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  1. It isn't deliberate I assure you. It's just an unfortunate part of still being a growing company that has only been around since 2008. This most recent issue is actually due to them finally, after all these years, implementing a full and proper license management system. The transition is a bit rough for some unfortunately, such as yourself, but once everyone gets migrated over and has their My.Malwarebytes.com accounts set up with their licenses they will be able to manage, deactivate and migrate their licenses between devices without having to seek assistance from Support to handle it any more. The trouble is, getting all these legacy licenses into the system and validated can be tricky which is why so many users are having this issue. In the long run it's definitely worth it though, as it's far easier to manage licenses in the new system where you can actually see and control all of them as well as check to see where each is installed.
  2. Thanks for the info Imacri. I wasn't aware of this issue. They must have made changes to the way that RDP works in 10 for it to impact third party applications like that as I've never seen such issues with any other version of Windows and I've been disabling RDP since way back in the XP days.
  3. Good, I'd suggest signing up for an account at My.Malwarebytes.com if you haven't done so already. You can then add each of your licenses to your account using the method described in this support article and then you'll be able to reset your licenses on your own without having to wait on Support. If you have any trouble adding them, Support will be able to do it for you that way you'll be all set to upgrade your remaining devices without having to worry about them being blacklisted/not activating.
  4. OK, you will need Malwarebytes Support to help you then. Please contact them by filling out the form on the bottom of this page and they will assist you directly via email. They will be able to get your license working for you again. I am sorry that we were not able to solve the problem, but Support should be able to get it taken care of for you.
  5. It's OK, the original Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware IDs were formatted that way, so it would make sense for a license purchased in 2009 to be formatted XXXXX.
  6. I'm not so sure about that. Windows 10 has had its share of vulnerabilities lately, including some that didn't even impact 7/8 (or even XP for that matter), not to mention the fact that much of what can be done to immunize Windows 7 and earlier Windows versions against such exploits by disabling certain services, protocols and components can't be done in Windows 10 meaning that even though my Windows 7 system was immune from day 0 and prior to this and any other vulnerability exploiting the Remote Desktop protocol (and SMB; the component exploited by the EternalBlue exploit that was used to spread WannaCry, not to mention every component of file and printer sharing along with a slew of additional extraneous features/components), I would not be able to do the same to a system running Windows 10 so I'd be at Microsoft's mercy to discover any vulnerabilities and patch them before exploits for them are found in the wild. I like my odds much better with 7 given that fact since I don't have to wait on Microsoft to even be aware of such exploits/vulnerabilities, much less patch them. That said, most aren't quite as paranoid or knowledgeable as I may be with regards to Windows' internals, so I don't advise everyone to stick with 7. I still see 10 as a much greater risk to privacy and security though, given all its built in new 'features' for enabling telemetry collection and advertising, as I have no doubt they leave it with a much larger area of attack for potential remote vulnerabilities and exploits.
  7. Greetings, Please try clicking the Deactivate all link under your My Account webpage then wait a few minutes and try activating the software with your license key once more to see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn't, then please try waiting for a few hours and then try once more and then it should work. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  8. You're very welcome, I'm glad to be of service Yep, the Web Protection component works through a driver that runs directly in the network stack. It is controlled and monitored by the service (MBAMService.exe) as is the case for all of the protection components (one of the reasons Malwarebytes has so few processes in memory; a real advantage for remaining relatively light on resources/CPU).
  9. Excellent. The new build is out of beta by the way and has been released, so you just need to click the Install Application Updates button whenever you're ready, or you can download and install it directly from here.
  10. It's mostly just volunteers on the forums here. We assist with technical issues and the like, however resetting a license key requires direct access to the backend of the licensing system and for that you need a member of Malwarebytes Support. There are a few of them that do help on the forums here, but the quickest way to get a license reset is generally to contact them directly via the link provided and they'll contact you via email. They also might require information that should not be posted publicly such as your product key.
  11. Good, that makes sense. There is a function in Malwarebytes that alerts you if a scan hasn't been performed after a certain amount of time or if a scan has never been performed on the system. You might also check your scheduler to make sure that your scheduled scans are executing as they should be. I believe the client also updates its databases at the start of a scan so if the databases were too far out of date that also could have been the reason for the alert status. Either way I'm glad that you were able to resolve the issue.
  12. By the way, what does Windows show if you click Open Malwarebytes under the Windows Action Center notice about Malwarebytes? Does that launch any sort of Malwarebytes UI?
  13. It is quite possible that I am mistaken. I'm much more familiar with the consumer version than the business version, but I thought that the business version also had a main UI on the client side (for settings, manual scans, protection status etc.). The only info I could find on the Windows Action Center for the cloud managed solution is here and that just covers configuring Malwarebytes to register or not register with the Windows Action Center. That said, I would think there should be some kind of Malwarebytes UI active on your endpoints somewhere, likely under the Program Files or Program Files (x86) directory. The executable you're looking for should be named mbam.exe or something similar. If you can find and launch it, there should be some info about the current status of the various components to verify that they are all up and running and working properly.
  14. OK, what happens if you double-click on it or right-click on it? Still nothing? If so then there could be an issue with the client software and it may require reinstallation. You should be able to facilitate this from the cloud console if you aren't physically in front of the machine at the moment.
  15. Greetings, What does the status show in the main Malwarebytes UI? Does it show any protection components disabled or the database out of date or anything like that?
  16. Yes, that's expected. Web Protection loads directly into the network stack via WFP (Windows Filtering Platform; the same set of APIs used by the Windows Firewall); it doesn't rely on loading directly into individual processes the way that Exploit Protection does. To test it simply try to visit iptest.malwarebytes.com and you should see it blocked. You can also test by trying to ping the site via the ping command (Web Protection guards all network connections, not just your web browsers; this is also how it blocks malicious incoming connections from the outside).
  17. Excellent, I'm glad I could help. Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with. Thanks
  18. Very good, did you get a chance to test to see if things are any better with Web Protection in the new build? I'm curious to know if the issue was resolved as they did make a lot of changes and improvements to Web Protection in this release.
  19. Yes, go ahead and download it from the link. The folder was possibly wiped out during the upgrade process which might account for why it didn't reinstall like it was supposed to in the first place and why it turned up missing after the upgrade attempt.
  20. Yes, were you not able to find it, or was the folder empty? If it was empty you can simply download and install the latest build from here and the result will be the same. I just figured it would be quicker/more convenient if you used the installer already on disk, assuming it is still there as shown in your logs.
  21. Greetings, I'm sorry that you experienced this issue. It appears that the upgrade process didn't complete for some reason, likely due to a hiccup during the upgrade installation process. Please open the folder C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\instlrupdate and run the installer located there (this is the installer for the new version, which downloaded but apparently didn't fully run to completion). Installing that should get Malwarebytes back up and running in proper working order. One possible reason would be if the Fast Startup feature is enabled as it has been known to occasionally cause issues with Malwarebytes and other programs. You can check to see if Fast Startup is enabled and also disable it if you wish by following the instructions found here as well as here. Please let us know how it goes and if you have any further issues. Thanks
  22. Greetings, Yes, I agree, something like a 'Restore and Ignore' function for Quarantine would be quite useful. It is something that has been requested in the past, however I will resubmit your request to the Product team for further consideration. Hopefully this is a feature we'll see one day.
  23. What 1PW says above is accurate. In fact, Malwarebytes has never actually been able to scan network/mapped drives going all the way back to 1.x, however in the older builds it would behave as though it was scanning them, it actually wasn't. The problem comes down to permissions and the way that Windows handles access to networked storage where the built in administrator and even local SYSTEM account do not have full read/write/delete access to networked drives. The only solution I know of, which I believe is how some other vendors address this, is to 'spoof' the credentials of a local user account that has full access/permissions for the network mapped device. It might be possible for Malwarebytes to implement a similar solution, however they generally prefer to avoid using such hacks/tactics as such behavior is more like malware than a security product (i.e. spoofing credentials and the like).
  24. Excellent, I'm glad you got it working. If you haven't already, I'd definitely suggest upgrading to the new 3.8 version of Malwarebytes as it fixed a LOT of compatibility issues with the Web Protection component so it might be worth another try to see if you can get that to work with your configuration. Worse comes to worse you can just disable the module again if it still doesn't work.
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