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  1. Greetings, I suspect the reason they haven't provided this capability is because it wouldn't be accurate. That said, if you're really determined to reset it to 0 then you should be able to do so by performing a clean install (I'm not sure where the number/data is stored for the Dashboard unfortunately so I don't know exactly what it is that must be deleted to clear it). You can use the Malwarebytes Support Tool to perform a clean install: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, a
  2. If you wish to report it privately so that your email isn't posted on a public forum you may submit it to Malwarebytes Support directly via the form found on this page. They'll get it directly to the Research team so that you don't have to worry about anyone getting your email address who shouldn't have it.
  3. Greetings, Your best bet would be to allow one of our malware removal specialists to take a look and determine the cause of the pop-ups/web blocks. To do so, please follow the instructions in this topic and then create a new thread including the requested logs and information in the malware removal area by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you as soon as they are able. They should be able to track down whatever it is that may be causing this and help you to get the issue resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you wi
  4. Yeah, the timing definitely makes it tricky to track down the exact cause unfortunately, but hopefully all the data being provided by affected users will help the Developers to find the root cause of the issue and get it fixed soon. I hate seeing so many people having these issues and not being able to fix the problems.
  5. Excellent, I'm glad the issue is corrected. If there is anything else we might be able to assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  6. That can't be the only factor, though it may certainly be a part of it as I have the December updates installed here and yet I have no freezes and I keep Web Protection enabled. I suspect either it's some combination of factors such as the update you mentioned and maybe some specific hardware components and/or drivers, or some other combination of software or some combination of all of the above. Either way, no one at Malwarebytes has been able to reproduce this on any of their machines so far as far as I've heard although they have been trying (as have I).
  7. For those of you keeping Web Protection disabled you may wish to install the Malwarebytes browser extension beta which is available for Chrome (and other Chromium based browsers like SRWare Iron and Vivaldi) as well as Firefox. It blocks the same sites as Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3, though only for your browser not for the entire system the way Web Protection does. That said, it does have some advantages including blocking for many ads, tracking servers (to protect your privacy), clickbait links/sites, and it has behavior based blocking capabilities that target tech support scam sites
  8. I'm running 7x64 SP1 here, fully patched, with Malwarebytes Premium (also fully up to date) alongside MSE in real-time (and have been for years now) and haven't had any freeze issues or crashes so far. I've been running build 508 of Malwarebytes since the day it was released.
  9. You're welcome If there's anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  10. Greetings, It sounds like maybe the Windows Action Center is monitoring Malwarebytes and that perhaps during startup while Malwarebytes is starting its protection, but before it is fully active, Action Center sees that its protection isn't active yet and displays a notification to alert you about Malwarebytes' protection not being active but that's just my guess based on your description. You can try to resolve it by stopping Action Center from monitoring Malwarebytes (since Malwarebytes monitors itself as well and should alert you via its own tray icon if anything is wrong/not worki
  11. You should deactivate it on the old PC first if you can. If not, then theoretically as long as the old system never comes online again it should be OK, but there's no guarantee (though worst case scenario you'd just need to contact Support to get them to reset the license/deactivate all devices on their end more than likely).
  12. Yeah, it's a real bummer (and can definitely be a pain for regular members). It was actually an issue that forum admins debated on for a very long time (months if not years) until finally giving up and setting up more restrictive policies/settings because the spam had gotten so bad. At one point we were seeing daily spam floods of countless posts from spam bots with tons of new spam accounts being created almost constantly. When they finally set up all these new filters, rules and policies it cut the spam down to nearly 0 and made the forums a lot easier to manage and keep clean of spam.
  13. Spammers will create what appear to be innocent/legitimate posts and then later return to edit their previous posts to inject spam links/content into them. It's a behavior we've seen many times and is the reason the forum administrators created this policy.
  14. They do (I'm a former Malwarebytes employee so I have first-hand knowledge of this and even used to be a member of their QA team that handles the testing). Unfortunately these issues cannot be replicated reliably on every system running the affected operating systems; I should know as I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1, fully patched and haven't had any of the issues being reported with this build by users running that same OS. Unfortunately I don't know what all the variables are to reliably reproduce these issues, and I also know from past first-hand experience (and the reasons I personally
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I do know for a fact that in the past there have been many instances where they provided pinned topics and public announcements with known issues and occurrences where the software broke in one way or another. In this case I suspect that the number of issues/regressions present in this particular build has had them much more focused on chasing down the cause and data to more quickly provide a resolution/fixed build than on providing any sort of FAQ or public announcement (though I do believe they did pull the build from the automatic update/upgrade channel/servers to
  16. Thanks for the info regarding the Support Tool on XP. I'll be sure to report that to the team and hopefully they'll fix that in a future version so that it downloads/installs the appropriate build for legacy operating systems. @dcollins, @nikhils could one of you please take a look when you get a chance? I suspect your direct access to the Devs will prove valuable in determining what's going on here in this particular case (both of those members are Malwarebytes Support staff personnel). I guess we'll have to wait until they return from their time off for the holidays, but in the m
  17. Ah, I see. That makes sense. Yes, since it worked for a while chances are it's just some kind of intermittent issue with the software or it could be some kind of conflict with one of the other drivers on the system. I have one more thing to suggest to troubleshoot: Please open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Application and toggle the option on under Event Log Data then restart the computer and once it restarts and Malwarebytes is up and running again, check to verify that Exploit Protection still isn't functioning. Once that's done you may turn off the option under Event Log D
  18. No problem at all, and I understand why you're anxious for a fix; we all are for sure. I've been reporting these issues to the Product team constantly since build 508 was first released to document all of this for them in the hopes that the Devs will benefit from all the details and get to a fixed build that much sooner, but I know that they have a lot on their plates in fixing this particular release because of all these regressions and I'm sure they are also working to track down and correct whatever it was that caused these regressions to occur in the first place to hopefully prevent anyth
  19. Everything David said above is accurate, and I'll add that the only thing a VPN will do for your security is help to prevent anyone from snooping on your traffic between your system and the sites you connect with, but any information stored on those sites, as David already stated, is only as secure as the site providers make it via their own security measures. So while a VPN may help to ensure that your ISP can't snoop on your surfing habits, help to secure your communications when using public Wi-Fi and help to ensure that you aren't a victim of any man-in-the-middle attacks, it will do abso
  20. I just noticed something else odd in your logs. They list the Windows directory as: D:\WIN-NT In XP, it should be C:\Windows, or in your case, since Windows is installed on D:\ it should be D:\Windows. Win-NT is not a valid system folder name for the Windows directory on XP so I have no idea what's going on. I also noticed other oddities in the logs regarding drive letters and folder structures and it shows D:\ as being a FAT32 formatted partition rather than NTFS. I don't know if the filesystem structure has anything to do with it but it is odd for XP to be set up that way.
  21. There are a lot of bugs in this latest release, that's why it's taking so long to get a fix. They aren't going to fix just one issue and release a patch just to release 2 or 3 more fixes for the other outstanding issues afterwards. I suspect there was a problem with the most recent update/build that reverted several issues that had been fixed in earlier releases to a pre-fixed state and they're probably working to track down and undo whatever it was that broke the build process to keep all desirable changes and revert all of the bug regressions in the build because we've seen all of these is
  22. You don't need to login on the support page. Just create a ticket and you will correspond with Support via email.
  23. No, those files are for the standalone version of MBAE, not the version integrated into Malwarebytes 3 so those other EXE files shouldn't be there. As for why the Spanish language version of the driver is being installed, I have no idea, but it may be related to why Exploit Protection isn't working.
  24. You're very welcome And if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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