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  1. Greetings, Thank you for providing your feedback. This behavior is under review and based on what I have seen/heard from the staff here on the forums, they do intend to revise this behavior in an upcoming release, though I have no ETA at this time. If you have any further comments, suggestions, or feedback please feel free to post them here so that we do not miss them. Thank you.
  2. Yes, it's definitely an unfortunate bug, but hopefully one which will be corrected promptly now that you have reported it. Thank you again for discovering it and doing so, we definitely appreciate it. If we may be of assistance with anything else, please let us know and we will do our best to help. Thanks
  3. By the way, if the blocks are coming from your ISP/network connection, you could potentially get around it using a VPN (one that doesn't filter sites based on content), and Malwarebytes actually does offer a VPN that you can try for free, and is compatible with Macs. It is called Malwarebytes Privacy and if you want to give it a try you can find more info and download it here (just click the Free Trial button and enter a valid email address to give it a try, or use your existing Malwarebytes account email if you are already a Malwarebytes customer).
  4. Greetings, It looks like you found a bug in the UI; if you restore it down to its original size rather than having it maximized (which can also be accomplished by closing and reopening the UI since it reopens back to its original size and location on screen), you should be able to hover over and click on each of the icons. The issue with the icons vanishing and not being clickable when maximized is a bug and will be reported to the QA and Product teams to get fixed (thank you for finding and reporting it to us). With regards to the icons' functions, each icon does the following:
  5. I will offer this: if you use any sort of VPN software or web filtering solution, it may be blocking based on that. If it is a work machine or one managed by someone else (such as your parents, for example) then it could be some sort of filtering/parental control software at work. If you use any sort of filtering/blocking browser plugins, ad blocking solutions or similar, that could also be the cause. The fact that it happens with all browsers would indicate that it is some sort of filtering solution such as a VPN, work management software/tool, parental control application, or even some ty
  6. Greetings, You may have already reviewed these resources, but in case you have not, you may find the following pages informative: Explore partnerships Resellers Why partner with Malwarebytes? (PDF) Malwarebytes Partner Portal sign up/sign in page Specifically with regards to Silver membership it states the following: SILVER Designed for Partners with varying levels of security expertise Access to a range of online tools and resources Access to Partner Desk I would recommend signing up/applying to become
  7. Excellent, thank you for letting us know. If you encounter any further problems please let us know. Thanks
  8. It may be coming from a peer-to-peer application such as uTorrent, which this particular site is associated with according to this thread on ESET's forums and since it is being blocked by ESET, it's possible that Malwarebytes' Web Protection isn't getting the chance to see it since it is being intercepted and redirected/blocked by ESET. If you are using uTorrent or any other Bittorrent application, that is likely the source of the blocks, again, according to the thread I linked from ESET's forums, therefore there is no malware for Malwarebytes to detect, but if you are confident the devices a
  9. Greetings, You should be able to disable the real-time protection components as described in this support article if Malwarebytes interferes with your exam software (though hopefully it will not and certainly should not).
  10. Greetings, I don't know about a warning/prompt, however you are free to reschedule your scans to take place at a different time if you prefer, or if you're like me and rely primarily on the more proactive real-time protection and browser security of tools like Malwarebytes Browser Guard and UBlock Origin, you can instead delete the scheduled scan and simply perform occasional Threat scans on demand as part of your regular system maintenance. They generally only take a matter of minutes and should complete more quickly than the scheduled scans since they are geared more towards speed rath
  11. LOL, yep. I often lay in bed at night, looking up at the stars and wonder to myself "Where the heck is my ceiling?"
  12. Excellent, I hope they are able to promptly get the issue resolved.
  13. Greetings, Given the rampant popularity of Facebook, I'm certain we would've heard by now if Malwarebytes Browser Guard was causing any problems with it. That said, you can disable the browser extension if needed by clicking the Malwarebytes icon in the toolbar of your browser and clicking the gear icon in the upper right, then toggling the switch next to Pause/Resume Malwarebytes Browser Guard to the off position (left) and then refresh the page and it won't block anything until you re-enable it. You can try that once you're able to unlock your account to ensure that the extension does
  14. By the way, you might tell your clients that Malwarebytes doesn't generally charge for any new program versions; a valid subscription/license entitles you to all new releases unless there is a statement/announcement or info in the EULA stating otherwise. Malwarebytes only charges for the Premium features such as real-time protection, automatic/scheduled updates, and scheduled scanning. Even users of the free version which is only an on-demand scan/remediation tool are allowed to upgrade to the newest versions available whenever they wish without payment. Some vendors do charge for new p
  15. Greetings, Thank you for the suggestion. Some program updates do occur silently, however new major version releases generally require a full installer and it is generally those new versions which prompt the user to install the new version, especially if there have been any major feature changes in the software or installer which require the user's input. That said, your feedback will be passed on to the Product team for consideration. Thank you, and if there is anything else you'd like to see changed or improved in the software please let us know. Thanks
  16. Greetings, Please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on this page if you haven't done so already and they will be able to assist you with accessing your account and restoring your license key state. Please keep in mind that it may take a week to receive a response as the support queue has been very busy lately, but please do not create additional support tickets after creating the first one for this issue so that it does not send you to the back of the queue. In the meantime, I would suggest using the free 14-day trial of Malwarebytes, assuming you haven't already us
  17. That's OK, hopefully the issue was just a one-time problem and you won't need the offline installer in the future, but do let us know if you have any further problems and we will gladly assist.
  18. Greetings, It may be due to the fact that the beta of Anti-Exploit uses many of the same drivers and components as the Exploit Protection in Malwarebytes Premium (since they are essentially the same thing; the standalone version is simply a beta for testing new features and detection methods before integrating them into Malwarebytes Premium). I would recommend removing the standalone Anti-Exploit Beta, then restarting your system to see if that fixes the issue and allows Exploit Protection in Malwarebytes Premium to function. If that does not work, please try the following to see if
  19. Greetings, Please try installing the latest update using the full offline installer located here to see if that is successful. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks
  20. Thanks, so these are the particular items you're referring to which were deleted and no copies were created in quarantine?: ***** [ Folders ] ***** Deleted C:\ProgramData\IObit\Advanced SystemCare Deleted C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyPlayCity Deleted C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\IObit\Advanced SystemCare
  21. Greetings, To get this addressed you will need to contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on this page if you haven't done so already. Please only create one support ticket as creating additional tickets will move you to the back of the queue. Please keep in mind that it may take 7 days or more to receive a response from Support as the helpdesk has been very busy lately, however if 7 days have passed without a response, please post here and let us know and include your support ticket number and we can request that someone from Support check into it for you. If there
  22. Excellent, thanks for letting us know If there is anything else we might help with please post. Thanks
  23. Greetings, I'm not sure if it covers all possible detections, but the current version of ADWCleaner includes two tabs/sections for quarantined items; one called Items and the other called Preinstalled software as documented in this support article. If there are additional detections you are seeing which are not being quarantined, please let me know and I will put in a request to the Product team to consider adding the ability to quarantine and restore those items/classification of items as well. Thanks
  24. If you check for updates, this should no longer be blocked. The current database as of this posting is 1.0.33334. You can verify which database version you have installed by opening Malwarebytes and navigating to settings by clicking the small gear icon in the upper right, then selecting the About tab and the database version should be listed under Update package version. If you still have an earlier version, click the Check for updates link under the About tab and Malwarebytes should download the latest database. Once updated, wait approximately 30 seconds for the database/protection to r
  25. Excellent, thank you for letting us know. If you encounter any further issues or require assistance with anything please let us know. Thanks
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