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  1. Yeah, I guess the exceptions you had were already wiped out from before as I checked the logs you posted before doing the clean install and there weren't any exclusions listed. I guess they were removed when you reinstalled the first time before posting. Anyway, I'm glad that it's working now and if you need anything else please feel free to post and let us know. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I've documented this issue and will be submitting it to the team to attempt to escalate it so hopefully that will help to speed up the process of getting a fix out to you.
  3. Greetings, Please do the following to perform a clean installation and hopefully that will resolve the issues: Open C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware and locate the file mbam.exe and right-click on it and select Properties Go to the Compatibility tab and uncheck all boxes on that tab then click Apply and then OK Try running Malwarebytes again to see if it works correctly now, if it doesn't then proceed with the next set of instructions If that didn't work, then please proceed with a clean installation of Malwarebytes: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Once it is installed, try to open Malwarebytes and if it works, go to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button to ensure that it downloads any new program components. Once it finishes you should see the following version information under Settings>About: Please let me know how it goes and if there are any other problems. Thanks
  4. Excellent, I'm glad to hear it Yep, as long as you have Component package version: 1.0.421 then you should have no more BSODs as that was the primary fix shipped with that update and so far I haven't seen anyone report BSODs with that build so I think the Developers finally fixed it this time.
  5. Yep, the browser extension is an amazing leap forward and isn't promoted nearly enough in my opinion (though it's understandable I guess since it's still in beta, though its effectiveness cannot be overstated). I've seen just how effective it is against new/unknown malicious sites of certain categories and it has such a high rate of detection/blocking that it really is a game changer in my opinion and I can't wait for it to be released, hopefully integrated into Malwarebytes 3 to further enhance the protection it offers (though I wouldn't be opposed to them continuing to offer it for free as a standalone download as well so that everyone might benefit from it).
  6. Greetings, Your best bet would be to contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the options on this page. You don't need to use your purchase email to contact Support so that won't be an issue and they should be able to guide you on how to get the issue resolved and most likely they will change the email in the system to your new one or guide you on who to contact to do so. If there's anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  7. Ah, you've got ESET too, well yeah, that's a pretty solid combo. One of the top AVs along with Malwarebytes is definitely a good defense setup, especially if you listen to their warnings like that (some users don't always, which can obviously put their systems at risk sometimes).
  8. Greetings, Please read and follow the instructions in this topic and create a new thread in the malware removal area of the forums including the requested logs and info by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you as soon as one becomes available. They will help you to get your system cleaned up and functioning properly again. Thanks
  9. Yes, the BSOD issue has been fixed, however you have to have the latest version to get the fix, which means it must show the following under Settings>About: I would suggest reinstalling the program. It sounds like the installation got corrupted when it was trying to do the upgrade. To do so, download the installer from here and run it and once the install completes restart the computer, then open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button. Allow it to install any available updates, then see if it now works correctly and verify the program version info by comparing it to the above image and hopefully, as long as the installation went OK, the issues should now be resolved.
  10. Excellent, I'm glad it worked. If there's anything else we can assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  11. Yep, I bet they meant to set the reserved amount of space to 1024kb (1MB) but accidentally set it to 1024mb (1GB) instead. I'll report it to the team for review and hopefully they'll have it fixed promptly in an upcoming release.
  12. Thanks for the info, I will report this to the Dev and QA teams.
  13. Greetings, I'm sorry no one responded to your topic here sooner. I don't know anything about the Christmas card you sent, but thanks nonetheless, not just for that but also for all the kind words. I know that they are appreciated. Nothing could make the folks at Malwarebytes happier than knowing they've helped another user to keep their computer clean of infections and helped them to stay safe on the web. And thanks for the drawing of Zero (that's the robot's name, in case you were curious ), I think it looks great If you need any help with the software or have any questions please don't hesitate to let us know, and thanks for using Malwarebytes!
  14. I'm guessing perhaps there is a bug where a 0 has been misplaced by mistake. If you check the math (1024KB=1MB, 1024MB=1GB), 1048576KB\1024=1024MB (or exactly 1GB) while the default, 256000KB\1024=250MB (or exactly 25% of 1GB) and I'm guessing that whoever coded the plugin configured it to reserve 1MB minimum but instead accidentally set it at 1GB minimum. That's just my theory however, but the math would appear to validate my hypothesis.
  15. Yes, that's the latest build. The first two numbers are the ones that matter, the third is just the database version so anyone who currently has the latest build should see the following under Settings>About:
  16. You likely need to click on the Install Application Updates button again as sometimes it doesn't seem to fully download/install the most recent component package. I had that happen on my own system and had to have it try again. It should show that it is downloading and then installing the update and once it finishes your version info should match my own.
  17. Greetings, Please execute the following command from a command prompt (START and type cmd then press Enter) by copying and pasting the following text into the command prompt: copy "%windir%\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS" "%userprofile%\desktop\hosts.txt" Once it completes you'll find a text file on your desktop called hosts.txt, right-click on it and hover your mouse over Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder then attach the resulting hosts.zip file to your next reply for analysis. I'm guessing that you're using a HOSTS file for blocking ads, malware, telemetry etc. and that's what Malwarebytes is detecting for whatever reason, likely due to an issue with a new signature.
  18. The fix has been released and is no longer in beta. You can check to verify that you have the latest version by opening Malwarebytes and looking under Settings>About and it should show the following version information: If it does not show this version information then go to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button and it should then download and install the latest component update package. Once complete, verify the About info once more to make sure, and once it matches the issue with the NETIO.SYS BSODs should be resolved and you can keep Web Protection enabled.
  19. I don't use social media at all and about the closest thing I participate in would be these forums and the occasional comment on a YouTube video. Research has been done which shows that the use of sites like Facebook and Twitter can actually be quite addictive because it triggers certain chemicals in the brain that make a person feel excited and happy, providing instant gratification to the user but also potentially leading to several issues which may be harmful such as the anxiety you describe as well as potentially serious depression when a person doesn't get the friends and/or responses they would like to the content they post. When you factor in things like trolling and online bullying it can become even more of a risk. While I understand that the world has changed a lot since the advent of social networking, I think it's a good idea at least occasionally to just unplug and unwind with friends IRL (in real life for those not familiar with the lingo ) and have real face to face conversations rather than posting it in public or semi-public to await a response on a screen. Texting and instant messaging can have a similar effect by the way, and that's not the same thing as sitting down face to face with someone to converse. Remember, technology is a wonderful, powerful thing that can connect us to our world in new and exciting ways, but don't think that it can replace your inbuilt need for real human contact. Humans are social creatures after all (with a few exceptions such as hermits like me who keep to ourselves more often than not ) and if you feel the need to check your phone/computer etc. constantly in order to feel happy and validated, then maybe it's time to take a step back, unplug and have a real face to face conversation with friends and/or family members to remind yourself what real human contact is like. The online community is great, but don't neglect your own tribe (family) and village (community). Sit with a friend or neighbor and watch a movie or have a drink and listen to music with them, or just say hi and talk about your day. Don't allow the devices you control to start to control you, and don't let anonymous comments and activities on the web define your self worth or who you are.
  20. Could be, or it could be the fact that Malwarebytes includes several more proactive protection components like Web Protection to block malware sites and malvertisements (a common infection vector) as well as Exploit Protection which is by far the most frequently used means of infecting users through malicious exploits. Because of this, the most likely threat you're going to encounter would be the occasional PUP installer and that's about it, and that's only if you download a PUP installer (like if you're the type of person who frequently downloads "free" software on the web like screensavers etc.), but otherwise you shouldn't encounter much in the way of real malware if Malwarebytes is doing its job. You can also extend this protection by installing the Malwarebytes browser extension which is currently in beta and available for free for both Chrome (and any other Chromium based browser like SRWare Iron) and Firefox. You can check out the links below to find out more: Chrome Firefox
  21. Just for future reference, Malwarebytes now has a browser extension available for Chrome and other Chromium based browsers (like SRWare Iron etc.) as well as Firefox that should block these kinds of sites among other things. In addition to using the same blocking databases used by Malwarebytes Web Protection component to block known malicious sites, it also includes additional behavior based technology to block new and unknown tech support scam sites like the one you encountered as well as other threats and undesirable items not currently targeted by Malwarebytes 3, including blocking several ads as well as tracking servers to protect your privacy. The extension is in beta and is currently available for free. You can find out more and download it via the links below: Chrome Firefox I also have the same links in my signature currently. I've been using the extension for several months now, and since that time I haven't had a single incident where a tech support scam page was able to take over my browser/system. Each time they tried they were blocked by the new browser extension .
  22. I bet there is some kind of problem with the recent component package causing this. It seems many users are having this issue right now, but hopefully a quick reinstall is all it takes to fix it. Also, please check to verify that you have the latest build installed now: If not, then go to Settings>Application and click the Install Application Updates button again to force it to update to the latest version and let us know if the problem returns.
  23. Greetings, Several users appear to be impacted by this issue. My best guess is that there was a problem with the recently released update for Malwarebytes that caused this to happen on some systems, including yours. Hopefully this will fix it but please let us know if it does not. First, please download and install the latest version of Malwarebytes from here. There is no need to remove your existing version, just install it over the top of your existing installation. Once that is done, open Malwarebytes and go to Settings>Application and click on the Install Application Updates button. This will have Malwarebytes download any available program version updates just to make sure that you are fully up to date. Once that's finished, go to Settings>About and verify that your copy of Malwarebytes shows the following version information: Please let us know how it goes and if the problem you had persists. Thanks
  24. The setting for Windows Action Center can be found under Settings>Application in Malwarebytes and includes 3 options. I've indicated the option to have it not register with Action Center in the image below: I don't know if that helps, but if not then please provide the logs mentioned above by dcollins: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply
  25. I took a look at your logs and checked my own system and sure enough, there appears to be no mbcut.dll in your Malwarebytes Program Files folder though it does exist on my system. I'm guessing either something removed it or that it wasn't properly replaced during a recent program update, like perhaps the recently released component update 1.0.421 which I see you have installed. I'd recommend downloading the latest build from here and installing it over the top of your existing version, then opening Malwarebytes and navigating to Settings>Application and clicking the Install Application Updates button to make sure it's fully up to date. The only other issue I noticed was this referenced in your update log: File not found in update pkg: C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES\MBAMSERVICE\ctlrupdate\mbae.sys It does mention the mbcut.dll file here, but it doesn't list any errors about the file: Moving UI file: C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES\MBAMSERVICE\ctlrupd2\mbcut.dll So perhaps it was in the process of moving/replacing files during the update and there was an issue that caused it to fail to replace some of the files it moved. Please let us know how it goes and if any issues persist. Thanks
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