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  1. Yes, unfortunately that is the case unless you have 3 lifetime licenses, but on the plus side you can now manage all of your licenses in one place using My.Malwarebytes.com so managing devices and licenses is a lot easier as is looking up license info.
  2. Yeah, that's because it's still got the same problem and you need to deactivate one of them in the online system at My.Malwarebytes.com. You should be able to just deactivate the one that you want to without messing with the other one, but if you still have trouble you can contact Malwarebytes Support and they can take care of it for you and lookup your license info if you need it. Just use the form I linked to in my post above and they will help you out.
  3. Greetings, The easiest way to fix this would be to sign up at My.Malwarebytes.com using the same email address you used for purchasing Malwarebytes by following the instructions in this support article and then using the option to deactivate the previous device/installation using the option described in this support article. If you still have trouble then simply contact Malwarebytes Support directly using the form on the bottom of this page and they will deactivate it for you so that you may use it on your new drive/installation. Please let us know how it goes and if there is anything else we might help you with. Thanks
  4. You're welcome, and please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with
  5. Yes, I suspect you are correct. They likely are just covering their bases just to be safe.
  6. If you allow Malwarebytes to quarantine it then that should be all that is necessary to reset it back to default so that it will run when the next version of MRT is released.
  7. Greetings, I'm not aware of any compatibility issues between the two products and have seen several users mentioning using that combination on their own systems so I don't think you'll have any trouble. We have seen occasional compatibility issues in the past with some previous versions of Bitdefender, but it's been quite some time since any of those were reported and I haven't heard of any issues at all with the latest version. I hope this helps and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  8. It's not a change in the terms because no 'grace' or additional installs were ever referenced, mentioned or even hinted at in the EULA/terms of use for the software throughout the entire life of the product/history of lifetime licenses. They may have not had as strict enforcement, but nowhere in any of the agreements, terms of use or product documentation was it ever stated that the user would be allowed to use the software on more than a single device/installation at a time. If they changed something on the backend that was never public (and I'm not sure whether that is what happened or if they simply turned on enforcement at all for the first time for those licenses; I honestly don't have that info so I don't know) then it still doesn't qualify as a change to the agreement because it was never stated by Malwarebytes officially anywhere that I'm aware of that such a provision was applied to lifetime licenses. If anyone does need help with their licenses due to this or any other issues then you may contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on the bottom of this page.
  9. Excellent, I'm sure they'll get the problem sorted for you soon
  10. Greetings, They did make some recent changes to the licensing servers so that's likely what's causing the problem. That said, they are still honoring all legitimate lifetime licenses so if yours isn't working and you're having trouble using the My.Malwarebytes.com license management system then please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on the bottom of this page and they will assist you in getting the issue corrected. If there's anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  11. Excellent, I'm glad to be of service
  12. You're very welcome. The problem could be due to maybe pirates duplicating or somehow getting hold of your keys and distributing them resulting in them getting used on a large number of systems besides your own; that would explain why they got blacklisted. Either way I'm sure they'll have the issue sorted soon for you.
  13. You're welcome, I'm glad I could help If there's anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  14. No problem. Please do the following before you reinstall Malwarebytes (if you already reinstalled it that's OK too, I just want to use the tool's logs to verify that it is correctly removing everything): Run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply
  15. OK, could you run the clean option in the Support Tool one more time and reboot, but this time before reinstalling Malwarebytes, create another set of logs using the Support Tool and post them? I want to take a look at something.
  16. No idea, but they've probably checked it to at least make sure it doesn't qualify as PUP or anything like that. I doubt they'd ever decide to remove it though because again, every user would complain about it since it would literally break their games rendering them unplayable. Unfortunately DRM is just one of those things we have to live with if we want to use those programs, otherwise we have to wait until a game gets old enough that (hopefully) the developer finally decides to remove the DRM to improve performance and usability since by that point it doesn't serve much purpose any more since the game is usually not selling for nearly the same price any more and most of the people who were going to buy the game by that point have already purchased it and the developer has moved on to developing and releasing their next title.
  17. OK, I'll poke a member of the staff here on the forums to investigate and see what the holdup is and hopefully we can get this resolved promptly. @LiquidTension would you mind checking ticket number 2584948 to see what the status is on getting this customer's license reset/reissued? I suspect the issue is that they don't really issue lifetime licenses any more, and since yours was blacklisted they probably have to go through whatever process is necessary to issue a "new" lifetime license so that you get what you paid for and the difficulty comes in because of the fact that they don't create/issue/sell any of those any more so there are probably quite a few issues they have to deal with to make that happen this late in the game. The "they" the Support team member was referring to was likely someone much higher up in the company who still has access to the old lifetime licensing systems and utilities and they have to work out how to issue such a license new in the current 'subscription-only' licensing system.
  18. OK, thanks. I did spot a couple of potential issues in your logs so we'll begin there to see if that helps at all. First, I noticed that your User Account Control setting is not configured to the system default option: UAC Settings ================================== EnableLUA: On Consent Prompt Behavior Admin: Off Please begin by reconfiguring UAC back to its default setting. Instructions on how to do so can be found on this page. Those instructions are for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, however the steps should be basically the same for Windows 10. If you aren't able to find it let me know and I'll provide additional assistance with it. Once reset to default, restart your computer and then allow Malwarebytes and everything else to load up fully then shut the system down again to test and see if the issue still persists. Next, I noticed that you have a couple of Killer Networking devices in your system. Some of their older drivers have been known to cause issues with Malwarebytes so I would suggest making sure they are up to date. You may check with your system manufacturer to see if they offer any newer drivers or you may install the latest directly from Killer Networking themselves here. After you've updated your drivers go ahead and restart your system (which will likely be required after updating the drivers anyway) then allow it to start fully once more and then shut it down again to test and see if the issue is now corrected or not. If neither of those options helped then please do the following: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Once all of that is complete please let me know if you are still experiencing the problem or not. Thanks
  19. OK, look, I get that you're frustrated and I definitely understand why and agree that this should be changed, but the name calling, accusations and dire assumptions really aren't going to accomplish anything. I realize why you are saying those things, however again I have first-hand internal experience with this company from its roots after working for them for 8 years, starting in QA and working all the way up to being the first Product Manager they had overseeing all of their products meaning it was literally my job to decide what features go into the products and what the priorities should be for the Developers as well as gathering any requirements and requests from the users and customers and integrating that feedback into the backlog for their products. I am no longer a Malwarebytes staff member, but I still know the people that run things within the company very well and I know for a fact that they absolutely are not trying to do anything shady at all. It really is just a matter of the limitations that they are currently dealing with and determining where their time and energy would best be spent. Over the past couple of years they've completely overhauled all of their major products, including their flagship currently known as Malwarebytes 3 (formerly Malwarebytes Anti-Malware), completely redesigned their website, restructured their entire customer support system including creating and maintaining and extensive support knowledgebase and all the while they have been working to improve things in every way that they can for their users and customers. They aren't trying to screw anyone nor do they want anyone paying for software that they don't want. Unfortunately the reality is that while Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware software company, they are not an e-commerce company so rather than diverting tons of resources towards reinventing the wheel in trying to do all of that in-house, they've done what the vast majority of other vendors have done by partnering with major e-commerce vendors who do specialize in those things (like Cleverbridge) to handle that aspect for them and their customers. Because the payments and purchases go through these third party e-commerce vendors, the Malwarebytes account management system is not (yet) integrated completely with those third parties' systems so cancelling via a coupe of mouse clicks just isn't possible at this time, but that doesn't mean that it won't be in the future because again, they know that many users want this, I've communicated it to them on multiple occasions and I know that they have heard and are aware of the requests for this feature so I do believe that it will happen eventually if it is possible. In the meantime, I did just check the knowledgebase article that we've been referring people to for this and similar license/account issues (located here) and I've noticed that it doesn't even refer customers to the two e-commerce providers any more and instead just tells them to contact Malwarebytes Support directly meaning they'll handle it on your behalf so that you don't have to do anything except contact Support and let them know that you wish to cancel your subscription or opt-out of auto-renewal and they will inform Cleverbridge or 2Checkout/Avangate (depending on which e-commerce vendor handled your purchase/processes your payments) for you so that you don't even need to know which e-commerce handler maintains your account. Granted, it's not as simple as clicking a button or link in the My Account portal, but using the Malwarebytes contact form or even just shooting them an email at support@malwarebytes.com to inform them of your decision to cancel/opt-out of auto-renewal isn't exactly jumping through a ton of hoops either and they will get it done. Again, I've never heard a single complaint from anyone claiming that they tried to opt-out of auto-renewal or cancel their subscription and ended up being renewed/charged anyway. In fact, I know for a fact that even if by some fluke that did occur, Malwarebytes would make it right to ensure that the customer was treated fairly and got the outcome that they desired because they care a LOT more about their customers as well as their own reputation as an honest and reputable company (a very important thing for a company people are supposed to trust with protecting their data and devices from criminals) than they do about a $30 or $40 subscription fee, especially since by far their largest sales are to businesses, not individual home users since large businesses tend to buy licenses/seats in the hundreds and even thousands, not just for 1~5 devices and having a bad reputation would certainly turn off many prospective corporate buyers and the IT admins that look into and recommend Malwarebytes' products to those within their organizations who make their purchasing decisions. If Malwarebytes was really trying to scam people they wouldn't give away scanning and full threat remediation completely free of charge like they do, they wouldn't offer completely free assistance, not only with their paid products but also to free users as well as to anyone who comes to their forums even if they aren't using any Malwarebytes products at all with everything from product support issues to threat removal and even diagnosis and repair of completely unrelated system and software issues, nor would they actually pay people just for the purpose of providing that help (there are individuals who they pay just to work primarily in the malware removal area to help infected users and they also have a large number of expert volunteers who are trained in malware removal who come here willingly to donate their time and knowledge just to help others on these forums) and they make the same help available to anyone who contacts them in their online support system via the web form I linked to/through the support email address. They want to make money obviously, as any company does as it is necessary to survive and pay their employees, but money never has been their primary motivator. This company is made up of passionate individuals who are the best in their areas of expertise who hate malware and enjoy helping people to get rid of malware and stay free of malware (even if they don't choose to buy any of Malwarebytes' products which is one of the reasons you'll regularly see myself and others, including actual Malwarebytes staff members regularly recommend an array of tools and programs to help users stay safe online, including free and paid tools from other companies who have no affiliation with Malwarebytes at all) because they honestly care about people, not about their bottom line. Again, I understand your cynicism given the situation, but I know for a fact that greed is not what motivates this company and the individuals who work for them. That's just not who they are. They would rather lose $1,000 doing the right thing than make an extra $50 doing the wrong thing because they do respect their customers and their free users alike.
  20. Hehe, yep, I hear ya. It's definitely not for everyone, but I dig it. I loves me some thrash metal with great growling/screaming vocals. It feels more like an instrument to me in such music with the lyrics/vocals generally driving and/or reinforcing the emotion and impact of the instrumentals. Anyway, here's a few instrumental favs of mine that you may like: A bit of trivia about that last track. It comes from a DC animated film about the Justice League travelling to an alternate Earth where all of the heroes in the DC universe are villains and all of the villains are the heroes/members of the Justice League trying (and failing miserably as they're badly outmatched) to take them down and the Crime Syndicate (the name this group of superpowered villains has given themselves) pretty much runs the world, with the governments of the planet being little more than ineffectual figureheads that bend to the whims of these high-powered criminals for fear of retaliation and death. The Lex Luthor of this alternate reality, who leads their underpowered Justice League is the last surviving member and travels to the regular DC universe to recruit that world's Justice League to aid him in stopping this massive mob of super-criminals. It's actually based on a script written by the creators of the early 2000's Justice League animated series (a part of the legendary DCAU which connected the continuities of many popular animated shows into a single universe starting with Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series and continuing with the likes of Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Zeta Project, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited) and was intended to be a bridge between the original Justice League series and the newer Justice League Unlimited series which saw the roster expanded massively and hints of this heritage can still be seen in the film including the building of the new Watchtower (which had to be recreated following the events of the Justice League series finale in which Batman had to crash the satellite into the planet to thwart an alien invasion after having been betrayed by one of their own in one of the best plot twists in television history), the development of the teleportation technology, Wonder Woman acquiring her invisible jet (awesome story on that one if you watch the aforementioned movie) and an explanation of Batman's 'official' status as a 'part-timer' in the League rather than a full fledged member (this is fleshed out in the associated film Justice League: Doom which features a virtually identical animation style and lineup as the one featured in the Crisis on Two Earths film). Anyway, back on the subject of great guitarists here's a solo from Zack Wylde; I saw him play once when I went to Ozzfest back in NM and it was one of the most incredible performances I ever saw; yes, he really is that fast, and yes, he really can play that well:
  21. Wait, you still haven't successfully disabled auto-renewal for your account? If so then please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on the bottom of this page and they will assist you in getting it done. I know for a fact that they don't want anything like that to happen (I'm a former employee and such things were major topics of discussion when the company first migrated to a subscription based licensing model and implemented auto-renewal as a feature; the intent was for the sake of convenience, not to charge customers who didn't actually want to keep renewing their licenses which is why they made sure to provide the option to cancel in the first email customers receive providing their license details along with setting up the FAQs and KB articles providing full details on who to contact and how to cancel auto-renewal for those who did not wish to participate). I do wish it were all connected, with the ability to enable/disable the feature built into the My Account website, however I also understand the technical hurdles involved in doing so, especially because of the fact that there are multiple payment processors for Malwarebytes subscriptions. Changing payment into is much easier which is why this is possible there since all it has to do is update the info in their system, but, at least as I understand it, to cancel auto-renewal someone from the payment processor (i.e. Cleverbridge in this case) must manually change the account/disable the option for it to take effect. That's why they provide all that contact info for the two e-commerce companies in the KB article we mentioned before. With all that said, I still haven't given up on this and continue to submit this feedback to the company whenever I see someone requesting it/complaining about it because I know that many users would appreciate it.
  22. I like it. I'd market it as a sort of 'add-on'/'value-add' feature/application similar to how Microsoft markets their Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Chromium based browsers to augment their Windows antivirus application (even though it appears to function separately from their AV, not even requiring it to be installed and is really more like SmartScreen for Chrome than anything, but still useful and logical as an add-on for their AV protection).
  23. Greetings, If you haven't done so already, please register with My.Malwarebytes.com using the same email address you used when you purchased your license so that you may track your license(s) and devices. Instructions on how to do so may be found in this support article. Once you've done that, verify the number of devices available for your license and the number of devices shown as active for your subscription. Additional info on managing devices can be found in this support article. It is likely that a past installation on a previous device or past reinstallation on an existing device is taking up one of your devices/installations and needs to be deactivated in the system to free up your additional license/installation. You should be able to do so using the information and instructions in this support article. If you still have trouble or the above information fails to resolve the issue to your satisfaction then please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on the bottom of this page and they will assist you directly in getting the problem corrected so that you may get full use out of all of your licenses/activations. Please let us know if there is anything else we might assist you with. Thanks
  24. Did you purchase a 2 year license when you originally purchased the product? If so, it could be that they are just showing the end date for the first year's subscription, and if that's the case then you'll still receive your full second year of service, and once that expires it should not auto-renew now that you've cancelled it. I suspect it's just an issue with the license subscription term tracking/synchronization system not accurately showing multi-year term licenses/subscriptions. I'll report it to the team to make sure and to try and get it corrected assuming that's the case. If the 21st of August roles around and your license does terminate, please contact Malwarebytes immediately to let them know and they will make it right, but I doubt you'll have any problems as I've not heard of a single instance where someone cancelled auto-renewal and anything like that happened so I'm sure it's just an issue with the online system not handling multi-year subscription tracking correctly (I suspect that when the 21st comes it will show something to the effect of 'renewed on 8/21/2019' and show the new expiration date as being in 2020 as it should be).
  25. Greetings, Thank you for the suggestion. I will be sure to pass it along to the Developers for their consideration and review. If you have any further ideas, feedback or suggestions please don't hesitate to let us know. Also, just for future reference, we actually have a dedicated area for comments and suggestions for the Malwarebytes 3 product located here so if you post your feedback there it will be much more likely to be seen by the right people. Thanks
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