really was yet.  Compared to now there basically are no limits and it just keeps getting faster and higher resolution/higher fidelity as computers become more powerful, the software gets better and creative artists learn and create new techniques and tools for making the unbelievable a stark reality.

  3. Greetings,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the software but we should be able to get the issue corrected for you.

    First off, please do the following so that we may take a look at the state of your current Malwarebytes installation to check for any issues:

    1. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
    2. Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)
    3. Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply

    Next, with regards to the pop-ups you are seeing, what exactly are they saying?  Could you please take a screenshot of one of them and attach the image in your next reply?  If it is an advertisement for a Malwarebytes product then it isn't supposed to be showing up repeatedly.  If it is a pop-up from something like blocked websites/connections from Web Protection then it may be an issue that it is blocking some application running in the background such as a Bittorrent client or some other application that makes a lot of connections which is something that we can troubleshoot and should be able to help you to correct.

    Please let us know.


  4. Hehe, I didn't know about that, though it doesn't surprise me.  Back when I was a kid I would mess with my brother's computer (back in the early days of dialup) and since I didn't really 'do internetz' yet, I had to amuse myself with what was installed locally on the PC, and inevitably once I got bored of Minesweeper and Chicken Invaders (the original one, great game by the way if you haven't played it, it's like Galaga with chickens and lots of powerups and eggs that are bombs and a great sense of humor) I would inevitably arrive at messing with the desktop theme and I almost always created some monstrous, dark theme with red and vivid blue and orange title bar gradients and as soon as he returned home from work and saw the computer he would just say "Great, now change it back!" and so I had to do away with my precious, cool, metal 'dark' theme.

    With that said, I do often find that swapping light for dark mode does help with my headaches and eye soreness often enough that I have adopted dark themes for most of the main websites I visit and some of my key applications where I can.  I know I heard blue light hurts your eyes and my monitor even has a 'blue light filter' function built into it allowing me to set various modes of blue reduction in the image (which really just looks like turning down the blue color slider to various degrees in my opinion) and do notice that it helps sometimes when I'm having a migraine and need to keep working.

  5. Tracking down bad RAM can often take more than a handful of passes unfortunately, but that's seldom the issue anyway frankly so it's probably best to move on to trying other avenues, at least until that becomes a last resort if nothing else fixes it.  I think it's a good idea to start with the drivers, and yes, since you already reseated the RAM for testing that should eliminate a bad DIMM connection from the list of possibilities so that's good (it's just too bad it didn't fix it obviously, but hopefully updating the driver will).

    Anyway, please let us know how it goes and if updating the driver resolves it or not, and if you have any trouble locating the latest driver we should be able to help as well if needed but it shouldn't be too difficult to find it on the vendor's website (i.e. Intel, Realtek, Broadcom or whoever the vendor of the network card/chip might be) and of course there are likely drivers available on Gigabyte's site as well, thought whether they are actually the latest for that particular chip/card I don't know, so it's probably best to check each vendor's site to see who has the latest.

  6. While Google Analytics and many of the other tools that data driven companies like Google offer can certainly be quite useful, many users on the web value their privacy more than their drive to freely donate their data/browsing habits to Google, advertisers and website owners so they use tools like Malwarebytes Browser Guard, ad blockers and other privacy related tools to obfuscate their connections and block access to their systems by trackers and services like Google Analytics.  Also, it isn't necessarily an issue with you wanting to monitor traffic/clicks/visits to your site; these things are perfectly understandable, however all of the various points of data that Google collects through its various utilities embedded in websites from their analytics tools, Ad-Sense/targeted advertisements and much more enable them to profile users across the web to a degree that many find to be unacceptable as when correlated (a possibility only recently thanks to the development of AI/machine learning and the like), it can be used to profile individuals in ways that they never agreed to and can reveal things about them that they never willingly shared with anyone (thanks to other metadata from past/other users with similar 'patterns' of browsing, clicking and purchasing etc.).

    It is for this reason that I always block all telemetry, data harvesting, advertising, tracking, social media and similar utilities across the web as well as use anti-fingerprinting tools to attempt to thwart the more persistent and 'sneaky' tracking and profiling methods and tools which don't necessarily rely on more common methods like cookies and the like because I value my privacy and don't like the idea of being profiled and classified by innumerable companies, governments, organizations, data brokers and any hackers which might at any point gain access to their databases of collected user data (all the data breaches you see constantly being reported in the news recently; that's the kind of data that they are trying to steal and the only reason it exists and has value is because it has been collected by these companies and organizations to begin with and they are far too lax in how they protect it and they are too willing to share it with others, whether through affiliate programs and partnerships, or private sales and auctions to the highest bidder(s), as well as through acquisitions where data shared with one entity becomes the property of another because they were purchased by the larger corporation).

  7. Yes, unfortunately many users have been complaining of issues with hardware/drivers recently due to some of the recent Windows 10 updates.  Whatever Microsoft is up to, they have caused problems for numerous major AVs and their drivers, audio chipsets/drivers, network drivers/chipsets/connections, and yes, printers and scanners as well.  I think at least some of these issues might be related to a new driver initiative that Microsoft has chosen to undertake in order to try and simplify how drivers are installed and maintained in Windows with DCH drivers and Universal Drivers, trying to push the use of UWP applications for interfacing with hardware (a concept I'm not sold on since UWP apps may not be as versatile, stable and rely on the Windows Store to function).

    You can learn more about these initiatives in the following links:


    I hope that helps, though obviously it's more information for information's sake than an actual solution (the solution would be for Microsoft to hire back their massively cut back QA/testing team and start actually testing updates across tens and hundreds of thousands of diverse hardware and software combinations again to ensure compatibility and stability prior to actually pushing out patches/updates rather than attempting to use their own customers/users as guinea pigs and then focusing on new features rather than fixing bugs they created with previous patches, an issue that I've seen ex-Microsoft Developers complain about sadly).

  8. I've never seen these alerts and I also do not run any scheduled scans ever, and like you, I simply use the real-time protection and perform manual Threat scans occasionally.  I am on Windows 7 though so the monitoring may be different there compared to Windows 10.  It also could be that I just happen to run my manual scans frequently enough to prevent the alerts from being displayed as I do run scans as part of my regular maintenance and for testing purposes.

    Unfortunately I do not believe there is a way to disable alerts of this type, at least not in Malwarebytes.  There may be an option to have the Windows Security Center not notify you about such issues, but I don't know if that would impact whether or not it continues to alert you about other issues such as protection being disabled or databases being out of date so that might not be the ideal solution either (I know that in Windows 7 for example, I can disable alerts about automatic Windows Updates being disabled since I perform my updates manually, again, as part of my system maintenance however it still performs monitoring for other components/issues).

  9. It's more like each of the browser extensions you use have their own block lists and capabilities.  I wouldn't remove any of them, I'd just add Malwarebytes Browser Guard to them to augment my protection, because whenever you come across a site, tracker, ad or other element that would be blocked by multiple extensions, the first extension up in your browser's loading process will simply block the element and the other browser extensions will either be unaware of it or will log that they weren't able to do their redirect thing (logging an error because it was already blocked/redirected by one of the other extensions).  These 'errors' are completely harmless and do not impact browser performance or the effectiveness of the affected extensions (I know from first-hand use across multiple browsers with MANY extensions installed (way more than you have ;)).

    Updating the driver manually will do that.  You probably need to manually install the driver using its installer package or selecting the option to browse for the driver and select the folder where the driver files are stored for the new version (you'll need to extract them; they can't be within a ZIP archive or installer package) and it should then find and install the newer driver.

    The issue may be the result of a recently installed Windows update or a newly released version of Malwarebytes which triggered the issue to emerge.  Hopefully updating the driver will resolve it, but definitely let us know if it does not.

  10. Excellent, sounds like a plan.

    Good work on figuring out the thing with Ransomware Protection.  I know these kinds of issues can be a real bear to track down, so I'm glad you didn't give up on finding which module was at fault.  Now that we have that information fixing this should be much easier.

    I will also be reporting this compatibility issue with your camera software to the Product team so that they may work with QA and the Developers to hopefully correct this issue so that in the future no exclusions or special steps will be needed for users of such applications.

    Thank you for taking the time to report this and for allowing us to assist you.

  11. Excellent, sounds like progress to me :)

    Now lets proceed with fixing this, shall we?  Please begin by excluding the entire folder where your camera software is stored.  I'm guessing somewhere under C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), but I don't know for certain.  Next, do the same for any other folders it writes to on a regular basis such as its data/temp folders (it likely uses one or more for storing clips in real-time as well as any long term recordings it is configured to retain).  I don't know enough about the software to tell you where these would be, though I could probably come up with a list of probable locations, but lets try to make it easy.

    With Ransomware Protection disabled, run Process Monitor and look to see what folder(s) your camera software is interacting with, then check the paths/folder names and contents of the folder(s) to verify that they belong to the camera software, then add those folders as exclusions from detection as ransomware in Malwarebytes (this option must be selected as there are multiple types of exclusions in Malwarebytes even though there is a single list in the interface).

    You can get a copy of Process Monitor here.  It is a Microsoft Sysinternals tool used for monitoring system and application activity (such as reads, writes, deletes etc. to files, folders and the registry) and if you configure a filter in Process Monitor to show only entries from your camera software's process, it should quickly show you where the software is doing its work (though the camera software must be running and working for them to show up in Process Monitor).

    You'll find details about using Process Monitor here if needed.  If you need further help just let us know and we can provide more detailed instructions.


  12. Unfortunately I believe the automated reply/email bot thing only responds initially with a generic reply.  They could drop something in there about the possible delay but they probably don't want to do that in case they are actually able to respond timely, which in most cases they probably can, at least for simple issues and quick fixes (they likely have macros to respond to multiple tickets/users with the same instructions for fixing common problems, at least that's how I'd do it if I were them, though I'd make sure to read each ticket thoroughly and not just the title to make sure that my instructions apply to the situation and that there are no further issues which need to be addressed).

    In the case of a license validation, if I'm right about all the detective work necessary in some instances (like if Newegg wasn't great about keeping records back then, as I believe it was back when they first started allowing third party sellers on their site the way that Amazon, Wal-Mart and others now do in order to compete with ebay (and Amazon)) then that might also be a factor in your specific case, but I really don't know.  That's just my own speculation.

    With that said, I have spoken with staff members about the support helpdesk situation and they are well aware of it, and it is my understanding that they are working diligently to improve things, but unfortunately it takes time to train people, especially when they have to learn the ins and outs of not only the product, but all products, as well as all of the systems, licensing, databases etc. so it's not exactly a quick process to go from being a new hire and jumping into helping customers.  I don't want to make excuses, but I have seen a change recently and I believe that Malwarebytes is simply adapting to this change as quickly as they are able and it's just rough going for a bit right now as they work to ramp things up.

    Hopefully all this debate and frustration is for nothing and they will soon have everything sorted and moving at a faster pace, but in the meantime I just hope that more people find the forums first instead of thinking that they need to write an email directly to someone in the company to get the help they need, because in most instances this is not at all the case.  There are a lot of things that we can help with here, pretty much any technical issue, malware removal, diagnostics, crashes, bugfixes, troubleshooting, and even reporting feedback to the Product team (and yes, I will definitely be reporting on this issue with the helpdesk, though I know they are already aware of the problem).

  13. I understand that you are frustrated, and the current support situation is not ideal.  Frankly they do seem to be kind of overwhelmed right now.  This is one of the reasons I keep hoping that more users will come HERE for help instead of creating a ticket on the helpdesk, because I know that they have been pretty badly backed up for a while now.

    The fact of the matter is, neither you nor I know the financials of this company.  It is entirely possible that they simply cannot afford, or just haven't completed their efforts to increase their support staff.  These longer delays are a fairly recent development so I expect that they are hiring more people (in fact, I just took a look at the career postings on the main site and they indeed are hiring for lots of positions right now, particularly in support services and customer success which are all related to assisting customers and potential customers).  I believe that they simply have more to deal with right now than they are equipped to, but they are ramping up hiring to improve the situation.

    My hope is that more people will realize that the forums are here and skip the helpdesk as we can usually help with most issues (though obviously not license specific issues, as I mentioned since we have no access to the licensing system) and I guarantee that the vast majority of tickets they're having to deal with are the same kinds of technical issues that we solve every day here on the forums.

  14. What about 2 at a time?  Did you try disabling Ransomware Protection and Web Protection?  What about self-protection, which isn't available in the tray's context menu but only found under the advanced startup settings in Malwarebytes?  Does it work if you disable all 4 but leave Malwarebytes running, or do you have to fully quit Malwarebytes to get it to work?

  15. No, what I meant by business volume sales is selling business products to corporate entities, governments and businesses that deploy and use the product, not resellers and retail channels for consumer licenses like Newegg and Amazon.  The consumer license/product makes up a small portion of the company's total revenue as I understand it, which makes sense as most security companies generate most of their income through business licenses these days (even the likes of Symantec, McAfee, Microsoft, Google and many others) because of the sheer volume.

  16. I have no idea, but chances are if it is taking a while it is because they are either very busy (especially since we just had a national holiday here in the US during which they were no doubt short staffed as mentioned), or because it is taking time to get into contact with whoever it is they must check with on validating older retail lifetime keys.

    Malwarebytes did a massive license migration sometime back during which most lifetime license customers upgraded their product to the latest version, went through a simple automated validation process, and received new license keys in the new format which would be tracked and maintained in the new system.  During this time the vast majority of Malwarebytes lifetime license customers were migrated into the new system and are now enjoying their lifetime licenses which are tied to their accounts and they will never have to deal with any questions about the validity of their licenses again.  Unfortunately there were many different sales channels for licenses in the early days, and all licenses were lifetime, so tracking down and validating every one of those keys, validating who it was provided to and when they sold it and to whom is all information that they must validate and that detective work can take time.  They have made great efforts to catalog as much of the old data as possible, however not every retailer/reseller was the best at keeping good records so this is where the challenge comes in and why they must be diligent in ensuring that each key they validate into the new system is truly legit, especially since there are a LOT of scammers out there still selling lifetime keys which are pirated or created by keygens.

    I'm sure that they will validate your license, and I'm sure that it is taking a while for a reason, however I also believe that you just need to have a bit of patience and that it is too early to claim that you are being taken advantage of or ignored.  I don't know how busy they are right now and neither do you, so for either of us to assume that anything nefarious is going on would be premature and it is best to just wait and see what happens.  I'm sure that a member of the staff here on the forums can look up your support ticket and check on the status for you and find out what is going on and hopefully expedite things, but coming here and claiming that you were ripped off I think is jumping to conclusions at this point.

  17. Sure, bad USBs, fake keyboards/keyloggers and tons of other physical dangers and infection vectors, but generally speaking the bad guys have to run some kind of code on the system to leverage any of those attack vectors, so staying clean is actually much easier as long as your outer defenses are good and you don't go picking up mysterious flash drives you find lying on the ground and go plugging them into every device that you own.

  18. 3 minutes ago, Edward5 said:

    Yes I submitted a ticket and it was responded to but I mentioned I would be reviewing this experience and I haven't heard back in 3 days now.  I included a screenshot of my email receipt from Newegg.  If this is a known issue, there should at least be a system in place to quickly resolve it for paying customers.

    It sounds like you provided proof of purchase so they should be able to validate your license.  I don't know what response you would expect from a member of Support when you mention creating a review, but since public relations isn't really their area of expertise I assume they probably aren't going to address that part of your message and will just deal with the license issue.

    I am sorry that you've had a difficult experience, however I know that Malwarebytes are anything but scammers and have handled the license transition as well as can be expected given the circumstances, and in fact I have seen plenty of instances where they issued new lifetime keys to users who had their valid keys pirated/stolen, so it isn't about 'greed'.  Malwarebytes cares as little or even less about that $23 as you do I assure you, and they have nothing to gain from trying to get a handful of lifetime license customers to pony up for a yearly subscription.  Their current business model makes most of its profits from business volume sales, which is what finances the vast majority of the company, including the consumer version.  They aren't so desperate for funds that they would scam a lifetime license purchaser deliberately out of their lifetime license key, and I have seen plenty of occasions where they showed more than reasonable patience and generosity with users and customers, accommodating them with free licenses so I know it is not a scam.  They are hard working people who believe in what they do, and their primary goal is to develop great products to fight malware and protect privacy.  They aren't interested in nickel and diming every potential customer that they can get in front of, otherwise they would spend a LOT more on advertising/marketing, yet compared to most vendors, Malwarebytes hardly does any advertising at all.  They let word of mouth and their reputation speak for them, and while you obviously aren't a fan right now, if they truly were out to scam people there would be many more voices like yours out there shouting against them, yet this is not nor has it ever been the case.

    I hope that your license issue is quickly resolved and that they are able to validate your license key, however if you wish to have a debate about the moral fiber of the company then this is the wrong place for that conversation.  You can do as you say and go right a review on an appropriate venue.  The customer help support forums is not the place for it.  This is where people reach out who require assistance and we help them.  The helpdesk where you created a support ticket is where Malwarebytes Support assists customers with issues, including with all license/subscription related queries.

  19. Are you able to access your cameras if you disable just the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes?  What about if you disable just the Ransomware Protection component?  It is important to narrow down, if possible, which component(s) of protection is/are causing the issue.  Please try disabling each protection one at a time, waiting about 30 seconds to allow the protection component to finish unloading itself, then try accessing the cameras to see if it works.  You can disable each by right-clicking the Malwarebytes tray icon in the notification area near the system clock and clicking on the name of each protection component then clicking Yes when prompted by User Account Control.

    I also noticed in your logs that it shows that UAC is not set to its defaults.  Malwarebytes, like most other modern Windows applications, is designed to be fully UAC compatible and compliant, and this also means that if UAC is disabled it could cause unforeseen issues when installing and using Malwarebytes.  I would strongly advise resetting UAC to its defaults, not only for application compatibility, but especially for security of the system.  Instructions on restoring UAC to its defaults can be found in this article.

    Here is the UAC setting from the logs:

    UAC Settings
    EnableLUA:                      On
    Consent Prompt Behavior Admin:  Off

    With all of that said, if the cameras use IPv6 for communication on the network then it might be a problem with the Web Protection component as there is currently a known issue which some users encounter with IPv6 connectivity that is being investigated by the Malwarebytes Developers.  It is also possible if the camera recording software is writing a lot of data to disk and deleting a lot of data as well (to manage space etc.), that the Ransomware Protection component's monitoring is interfering with the cameras' software.  If this is the case then disabling Ransomware Protection should allow the cameras to work and likewise, excluding the appropriate process that is doing all of the writes/deletes should eliminate the issue as long as they are excluded from detection as ransomware (an option when creating exclusions).

    I hope this helps and that this issue can quickly be resolved.


  20. This is a pretty old thread.  I understand that you are upset, but posting the same response to numerous threads here on the forums is not the way to get assistance.  Also be advised that the first response email to any support ticket that is created is generally from a bot/auto-reply function, not an actual support agent so this may be the reason 3 days past without a response, especially since the helpdesk has been very busy lately (it usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to get a response from a support agent as I understand it, and during holidays and weekends they are also short staffed so it is worse then and for a time afterwards as they return to work and try to get caught up).

  21. Kind of old news, but on a similar subject:


    There have also been others.  I remember not too long ago a blackhat talk about infecting the firmware of hardware devices and how many hardware vendors made it quite easy due to lack of basic things like signature validation/hash verification etc. so it's nothing new and has been around as long as devices uses firmware to control them (which is pretty much forever as far as computing goes).

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