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  1. Greetings, To resolve issues with licensing the quickest way to receive assistance would be to contact Malwarebytes Support directly. You may do so via the options found on this page. In the meantime, you can attempt to find out what's going on with your license and why it won't activate by accessing the My Account site and either logging in if you've already registered, or signing up to create an account and then logging in to check the status of your license. It also allows you to manage your licenses and devices so that you can deactivate an existing license on one device in order to install/activate it on another so it can be very useful if you get a new system or have to reinstall Windows without having to worry about deactivating your license first. I hope this helps and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know and we'll do our best to help. Thanks
  2. Greetings, This could be for a couple of reasons. First, if the game launcher uses embedded advertisements for other games/products as some do, then this could be the issue as it may be contacting known advertising servers to show the ad content, thus triggering the blocks. Second, one or more of the servers being contacted could be shared with other content that is malicious or used for advertising which is blocked by Malwarebytes as many sites can be hosted on the same server/IP address. If you do suspect that it is a false positive and would like to report it then please follow the guidelines in this topic as well as this topic then create a new thread in the Website Blocking false positive area by clicking here and a member of the Research team will review the site and unblock it if it turns out to be a false positive or explain the reason for continuing to block it if it turns out not to be a false positive. Additionally, if you just want to allow the game launcher to connect to any site it wants without any blocks then you may create an exclusion for it in Malwarebytes by following the instructions in this support article under the Exclude an Application that Connects to the Internet section. The benefit of doing it this way is that Malwarebytes will no longer block any connections from that program without compromising the protection of your web browser(s) and other programs on your system by excluding any sites that might not be safe. I hope this helps and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  3. Greetings, I would suggest trying the recently released beta build of Malwarebytes which was published yesterday. It includes several bug fixes for a number of issues and has already been shown to improve performance in some scenarios for some users who were having performance related problems. To do so, open Malwarebytes and navigate to Settings>Application and enable beta updates under Beta Application Updates then scroll back up near the top and click on the Install Application Updates button and it should download and install the beta. Once installed, restart your system and see if things have improved. If you install the beta, please let me know if it resolved the issue or not. Thanks
  4. It could be an issue with permissions then. Please try the following to see if it corrects the problems: Tweaking.com Windows Repair All-in-One Download Tweaking.com Windows Repair from here and install it or if you would prefer, you may instead download and extract the portable version from here Once installed or extracted, launch Repair_Windows.exe Click on the Repairs - Main tab Click on the Open Repairs button Once it displays the list of repairs, click the checkbox next to All Repairs so that everything listed is UNCHECKED Now, click the checkbox next to Reset Registry Permissions and Reset File Permissions so that they are checked Click on the Start Repairs button at the bottom Once it completes, allow it to restart your system Once that's done, try installing again to see if it now works and let us know how it goes. If that still fails, you can try creating a new administrative user account (we can provide instructions if needed, just let us know) and then try installing Malwarebytes in the new user account. If that works, then you have a couple of options. You can migrate your files/data from your existing user account to the new one and delete your original user account, or you can keep the original user account as a backup in case there's anything there that you might need in the future, however if the new user account works, then I'd advise sticking with that one for your main computer usage as a corrupt user account with some kind of permissions or structural problem could have unpredictable consequences with software and system behavior.
  5. Excellent, I'm glad to hear it. I hope it works out as well for everyone who's been experiencing this issue. Thank you for letting us know
  6. No, you did it correctly. The name of the file for that window you took screenshots of is called Repair_Windows.exe as illustrated below (I just downloaded both versions and verified): Now all you need to do is click on the Repairs - Main tab shown at the top of that window that you took images of and proceed with the rest of the steps.
  7. You're very welcome No, you don't need to disable Malwarebytes to create restore points, and no, you don't need to disable Windows Defender either as it does not interfere with them (it was built by Microsoft so they would make certain it's compatible). Just remember that you may still need to do a repair install of Malwarebytes (install the latest version over the top of your existing installation) after performing a system restore should any issues occur as it may corrupt Malwarebytes' settings and configuration files due to altering the date/time synchronization of them which Malwarebytes keeps a close eye on for tracking events, updates and settings, however it should work fine once you do that and it should only take a matter of seconds to run the installer.
  8. Please do the following to see if it corrects the issue as this may be due to local caching of the heuristics detection database: Right-click on the Malwarebytes tray icon and select Quit Malwarebytes and click Yes if prompted by User Account Control Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService and delete the HubbleCache file Launch Malwarebytes again and it should no longer detect the file If it is, then please let us know and the Research team will address it for you. Thanks
  9. It is an unfortunate truth that exploits/vulnerabilities are unavoidable, no matter how cautious and strict the Devs behind the code. And now with Chrome being the number one browser by far, thanks in large part do the adoption of mobile devices (tablets, smart phones, ultrabooks etc.) as well as its rise in popularity on PCs, Mac and Linux, it is a prime target of the bad guys. I use SRWare Iron which is based on Chromium (minus Google's branding, ads and tracking), and I added a custom shield to Malwarebytes 3's Exploit Protection for it (chrome.exe, browser category/classification) as soon as this change was made and have had 0 problems since doing so and I advise anyone running a Chromium based browser to do the same (as long as it isn't Chrome itself, as Google obviously would complain/block the injection of the Anti-Exploit DLL). If they want to shoot their own users and Developers in the foot this way for the sake of stability, that's their business, but I won't stand by while they are deliberately making our users and customers less secure than they should be. I also highly recommend installing the Malwarebytes browser extension beta which is available for Chrome and other Chromium based browsers as well as Firefox: Chrome Firefox It's like a suped-up version of the Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3, but adds behavior blocking of tech support scam sites, ad blocking and tracking server blocking to protect privacy along with anti-phishing and clickbait site blocking on top of the web protection databases used by Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3 Premium and is designed to work alongside MB3 Premium to enhance your protection, and even speeds up page blocks/redirects from the Web Protection component so you may even see performance improvements in browsing speeds when using it alongside Malwarebytes 3's Web Protection component.
  10. I'm using SRware Iron (latest build) which is based on Chromium (just without Google's branding/ads/tracking etc.), and I added it as a custom browser shield in my Exploit Protection in Malwarebytes and so far everything has been fine. I've been running it this way since the initial MB3 release where Chrome was removed and have had 0 problems so far. I'm hoping that the other Chromium browsers like Iron, Vivaldi etc. continue to not adopt Google's policy regarding code injection as it is a necessity for proper protection from exploits, many of which these days target Chrome specifically given its prominence on mobile platforms and widespread popularity on PCs and Macs.
  11. Greetings, Did you have to pay the Microsoft techs that remotely logged into your system for them to assist you? If so, then I'm sorry but it was a scam run by criminals where they prey on people on the web by convincing them that their systems are messed up and that they will help, when in fact they generally just over charge for repair services and then end up either doing nothing useful, or even damaging your system/data (such as deleting your user account, which no reputable technician would do, especially without first creating a solid backup in a separate location such as the could/online or on an external device such as a USB flash drive, memory card, or external hard drive). If that is the case, I would highly recommend contacting your credit card company or bank in charge of the card/account you used to pay the technicians and tell them that you were scammed and to reverse the charge and get your money back. Also, if you did give them your credit card number, I would also recommend cancelling the card and having your bank or credit card company issue a new one as they are likely to charge it again in the future without your permission. You can find out more about this type of criminal activity, known as "Tech Support Scams" at the Tech support scams: help and resource page which is located [url=https://blog.malwarebytes.com/tech-support-scams/]here[/url]. It includes tons of useful information and guidance on how to avoid these types of scams, what to look out for, and steps you can take to better protect yourself and what to do in case you've already fallen victim to tech support scammers. I would also highly recommend installing the Malwarebytes browser extension beta if you use Chrome (or any Chromium based alternative such as SRWare Iron or Vivaldi) or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser as it adds an additional layer of web defense to your browser on top of the Web Protection provided in Malwarebytes 3, including behavior based detection and blocking of tech support scam sites (even new ones which aren't in the Malwarebytes web block database yet) and it also blocks many ads to speed up browsing as well as many tracking servers to help secure your privacy while surfing the web. You can find more info as well as download the Malwarebytes browser extension beta at the following links: Chrome Firefox Now, as far as your license is concerned, it would be best to contact Malwarebytes Support directly so that they may look up your license and reset it which should enable you to activate and use it again. To do so, please use one of the options found on this page. They should also be able to assist you with the other problems you're having with your system since the "technicians" did their damage to it as well as whatever problems it was having when you sought their assistance assuming any of those issues are still lingering (which I'm guessing they are given the error you got when trying to run the Malwarebytes Support Tool). Please let us know if there is anything else we might do to assist you. Thanks
  12. I would also suggesting trying to run Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit to see if it finds any threats, and have it remove them if it does, rebooting if prompted to do so in order to complete the removal process. If the issue still persists then it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and jump over to the malware removal area and create a new topic there so that one of our malware removal specialists can take a look at what's going on with your system as it may be some undetected/persistent infection causing these issues. To do so, please read and follow the instructions found in this topic and then create a new topic in the malware removal area including the requested logs and information by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you as soon as one becomes available.
  13. Yes, you are 100% correct, and no, Malwarebytes isn't collecting anywhere near that level of data/info, nor would they desire to (it would be creepy and ethically wrong in their eyes; I know as a former high level employee within the organization who helped shape the product and many of their other offerings for many years). Yep, sorry we got a bit off track. I was just trying to make it clear that regardless of the URL it may be connecting to, that it is not violating any of the policies/practices/standards or laws that Malwarebytes is subject to and have created for themselves, including what's in that policy as well as GDPR and the California codes/laws regarding privacy and data collection, which are pretty much the two strictest regions on Earth when it comes to protecting consumer and individual privacy.
  14. Malwarebytes published a new beta build today with several bug fixes, so it may be worth a try if you'd like to see if it corrects the problem. To do so, enable beta updates under Settings>Application and then click the Install Application Updates button near the top of the same tab under Settings and allow it to download and install the new build, then reboot once it's done so that the new modules are loaded into memory and test to see if things have improved with all protection enabled when using Chrome. You obviously don't have to do this if you're content to stick with Firefox, but if you would like to test it, the beta is available so I just thought I'd let you know. If you do decide to test it, please let me know if it fixed the issue or not as I'd like to know for the sake of other users suffering from the same issue.
  15. No problem at all. I'm betting this is a permissions issue. The simplest fix would likely be to create a new Administrative user account and then log in there and try running the Support Tool to see if it works. If it does, then the most likely cause is a permissions issue with your original user account and you can try the fix below to see if it corrects it, or you can just migrate all of your files/data over to the new account and then delete the old one when you're ready or just keep it around in case you need it for something and use the new one from now on. If you need help on creating a new user account let me know. By the way, I tried downloading the ZIP file you attached and it keeps telling me that it is corrupt/invalid and cannot be opened. It's a file called "CryptoPrevent_Updates.zip" which isn't the ZIP file created by the Support Tool, so please be sure to upload the correct file (though if creating the new user account works then you really don't need to upload it unless you just want me to double check for any additional issues). If you wish to attempt to fix your current user account you can try the following to see if it fixes it (run this from your original user account where the problem occurred): Tweaking.com Windows Repair All-in-One Download Tweaking.com Windows Repair from here and install it or if you would prefer, you may instead download and extract the portable version from here Once installed or extracted, launch Repair_Windows.exe Click on the Repairs - Main tab Click on the Open Repairs button Once it displays the list of repairs, click the checkbox next to All Repairs so that everything listed is UNCHECKED Now, click the checkbox next to Reset Registry Permissions and Reset File Permissions so that they are checked Click on the Start Repairs button at the bottom Once it completes, allow it to restart your system Once that's done, install Malwarebytes once more over the top of your existing installation and see if it is able to install and function correctly now. You can test the Malwarebytes Support Tool as well to verify that it works also if you'd like just to make sure it's fixed.
  16. It's not a hot potato at all, if it were then they would literally be in hot water with the California legal system as well as GDPR, both of whose policies they are in full compliance with. OK, let me give you a theory. Let us suppose you are correct, and the connection referenced as "www.malwarebytes.com" is in fact to "telemetry.malwarebytes.com", then let us suppose that his initial statement in the documentation was accurate, that it is a checkin to verify connectivity. If that's true, would it not make sense, from a telemetry and connectivity verification perspective, to have every machine checkin with the telemetry server to count the total number of systems where Malwarebytes is installed? As long as no PII or usage stats are sent (since, as you mentioned, you have that option disabled), it would not be a violation of that policy to assign a unique, anonymous identifier to each installation/machine and have it checkin with the telemetry server every time it goes online/starts up to both count the total number of Malwarebytes users/installations as well as verify connectivity so this would make a lot of sense, wouldn't it? Give it some thought. This is just my hypothesis, but I bet I'm not far off from the truth. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when dcollins returns, but I suspect we might hear a familiar sounding explanation when he does.
  17. You can if you wish, as the crash on shutdown (as well as several other bugs/issues) is supposed to be fixed in the beta. I already installed it and everything seems great so far; it even scans faster for me by several seconds than the previous build did, so I'm quite pleased with it .
  18. I think it does actually connect to www.malwarebytes.com to verify connectivity (I believe this is the initial check that occurs when it starts up and tries to check in with the update/licensing servers) and I'm guessing that's what he was referring to. As for updating it, it takes much longer than 1 minute because every change he submits must go through a review and approval process to make certain it is accurate and acceptable; he's not the one in charge with the final say with regards to public facing official documentation, he's just the one writing it up, just like Developers have to have their code reviewed by their managers prior to submission into the final release build of the product. I believe he also said he was going on vacation so it could be a while before the update happens, but we will remind him upon his return (I will if you don't) and I'm certain he'll take care of it.
  19. Ok, thanks. Yes, it probably is then. You can test by shutting down your system and making a note of the time, then waiting a few minutes and then starting your system up again. After starting it again, check the logs to see if a new error was created around the time that you shut down the system. If so, then it is indeed the issue I mentioned which occurs during system shutdown.
  20. Correct, most software telemetry is quite harmless and is generally used for a valid (and quite anonymous) purpose to actually make their products better and to learn about the wants and needs of their users/customers. However, the issue that some (including myself) take with what is called "Big Data" (i.e. mass-telemetry collected from multiple sources like that collected by the likes of Microsoft, Google and others from various services and software offerings) is that once it is collected and connected to a single source, which is rather trivial to do, it can then be used to determine much more about a person than that person might realize, including identify exactly who they are, where they live and more, even if no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is collected, just through the aggregate and cross-referencing of various data collected, especially when things like social media and public postings/comments are included. They can also use this data to determine much more than what the data itself reveals by using machine learning and data pattern analysis to make mathematical leaps of logic based on what they have collected from you and other users with similar use patterns, which can reveal things about a person that they never actually exposed directly online. With the rate at which AI and similar technologies are being invested in and developed, it will not be long before this kind of mass data collection rivals straight up full blown government surveillance with regards to the potential risks it may pose to our privacy, exposing everything from our political leanings and beliefs, to our identities, genders, sexual orientations, tastes in everything you could imagine as well as purchasing habits and even make predictions within a high percentage of accuracy about our potential future actions, decisions and of course purchases (one of the things companies are most interested in, which is why they always want your info when you check out at many stores these days). With that said, I know Malwarebytes, and I know that they are NOT interested in collecting that level of data about their users at all, and if that ever changed, I would no longer be here myself, period, and they know it. I trust them because I know there are many like-minded individuals high-up in this company who feel very much the way I do about things like privacy, integrity and fair play, and that is why I've stuck around as long as I have. However, I don't expect anyone to take my word for it, and if they do not trust this company, then there is likely nothing I could say to sway them and that's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions and must do what they feel is right in protecting their own privacy.
  21. telemetry.malwarebytes.com:443 is NOT the same sub-domain as www.malwarebytes.com:443 and given the name of it, I would think its purpose would be pretty clear: it is for telemetry data. The member of Support who wrote it already addressed this when you first brought it up and already said he would revise it to include it. Frankly, virtually all of your posts since you first showed up have been negative in some way towards Malwarebytes, yet here you remain, constantly posting more of your arguments and statements about how "inadequate" and "untrustworthy" Malwarebytes is, so I have to wonder why you continue using the product and keep spending so much time and energy here on the official Malwarebytes Support forums if you have such a problem with this product and this organization. I get that you do sometimes have valid questions and criticisms, and I don't want anyone to think that I or anyone else would discourage that kind of feedback, however anyone who views your posting history can clearly see that there is obviously some other agenda/motive behind the vast majority of your postings here given their nature and tone and how you constantly harp on the same exact thing no matter how many times it is answered by how many authoritative sources. If you wish to continue using Malwarebytes, then great, please do so, however if you really don't trust them, then don't use their product. I can't understand anyone being willing to spend so much time and energy on any product/company that they clearly take so many issues with. If I were you I'd just move on already and find a product/security company that I did trust and find to be adequate according to my own standards rather than wasting so much time and energy harping on every perceived flaw that you can find about this one on their Support forums. Obviously this is just my opinion, and you're going to do what you like, however I cannot understand at all why you continue to use Malwarebytes and remain here so much given how much you clearly dislike Malwarebytes. It just makes absolutely no sense to me unless there is some other motivation that we are not aware of behind it all, however if there is some other motive, only you know what it is as I do not believe you've ever shared it on the forums if there is one, but I am curious for sure after so long and so many negative posts.
  22. This is a public forum, and while members of the Malwarebytes staff to post here frequently, it is primarily handled by volunteers such as myself. If you seek a direct statement from a Malwarebytes staff member then I would suggest contacting Malwarebytes Support directly via the options found on this page. As I mentioned previously, I did already submit these requests to the team for review so they are aware of them, however I do not know if or when they plan to roll out any features for these specific requests but someone from Support may be able to get you a clearer answer from an official source.
  23. You should also find the information on Malwarebytes Labs to be most informative. It contains tons of information as well as links to additional information and articles all about tech support scams and how the work.
  24. Greetings, Did this occur while shutting down or restarting your system(s)? If so, then this is a known issue and should be corrected in the next release.
  25. Greetings, Yes, that is correct. This occurs because one or more of the objects that System Restore is attempting to replace is protected by the Malwarebytes Self-Protection component which is designed to guard your Malwarebytes installation as well as its processes and registry keys from being altered, terminated or removed by threats, and since Malwarebytes cannot identify whether the process (in this case, System Restore) attempting to make these modifications is malicious or not, it simply blocks all unauthorized/non-Malwarebytes processes from making any changes to its components (this is also a good idea because sometimes malware will use built in system tools like System Restore to modify a system in a malicious way or to remove or disable security software). I hope this helps to clear things up. As for which specific item(s) were being prevented from being altered/replaced, I do not know, however it/they must have been components of your Malwarebytes installation. Also be aware that often times after running System Restore, you may be required to reinstall Malwarebytes as it may cause your installation to become corrupt due to some of its databases, configuration files and other date/version sensitive components may end up being out of sync after doing so, however to correct it all you should need to do is download and install the latest version available here over the top of your existing installation to correct such issues should they occur (you will know if it is necessary because you will see some kind of error message from Malwarebytes after performing the restore). I hope this helps and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
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