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  1. Thank you for the additional information. Yes, we have seen occasions where similar problems would occur in the past, and like you, we were generally able to correct/work around them, but in this case it appears that a change Microsoft has made has rendered those fixes/workarounds ineffective. Hopefully whatever action is taken on Malwarebytes' side as well as Microsoft's will correct this issue once and for all, including for the scenarios that occurred occasionally with previous versions.
  2. Yes, the Malwarebytes Developers will definitely be looking into this issue and it has already been reported to the Malwarebytes Product team as well.
  3. Yes, the Support team has been made aware of this issue as have the members of the Product team so they will definitely collect all of the reports and information that has been provided for analysis. Thank you for your help with this, and that goes for all of those who have reported on this issue. I hope that it may be resolved soon, but I suspect that action may be required on Microsoft's end to correct the issue completely so hopefully they will take action on this issue as it has been reported to them by several individuals already and I'm sure that Malwarebytes will reach out to them dir
  4. Excellent, thanks to both of you for providing the logs. I know such large uploads can be tedious (particularly since I'm on a DSL internet connection myself with a 100Kbps upload speed). Hopefully they'll give the Developers a clue as to the root cause of this issue.
  5. Please upload the file to WeTransfer.com, selecting the Send as link option (click the round ... button) and then provide the link it gives you once the upload is complete. Thanks
  6. Please refer to this support article. It provides contact information for both of the e-commerce partners who handle payment processing and automatic payments for Malwarebytes license purchases. You may contact the appropriate vendor who handles payment processing for your account directly to have them cancel auto-renewal for your account.
  7. Greetings, We have seen similar issues reported in the past. If you would, please do the following so that we my review your current system and software configuration to hopefully aid in determining the cause of the issue as well as hopefully finding a solution: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  8. Does anyone else see the irony in a survey about concerns regarding sharing data online requiring that participants enter private demographic information about themselves (i.e. age etc.)? I get why, I'm just saying, I suspect that some of the individuals you probably want to hear from most won't participate specifically because they guard their privacy and info so intensely. My personal opinion is that you consider making it more concise and only ask questions relevant to the subject at hand rather than including and requiring answers for questions that really have no bearing on the topic it
  9. Excellent, I'm glad to be of service If you have any future questions or issues please don't hesitate to post again.
  10. Greetings, I believe this can happen sometimes when you remove or deactivate the software on a single device and then reinstall/reactivate it later. That would explain the phantom activations taking up your remaining licenses/device activations. You should be able to correct this by using the Deactivate all link at the bottom right of the Manage devices interface. That should reset your license activations to 0, then you'd just need to activate your two devices normally again and that should leave you with your additional 2 remaining license activations. There may be another way t
  11. Yes, that's correct. Unfortunately I don't know of a fix for this issue currently, but hopefully Microsoft will get the problem corrected on their end soon.
  12. My bad, I was just trying to help since I recognized the issue. I should have just sent you a PM instead but I didn't think about it. My apologies, it won't happen again. I hid my reply and I can hide this one too if you wish.
  13. Thanks for reporting. Yes, this issue seems to be pretty common based on all the reports I'm seeing and I believe Microsoft is investigating the issue. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon; hopefully before they decide to release build 18323 to the general public.
  14. Greetings, I reviewed the block logs you posted and they indicate that the trackers (sites used for tracking/managing torrents for peer-to-peer Bittorrent clients like Vuze) for something you were probably downloading or searching for were being blocked. These blocks are not an indication of infection and are quite normal when using a peer-to-peer (P2P) application like a Bittorrent client as they tend to connect to a wide array of IP addresses which may include some that are also used for hosting malware and other malicious content. That said, those sites won't infect your system when
  15. Yep, same here with the one notable exception being the issue I discovered with the OEM HotKey application software on my system and Ransomware Protection that I discovered, though excluding it corrected that problem.
  16. I don't know if this is at all related, but earlier today I had an issue reaching the Malwarebytes support site and blog. I kept getting certificate errors. It seems to be resolved now but that could be because I clicked 'yes' to a confirmation prompt/warning from my browser about the cert issue.
  17. Greetings, I'm not a fan of captcha's either, so I definitely feel your pain on that point. I hate those lame pictogram tests and how tedious they are. That said, I do know the reason they implemented it. Unfortunately for years the forums here had a major issue with near constant flood postings by spam bots, and they only way they were able to put a stop to it was by implementing stricter protocols such as the captcha when signing up for an account as well as higher requirements for forum passwords. As for the reason you're unable to post in the normal support area, I'm honestly
  18. Thanks Corrine. I've been tracking this issue as well and have seen several threads and reports from several users with this issue with the Insider Preview build and it does indeed appear to be an issue with the new build preventing Malwarebytes from installing drivers based on the logs and reports I've analyzed so far.
  19. Yes, I have noticed it is snappier on shutdown (as well as startup most of the time) with the latest build, at least on my system (7 x64 Pro SP1, fully patched).
  20. Greetings, It appears what you are seeing are what are known as browser push notifications. It isn't a sign of infection or even a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program); just a setting in your browser for how websites are able to display notifications. You can find out more about this, including how to control and disable these kinds of notifications in this Malwarebytes Labs blog article. I hope this helps, and please let us know if that does not resolve the issue. Thanks
  21. You're welcome. If there's anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  22. I'm currently tracking this issue. Several other users have reported the same issue with the latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10 with various protection components failing as well as some other modules on occasion including rootkit scanning. The cause of the problem appears to be an issue with Malwarebytes failing to install its drivers for some reason, and since each protection component (as well as rootkit scanning) uses its own driver, the end result is protection components cannot be enabled. Perhaps Microsoft has changed how drivers are allowed to be installed and registered on
  23. Just FYI, the original user in this thread has reported that their issue with Malwarebytes causing the system to freeze when using Windows Mail and Google Chrome has also been fixed by the latest release so I suspect the impact of this multithreading architectural fix in the Web Protection driver may have wider implications in improving performance and fixing previously seemingly unconnected issues with the protection components in Malwarebytes 3.
  24. Excellent, thank you for letting us know. It is likely that when they fixed the recently discovered freeze issue with Windows 7 that emerged in build 508 it corrected your issue as well. It was a fix for an architectural issue dealing with improper multithreading in the Web Protection component, so it may have far reaching implications on correcting previously undiagnosed performance issues with Malwarebytes under many conditions across many systems.
  25. Yes, based on the logs I've been seeing from users affected by this issue, it appears that the root of the problem is that, for whatever reason, Malwarebytes is failing to install its drivers for the affected protection components as each of them uses their own driver, just like Anti-Rootkit does. So whatever has changed in the Insider Preview build of Windows 10 is apparently affecting Malwarebytes' ability to install and register its drivers.
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