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  1. You can go ahead and install 3.6.1 and it will automatically remove the older 2.x version
  2. Greetings, I'm sorry for the trouble with the signup page. I've noted your report of the issue and will submit it to the staff for review and testing to verify that the instructions provided are still accurate for the actual requirements of the signup dialog (though obviously based on your experience it definitely sounds as though that is not the case and the instructions probably need to be revised or the requirements need to be altered to match the instructions). Thank you for reporting the issue and if there is anything else we might assist you with or any further feedback you might have about the site or the software please don't hesitate to post and let us know. Thanks
  3. Greetings, I'm not certain what went wrong, but it does appear that the install was unable to complete. Please restart your system and then do the following to see if it resolves the issue: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Please let us know how it goes and if you have any further issues. Thanks
  4. Does the remediation map still capture detections when telemetry is disabled or blocked? I'm just wondering since that may be the reason as well if it was disabled or being blocked by a HOSTS file or firewall.
  5. Hello again No problem at all, I am able to translate your messages very easily in my web browser. Yes, Malwarebytes 3.6.1 does include protection from ransomware. They have a great article about ransomware here (I linked to the Portuguese (Brazil) language version of the page for you). More specifically, Malwarebytes Premium includes the Ransomware Protection component that watches all running processes to look for ransomware behavior and if any is detected, it will stop the bad process and place it in quarantine so that your files are safe from being encrypted. It also has many layers of protection that prevent infections, including ransomware, from ever entering your computer by stopping attacks much earlier including Exploit Protection that detects exploit behavior (without needing databases/signatures or updates), and since most ransomware infections begin with some kind of exploit (such as scripts on a bad website or malicious advertisement, or even in an infected document attached to an email), it is very effective at stopping those attacks before the ransomware ever downloads to your system to try to infect it. Malwarebytes also has Web Protection that blocks known bad websites that host infections and of course Malwarebytes also includes more traditional signature based detection as well as more advanced heuristics in its Malware Protection component which it uses for detecting known infections as well as files that are unknown that look like infections. If you still want more protection you can still use an antivirus with Malwarebytes Premium and many of our customers use the free Windows Defender that is included with Windows 8 and Windows 10 as an additional layer of security. It adds more protection without slowing down the computer too much.
  6. Greetings, Thank you for the suggestions and feedback. I will report this issue to the Product team for review and hopefully they will be able to correct the display issues with the Dutch language text.
  7. OK, it seems there's definitely something more serious going on with your system. I think it would be best to rule out an infection as the cause so please read and follow the instructions in this topic as best you can and then create a new thread in the malware removal area including the requested logs and info in a new topic by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you in checking the system and cleaning out any threats that might be present, and they may also be able to determine what's causing the issues and possible correct it if it isn't related to malware, but if not, then you can return here once they are done and we can continue troubleshooting the issues from there.
  8. Greetings, Please try downloading and installing the latest version over the top of your existing installation from here to see if it corrects the issue (be sure to restart your system after completing the installation to make sure it works properly on reboot). If that fails, then please try the following: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Please let us know how it goes and if the issue still persists. Thanks
  9. Greetings, If it isn't too inconvenient, you could try deactivating all devices in My Account and then reactivate the license on your computer, your family member's computer and your new system and it should work (be sure to use the deactivate all option to ensure it clears out all 3 activations). If that fails or if you'd rather not do that then Support may be able to assist you with this issue. You may contact them directly via the options found on this page. Good luck, and I hope this gets resolved quickly for you. If you need anything else please let us know. Thanks
  10. Greetings, Here is the information from the second link above. It is instructions on how to activate the software with your license key: To activate Malwarebytes for Windows Premium, have your Premium license key ready and follow the instructions below. Activating Malwarebytes for Windows enables Premium features such as Real-Time Protection. Your license key is located in the order confirmation email that was sent to you when you purchased your Premium subscription. If you do not have a Premium license key, visit the Malwarebytes website to purchase a Premium subscription or see how to find your Premium license key. You must have Malwarebytes for Windows installed on your computer prior to activating your license key. To install Malwarebytes on your Windows computer, refer to the article Install Malwarebytes for Windows. Activate your Premium license Open Malwarebytes for Windows. Click Activate License. Click the text box under License key, then enter your key. If you have an ID, click the checkbox next to My license came with a License ID. Click the text box under License ID, then enter your ID. If you do not have an ID, leave the box unchecked and continue to step 4. Click Activate License. When Malwarebytes for Windows Premium is activated, Malwarebytes | Premium is displayed in the top left corner of the window. Following activation, Malwarebytes for Windows Premium starts a threat scan and turns on Real-Time Protection. Malwarebytes for Windows Premium may take a few minutes to start. To explore other features and settings in Malwarebytes for Windows Premium, see the Malwarebytes for Windows User Guide.
  11. Excellent, I am glad I was able to help. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. As for your father, no problem, however what you can do if you wish to add some free protection to his system (and enhance your own as well) is install the Malwarebytes browser extension beta which is currently available for free for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It blocks bad websites similar to the Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3 but also has behavior based protection to block tech support scams, clickbait sites and also blocks many advertisements and tracking servers to speed up browsing and help protect your privacy. You can find out more about it at the following links: Chrome Firefox
  12. Greetings, It appears that you have the Malwarebytes licensing server blocked in your HOSTS file. That is likely the reason that the license will not activate, so please try removing it and then try to activate the key again and it should work: Please let us know how it goes and if you continue to have any problems. Thanks
  13. My apologies, I did not mean to offend. It just sounded identical from your description of what happened in your first post to so many accounts we've seen from other users about tech support scam incidents, and given how frequently they occur these days (so much so that Malwarebytes has an entire section of their blog/tech support site dedicated to it with countless linked articles and resources and even, as I mentioned, a browser extension currently in beta which was initially built specifically to address tech support scam sites since they keep popping up faster than anyone can blacklist them using any sort of reactive technology like a web block database as Malwarebytes 3 uses). I just wanted to make sure that if you did get scammed, that you were (hopefully) able to get your money back, because it's a shame when criminals succeed in taking advantage of trusting people who did nothing wrong except believe that they were being helped by someone with good intentions and a high level of technical expertise. That's rough that a legit MS tech left your system in that state and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I am glad that you're going to be able to get it back in proper working order though and that you haven't lost your personal files and data. Anyway, again, I apologize if my assumptions and statements offended, I was simply trying to be helpful, not to condescend or to say that you did anything wrong. I just know (as I'm sure you do as well given your experience in this area) that these scammers take advantage of a lot of people which is why their crooked business model is unfortunately so financially successful.
  14. @MysteryFCM, @Zynthesist can one of you guys take a look please? I've notified members of the Malwarebytes web Research team to take a look. They should respond to this topic soon.
  15. Sure, no problem, I hope they're finally able to figure out this issue and get it fixed.
  16. Good, I'm glad at least that it looks like you won't have to face any aggravation getting Malwarebytes installed and up and running again. Hopefully they'll have this issue resolved quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your devices instead of spending countless hours troubleshooting (something I'm all too familiar with having been a self-trained PC technician for many years in the past).
  17. I'm not sure. It may show something like your IP address which could be considered personal so you can PM it directly to Rakesh if you prefer, or create a support ticket and submit it that way and they'll be able to get it. As for capturing, be sure to launch the program as admin and also click on the start capture button (I think it looks like an arrow/play button near the top left if I recall correctly) and it should work, or advise you on what to do if it isn't working. Also make sure that it is capturing from the connection you use for accessing the web if your system has multiple connections (i.e. wired vs wireless etc.).
  18. Yes, that should be fine. The main thing is getting Wireshark installed so that you can perform a traffic capture.
  19. No, probably not. I thought you were referring to the prompt it displays about WinPcap. You shouldn't need the plugins, but either way it really doesn't matter as you can remove it once dcollins is done diagnosing the issue.
  20. Like what, you mean the driver etc.? Yeah, you need the WinPCap driver etc. to be able to capture traffic properly. If it's bundled with any toolbars or anything like that then you don't need those, but you do need to install the driver components etc. to get full capture functionality. Once you're done testing you can remove everything though, and after uninstall if any traces/drivers etc. are left behind you can use a tool like MS Sysinternals Autoruns to remove them.
  21. I think the whole thing is a bug. I don't believe that site was ever included in MB's block lists to begin with, so whatever is causing the block is likely the same issue causing inconsistent behavior with exclusions etc. which is why I wanted to see what you get with a Wireshark log. It may show something odd in your system or internet connection to that site that may reveal what's going on and why this issue keeps happening. Whatever it is, it definitely is not the expected behavior.
  22. Sounds good. Yeah, not much you can do if they are dead set on a specific course of action so just follow their instructions and hopefully they will end up isolating the cause of the problem no matter what it might be.
  23. It may be some odd routing issue, or perhaps because of where you're located or the ISP you're using (or if you use any kind of VPN etc.), maybe you're hitting a different server for the same site (assuming they might use multiple servers for site distribution which isn't terribly unusual these days I don't think). Maybe a Wireshark log of you attempting to connect to the site with the plugin enabled and disabled would help to show what happens when it gets blocked and what happens when the connection goes through.
  24. You don't have to be in Safe Mode (or Safe Mode with Networking). They do recommend it, but it shouldn't be necessary for this particular fix to work. That said, a reinstall of Windows 10 would certainly fix any permissions issues and virtually any other problem with software, so if you would rather go that route you certainly may, and if you do run into any trouble just let us know and we'll provide assistance as best we can.
  25. It may be removing/reinstalling Malwarebytes. If so, if it doesn't reinstall it for you then you can just download and reinstall the latest version from here. Let us know if you have any trouble and we'll do our best to assist.
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