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  1. You may keep it if you wish, however you might also look into the Malwarebytes browser extension beta which is currently available for Chrome (and other Chromium based browsers like the new Microsoft Edge, SRWare Iron and Vivaldi) as well as Mozilla Firefox. It blocks many ads, trackers, phishing sites, clickbait sites and includes behavior based blocking for tech support scam sites and other malicious webpage types that may frequently change and therefore aren't easily blocked using a block list. You can learn more and download the extension at the following links: Chrome Firefox
  2. Yes, restarting the system is probably necessary since any registry startup items would not be loaded after being restored until the system is restarted.
  3. It wasn't at the time the OP reported it. I verified it on my own system, but it is indeed back now. At the time that it had vanished it didn't show up either from the direct link to the Play Store from the Malwarebytes.com Android page or via searching for 'malwarebytes' on the Play Store but everything appears fine now.
  4. I recall Malwarebytes had the same issue a while back with an earlier Windows 10 build that was later fixed. I assume that this issue will be addressed by the time the new build goes RTM assuming MS doesn't address whatever change was made on their end if they had a hand in the issue. Hopefully the logs will provide whatever info the Devs might need to fix it if necessary. I just hope it's not something silly like Defender detecting that Malwarebytes is being installed and automatically turning it off on their end regardless of the setting in Malwarebytes/the installer.
  5. You can also post on the MS Office forums here if you prefer that, and hopefully someone from the Microsoft team who actually knows about what that process does will see it and respond.
  6. That is the support page for MS Office. Once you put the details in and click on the 'Get Help' button it presents you with more options. It also prompts you to sign in with your Microsoft account so they'll most likely contact you via email. They might also have a live chat option but I'm not sure.
  7. Greetings, FRST is only used in the malware removal area of the forums where our malware removal specialists trained in the proper use of such tools assist users. Please create a new topic in that area by following the instructions in this topic and then creating a new topic in that area by clicking here and provide them with the logs and info requested in the first link and one of the malware removal specialists will assist you as soon as they are available. Good luck and I hope this issue is resolved quickly. Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with.
  8. Greetings, JRT has actually long been discontinued and is no longer being actively updated, maintained or supported. Please refer to the information in this topic.
  9. Greetings, This is actually how modern subscription licenses work. They are multi-seat/multi-install based licenses (if purchased for more than 1 device) and the devices/installations can be managed using the My Account feature at My.Malwarebytes.com. The problem right now is the older lifetime licenses/backwards compatibility. I do think two factor authentication might be a good idea, however it's not nearly as bulletproof as some may believe and there have already been many occasions where 2FA has been bypassed/cracked. No solution is perfect obviously, however it actually has a
  10. Yes, just like Malwarebytes, ADWCleaner places everything it removes in quarantine so that if necessary it can be restored later. The quarantined items are encrypted so that they are rendered harmless/can't execute and are decrypted and restored to their original locations if restored from quarantine.
  11. Greetings, Malwarebytes does offer some level of intrusion detection in their Endpoint Protection and Response business product, however it is for businesses only, not consumers. It includes breach remediation capabilities including their proprietary Malwarebytes Forensic Timeliner Administrator Guide application. You can learn more about it here and you can compare their offerings here and if you're still not sure which solution would best suit your needs you may contact Sales here and they can discuss your environment and needs and determine which offering(s) might best fit your envir
  12. Obviously it's a component of Microsoft Office so I wouldn't recommend attempting to modify or delete it, however if it is causing performance issues on your PC I'd recommend contacting Microsoft about it and hopefully it's an issue they are familiar with and can assist you. I doubt anyone could say with confidence one way or the other what deleting that file might do and how it would affect the functionality of Microsoft Office if you were to do so. You've created 3 threads on 3 separate sites that I've been able to find so far and you're going to get the same kinds of responses from ea
  13. I definitely hear where you're coming from with regards to older games. That said, if you haven't already, I'd highly recommend checking out gog.com as they have a lot of older games which have been made compatible with modern operating systems which makes it a lot easier to get them up and running (including without needing the original CDs as are often required with many older games for their DRM) on newer Windows versions. Obviously that's not the only reason to continue using an older version of Windows, but I just thought I'd mention it in case you weren't aware as it can be most us
  14. Greetings, You should be able to manage your license using the new My Account feature by creating an account at My.Malwarebytes.com. You'll find instructions on how to do so in this support article and additional info on how to manage your license can be found in this support article as well as this support article (I recommend trying the Deactivate all function as that usually does the job for freeing up a lifetime license from a previous system/installation) and if necessary, you may contact Malwarebytes Support and they can deactivate the old installation for you as they did before.
  15. Greetings, According to the older documentation for a previous build of ADWCleaner here it did support CLI to some extent at one time, however I'm not sure if it still does or not as I couldn't find any references to it more recent than that so I suspect that the CLI build/component either isn't available any more or was dropped from the set of features that ADWCleaner supports.
  16. Greetings, Yes, ADWCleaner has its own database and heuristics detection capabilities so it actually does target several PUP items that Malwarebytes does not currently. I believe that eventually they do plan to integrate ADWCleaner's capabilities into Malwarebytes, however for the time being the two programs are still separate and ADWCleaner is still useful as an on-demand second opinion scanner even when using Malwarebytes on an endpoint. I hope that clears things up and if there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  17. Greetings, ADWCleaner is just an on-demand scanner (no real-time protection) and targets mainly PUPs like adware and other junkware with a database that does target some items that Malwarebytes 3 doesn't detect so if you want to keep it around to scan with occasionally as a second opinion (a good idea, especially if you or anyone who uses the system tends to download and install a lot of 'free' software from the web that might include bundled items that you might not want on your PC) you are free to do so, but otherwise if you don't need it you can go ahead and delete it. It doesn't run
  18. I've been without a third party AV for several years now, relying on Malwarebytes as my primary protection, and while I do generally surf safely, I do actually occasionally press my luck going out into the riskier parts of the web to go 'hunting' for new threats and bad sites to report to the Malwarebytes Research team and even then, I still have yet to get a single infection (not even a single PUP) and the worst thing I've come across so far that actually got through was the occasional tech support scam site (though even those don't get through any more ever since I installed the MB browser e
  19. Greetings, To report a false positive please read the information in this topic as well as this topic and then create a new topic in the false positives area by clicking here with the requested information about the detection including a scan log from Malwarebytes showing the detection as well as a copy of the file attached in a ZIP folder so that the Malwarebytes Research team may determine why the item is being detected and get the issue corrected if it is a false positive. If there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  20. Greetings, I am sorry for the issue you experienced. It sounds like Malwarebytes performed a scheduled scan, detected O&O and was configured to quarantine detected items automatically and to restart the system automatically to remove any items detected. I would recommend changing this so that when items are detected by scheduled scans, you have the opportunity to review the detections and decide how to handle them and when to restart if necessary should you decide to remove them. To do this, open Malwarebytes and navigate to the Settings>Scan Schedule tab and check the box next
  21. Greetings, Yes, it appears you've been hit by a nasty ransomware infection. I'm not certain if the files can be recovered, however your best bet would be to work with one of our malware removal specialists to deal with the infection and they will advise you on how to proceed. To do so, please follow the instructions in this topic and then create a new topic in the malware removal area including the requested logs and information by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you as soon as one becomes available. Good luck, and I hope that you are able to ge
  22. Just to quote the article linked above by David H. Lipman as it's relevant to this issue:
  23. Yeah, even in the thread you linked to there are several files in that location with that name that appear to come from different sources, one of which is the Contuit search hijacker I mentioned, another appears to be some Star Wars games and one user mentions that they believe it came from Photoshop.
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