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  1. No problem at all, and I understand why you're anxious for a fix; we all are for sure. I've been reporting these issues to the Product team constantly since build 508 was first released to document all of this for them in the hopes that the Devs will benefit from all the details and get to a fixed build that much sooner, but I know that they have a lot on their plates in fixing this particular release because of all these regressions and I'm sure they are also working to track down and correct whatever it was that caused these regressions to occur in the first place to hopefully prevent anything like this from happening again. It could be something as simple as a corrupt file in the compiler that they use for the build process or some automated script or function in the build system that messed it up, but whatever it is they have to not only fix the things that went wrong with build 508, but also make sure that future builds/releases won't be affected by it so that we don't have to go through all this again. Whatever went wrong, it undid a LOT of hard work that they put in over the past several months~a year on the product and I know they can't be happy about that and I'm certain they're as anxious to have it fixed as we are. I know this doesn't excuse the issues and I certainly don't mean to trivialize what those affected by these issues are dealing with, I just know first-hand that the Devs are very dedicated to their work and that they must be working hard on getting this corrected.
  2. Everything David said above is accurate, and I'll add that the only thing a VPN will do for your security is help to prevent anyone from snooping on your traffic between your system and the sites you connect with, but any information stored on those sites, as David already stated, is only as secure as the site providers make it via their own security measures. So while a VPN may help to ensure that your ISP can't snoop on your surfing habits, help to secure your communications when using public Wi-Fi and help to ensure that you aren't a victim of any man-in-the-middle attacks, it will do absolutely nothing to secure your information from security breaches of public websites and services. The only secure information is the information that nobody has, so if you use any social media sites, online shopping sites or any other web based service, any information you provide is at risk of a potential future breach if that site/service is targeted for attack.
  3. I just noticed something else odd in your logs. They list the Windows directory as: D:\WIN-NT In XP, it should be C:\Windows, or in your case, since Windows is installed on D:\ it should be D:\Windows. Win-NT is not a valid system folder name for the Windows directory on XP so I have no idea what's going on. I also noticed other oddities in the logs regarding drive letters and folder structures and it shows D:\ as being a FAT32 formatted partition rather than NTFS. I don't know if the filesystem structure has anything to do with it but it is odd for XP to be set up that way.
  4. There are a lot of bugs in this latest release, that's why it's taking so long to get a fix. They aren't going to fix just one issue and release a patch just to release 2 or 3 more fixes for the other outstanding issues afterwards. I suspect there was a problem with the most recent update/build that reverted several issues that had been fixed in earlier releases to a pre-fixed state and they're probably working to track down and undo whatever it was that broke the build process to keep all desirable changes and revert all of the bug regressions in the build because we've seen all of these issues before (system hangs/freezes in Windows 7, protection components not enabling, conflicts with Web Protection and third party web filters etc.) and all of them were fixed in the past.
  5. You don't need to login on the support page. Just create a ticket and you will correspond with Support via email.
  6. No, those files are for the standalone version of MBAE, not the version integrated into Malwarebytes 3 so those other EXE files shouldn't be there. As for why the Spanish language version of the driver is being installed, I have no idea, but it may be related to why Exploit Protection isn't working.
  7. You're very welcome And if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Correct, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. As for the Support Tool, it most likely had the reinstall scheduled but failed on reboot (again, it happens, but no big deal). Basically the Support Tool tried to uninstall MB from your system, have you reboot, then was supposed to launch the installer to reinstall the latest version of MB back onto your system. Sometimes it fails, especially when a third party AV is installed (like AVG, which may have blocked it for some reason or just messed up the timing of it on boot) and you end up having to reinstall it manually. So as long as everything is working normally now you should be fine. If it was an infection you'd know it because you wouldn't have been able to reinstall Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes probably wouldn't run at all, wouldn't scan and there would be other obvious symptoms of infection on your system. It sounds like it was just a series of little hiccups, any or all of which could have been caused by AVG or something else but it should be fine now and feel free to let us know if any new issues pop up and we'll do our best to help you out.
  9. Ah, I see. Most likely it was just a temporary hiccup, probably caused by a corrupt database, configuration file or just a problem with the protection driver failing to load. These issues happen from time to time but should be rare. The self-protection in Malwarebytes is very good, so an infection turning off your protection would be very unlikely.
  10. Greetings, Your best bet would be to contact Malwarebytes Support directly so that they can assist you with this issue as they should have direct access to the account/licensing system and can hopefully make the changes necessary to align your license/subscription with the correct account/email address. To contact them, please use one of the options available on this page If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  11. Greetings, It looks like the installation is still waiting for another reboot so please restart your system one more time to see if that clears things up. If Malwarebytes still isn't working properly after that then please perform a clean installation by doing the following to see if it corrects the issues: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here Once that's done, please verify that Malwarebytes is working properly and let us know if any of the problems persist or if there are any other issues. Thanks
  12. OK, thanks. It looks like the Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service isn't running on your system for some reason. That may be the issue as that service is one of the required dependencies for Malwarebytes to function. You should also try removing the following exclusion from Malwarebytes temporarily to see if that allows Exploit Protection to function as I recall there being an issue with exclusions on other drives causing problems with Exploit Protection a while back: E:\Installation Files
  13. Greetings, Please try performing a clean installation by following these instructions to see if it helps: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes by downloading the latest Windows XP compatible version from here Please let us know how it goes and if the issue is resolved or not. Thanks
  14. Greetings, Yes, this appears to be an issue with the latest version of Malwarebytes and Bitdefender that has been reported a few times previously. For the time being, you can try adding exclusions for Malwarebytes in Bitdefender and for Bitdefender in Malwarebytes to see if that helps at all. The files and locations to exclude for Malwarebytes can be found in this support article and you should exclude Bitdefender's folders under Program Files/Program Files (x86) and C:\ProgramData in Malwarebytes by following the instructions in the Exclude a File or Folder section of this support article. Also, it may help the Developers to track down this issue if you would please provide diagnostic logs by following the instructions below: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply Thanks
  15. Greetings, Malwarebytes alone should be enough, however if you'd prefer, you could just run Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials (depending on your version of Windows) which is completely free alongside Malwarebytes to give you peace of mind should you wish to continue using an AV with Malwarebytes. This is a very commonly used combination and should do well to keep your system secure.
  16. You're welcome, I hope the PC is running good and fast for you now
  17. Greetings, I have heard of this happening before to other users so it is possible. I believe that most of the time when this occurs it has something to do with either changing the screen resolution or connecting a second display/monitor to the PC. It shouldn't be a problem as long as it doesn't bother you, but if you would prefer they be displayed normally then uninstalling and reinstalling the software should do the trick. You can perform a clean install by following the instructions below if you wish to try to correct it: Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here
  18. You may also run the Malwarebytes Support Tool to create the logs and check the mbst-check-results.txt file which will show that info under the Driver File Info section. As long as all of the drivers are installed it will display the file info and name including the description information from the files.
  19. Yep, not a lot of difference between them but they did change it. Here's the original: ...and here's the "new" one: Not a whole lot of difference IMO, but the new UI does appear to be a bit more touch friendly.
  20. Yep, definitely. In fact, looking at all those HP apps, I don't see any that should be required/essential to your system functioning so if you don't use them, go ahead and get rid of them (besides, worse comes to worse you can always download and reinstall them from HP's website if you ever needed to; something we could help you with if you needed assistance locating them).
  21. Greetings, Thanks for the suggestion. This has been requested in the past but I'll let the team know that it's being requested again. I too would love to see this functionality get added to Malwarebytes, especially since, at least as far as I know, Windows 10 does not allow the user to edit/use the HOSTS file to block websites any more as they could in previous versions of Windows (I'm currently using Windows 7 and have well over 800,000 entries in my HOSTS file to block various ads, trackers and malicious sites).
  22. Thanks Now, please launch Autoruns again and visit the Services tab then uncheck the box next to each of the following: Andrea ST Filters Service <- This service is used for a noise cancelling feature for your PC's microphone. If you don't need this functionality and/or don't use the mic built into your computer then you may disable this service and you might want to do so anyway as I've seen threads on the net about users saying this service caused their systems to run slowly and that disabling it fixed the issue Apple Mobile Device Service <- If you don't sync your iPod/iPhone or any other Apple device to your PC (like for syncing your data/iTunes library etc.) then disable this service as it serves no other function (and I personally wish Apple would stop installing it on every system that has iTunes because many people just use iTunes for music and movies on their PCs, not necessarily for syncing with an Apple mobile device) Bluetooth Support Service <- If you use Bluetooth to connect any devices to your PC then leave this alone, otherwise disable it (examples would be a Bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard, Bluetooth camera, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, a Bluetooth headset etc.) Bonjour Service <- If you don't stream media (movies/music etc.) from your PC to any Apple devices on your network, disable this service as it serves no other function (yet again, I wish Apple would stop assuming everyone on Earth who uses iTunes streams content to an AppleTV or whatever; most people definitely do not) CalendarSynchService <- If you don't use the built in HP TouchSmart Calendar, disable this service as it serves no other function. You can find more info here DbxSvc <- This is part of Dropbox but isn't required to run in the background; disable it HP Client Services <- Part of HP's bundled application suite; not essential to the PC at all; disable it HP Support Assistant Service <- Same as above, part of HP's bundled application suite and not required; disable it Origin Web Helper Service <- Part of EA's game loader program used for the chat and friends functionality in that program/for EA games on your PC. If you don't use those features, disable it. You also have the option if it's something you use occasionally but don't want it running every time your PC boots to click START and type "services.msc" (without the quotes) and press ENTER, locate this service, double-click on it to open the properties window for it and use the drop-down menu to change it from "Automatic" to "Manual" that way it can still load itself when you launch Origin PDF Document Manager <- Part of PDF Complete; doesn't need to run in the background and you may safely disable it Plays.tv Update Service (PlaysService) <- Part of PlaysTV streaming program; if you don't use it, disable it; if you do use it but only occasionally then go to "services.msc" and set it to "Manual" for the startup type as suggested for the "Origin Web Helper Service" above Portrait Displays Display Tune Service <- If you don't adjust your display orientation/rotation/color etc. using this software/your mouse rather than the normal Windows display settings, then disable this service as you don't need it, otherwise leave it be Portrait Displays SDK Service <- Same as above; if you don't adjust your display using this program, disable it RoxioNow Service <- Part of RoxioNow Player; if you don't use that program for playing your media files, disable it (and you might even consider uninstalling it from Programs and Features if you don't use it at all) TabletServicePen <- Do you have a tablet PC with a stylus that you use with the display or a Wacom tablet input/drawing device? If so, leave it alone. If not, disable it Wacom Consumer Touch Service <- As above; if you have a tablet/stylus input device that you use with your PC or for your screen, leave this alone, otherwise disable it Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service <- If you use Windows Media Player to stream content to other devices on your network, leave this alone, otherwise disable it (almost no one uses this functionality with their PCs) Once that's done, restart your system and make sure that everything is running OK and you should be all set One final thing you might consider doing is going through Programs and Features and uninstalling any software that you don't use that you know you don't need (like stuff you may have installed on your own previously because you needed to use it once or twice but don't have a use for it any more) as that can also clear up some space and possibly help things run faster if any of those programs run in the background. It would also be a good idea to go ahead and make sure that you remove Java if you don't need it (assuming you haven't already, but looking at your service logs I think you already did, so that's good) and make sure that your Flash Player is up to date. I wrote up a good guide on keeping Flash up to date here. It should give you all the info and tools you need. Once you're done, please let me know how the system is running and if you have any further questions or issues. Thanks
  23. Yep, it sounds like that was indeed the issue. I'm glad that it's fixed. As long as it's working you shouldn't need to do anything more, though I would still advise following my recommendation regarding UAC of course, but that's totally up to you and I understand why some people disable it as it can be annoying at times. Anyway, if you have any more trouble just let us know and we'll do what we can to help
  24. Greetings, I took a look at your logs and did notice a couple of potential issues. First off, some items for Malwarebytes that should exist in the registry do not (the entries for its context menu shell extension for Explorer); if you disabled that setting in Malwarebytes then no worries, but otherwise it may be a sign of an issue with the installation so a clean install or at least over-the-top install of the program may be warranted to try to correct the problem. Instructions on performing a clean install will be listed near the end of this reply. Next, User Account Control is disabled. While this likely isn't the direct cause of the issue you're experiencing, it could be the reason Malwarebytes is malfunctioning and/or not installed correctly because Malwarebytes, like virtually all modern software, is built to be fully UAC compliant and compatible, not to mention the fact that disabling UAC drastically reduces the security of your system/user account. It's up to you of course, but I would highly recommend re-enabling UAC, especially if you are the type of person who seeks out and uses any sort of cracked/pirated software (not that we condone such activities; obviously not, but that's your business) as such tools are a primary attack vector of the bad guys who develop and spread malware, especially in the case of Trojans as they are easy targets so I would strongly recommend keeping your system's security as functional and hardened as possible to reduce the risks of such activities. Now, as for correcting the issue at hand, I have a couple of thoughts. I already mentioned a reinstall/clean install, however it also may help to exclude the applications in question from Malwarebytes as one of its protection modules may be interfering with write access to the file in question. I see that you have a couple of exclusions in place already, however in case you require instructions on how to exclude a process you will find them in this support article. I would suggest excluding them using the options shown under the Exclude a File or Folder section of that article and leaving the default option selected which will exclude the processes from every component of real-time protection except Web Protection (which shouldn't be causing this issue anyway as that module only deals with connections to and from external servers through your internet connection). As promised, here are the instructions on performing a clean installation of Malwarebytes: Run the Malwarebytes Support Tool Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair) Click the Clean button, and allow it to restart your system and then reinstall Malwarebytes, either by allowing the tool to do so when it offers to on restart, or by downloading and installing the latest version from here If none of the above resolves the issue, then please try disabling the individual protection components in Malwarebytes one at a time to determine which of them is the cause of this issue. To do so, simply right-click on the Malwarebytes tray icon and click on each of the four protection modules listed to uncheck it then test to see if the issue is fixed. If it is not, then proceed to re-enable that one and disable the next, repeating this process until you are able to determine which one module is causing the conflict. Please let us know how it goes and if the issue still persists. Thanks
  25. I'm not sure, but your safest bet would probably be to just re-enable all of the services (and User Account Control, both for application compatibility since virtually all modern software is fully UAC compliant/compatible, and for security) and then check a resource such as blackviper.com and bleepingcomputer.com to get info on which items are and are not safe to disable.
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